by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 31, 2018) — With a blustery, snowy March nearly behind us, signs of spring are at last beginning to appear in these northeastern parts.

Against the backdrop of a pristine azure sky, brilliant sunshine and warmer temperatures on Saturday, the birds were singing and early buds beginning to open.

It cannot be a coincidence that the holy season of Easter and Passover arrive to herald an end to winter’s harshness.  This season of renewal is a time to breathe in the freshness of a world awakening from its barren slumber.

The darkness of the Exodus and of Good Friday’s cruelty give way to a rebirth of hope for the world.

Even among brambles and thorns, there is beauty.

Even though snow may reappear, reluctant to take its final bow and exit the stage, we know it is short-lived, for warmer days are ahead.




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