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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 13, 2018) — Although former Congressman and current Fox News commentator Jason Chaffetz predicted on Thursday night that the DOJ Inspector General’s report would be made public “within two weeks,” the report, or an initial portion thereof, was released to Congress on Friday afternoon, with copies obtained by some media outlets, including Fox.

The 39-page report, now posted at Scribd by Fox, from Inspector General Michael Horowitz, appointed by Obama in 2012, focuses solely on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired on March 16 while on “terminal leave” from the Bureau.

For a time, McCabe was FBI Acting Director following the termination of James Comey last May.  In sworn testimony, McCabe had indicated support for his former supervisor, whose dismissal was officially authorized by the Justice Department for Comey’s handling of the Clinton private email server investigation.

On Friday morning, Trump described Comey as an “untruthful slime ball.”

McCabe had hoped to collect a lifetime pension and benefits beginning on March 18, when he would have completed 20 years at the FBI.

The published findings are that McCabe “lacked candor” when questioned by Horowitz and others about a leak to The Wall Street Journal in October 2016 confirming the existence of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation.  The FBI does not routinely comment on whether or not any investigation is taking place.

Following the release of the report on Friday afternoon, President Trump reacted by tweeting that its contents are “a total disaster.”  “McCabe was totally controlled by Comey,” Trump wrote, then went as far as to say, “McCabe is Comey!!”

However, McCabe’s and Comey’s accounts of how the leak occurred to The Wall Street Journal differ, a point made in the IG report.

Trump also appeared to connect the findings to his unswerving denial that any “collusion” took place between his campaign and Russian operatives, an allegation which spurred an FBI counterintelligence operation beginning in July 2016, just after Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing in connection with her private server, over which she sent classified information in violation of State Department policy.

Comey had said that Clinton’s actions did not rise to the level of prosecution.

During the campaign, Trump had vowed to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC.  Some believe that “Deep State” operatives within the FBI, DOJ and other federal agencies have attempted to undermine Trump’s presidency even before it began.

McCabe’s attorney has decried the IG report, stating to Fox News that “The core weakness of the OIG report is the lack of any understandable motive for his alleged wrongdoing. It is undisputed that Mr. McCabe was one of three senior FBI officials authorized to share information with the media, including on sensitive investigative matters.”


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  1. What makes many think Trump wasn’t cleaning up the #DeepState’s actions of a False Flag in Syria? To assume Trump was compd now is to think AJ was compd by lawsuits?

    Evidence: Russia stand down for 2 Days.

    Trump’s consistency is holding the red line on chemical attacks.. done by anyone (DeepState), not just Syria.

    If the DeepState is workn in Syria, why wouldn’t we expect the same treatment?

    That’s consistency.

    What to see in the Future is what happens to HRC/Obama Cabal, and their Bully Tactics in the Globalist Agenda.

    Skowsen is right to stand up for #COTUS Principles that the DeepState is undermined.

    Does AJ think Russia was suddenly not involved in putting in Obama in , or pulling strings with Steele’s Dossier paid for by who?

    UK was involved and invested in HRC and #DeepState as they want the narrative formed against the COTUS. Is that an old grudge or are they facing bankruptcy?

    Russia was giddy over Obama being groomed and a communist. HRC made unscheduled stop at UK Health Department in route to Africa.