by Mike Volin, President, WOBC Radio

(Mar. 26, 2018) — Chris Strunk and Miki Booth are going to be talking about the explosive news that the deep state shadow government has been breached and “The Storm” that President Trump has alluded to has begun. Everything is still under the radar as it relates to the administration, FBI, DOJ and Military intelligence. They will be exposing details of the SES Senior Executive Service founder, Kristine Marcy, and the evil organization that has corrupted nearly every department in the Federal Government. The deep state is still being run by Obama, Jarrett, Brennan, et al from the bunker they occupy near the White House. We now know it all and will provide details of what we know. A lot of it is pretty sick. The rumors we’ve always heard about pedogate, illegal organ harvesting and drug running being done by our Government are true plus a whole lot more. A lot of people are going to be really surprised to learn that our U.S. Patent Office is owned by SERCO, the largest corporation in the world and owned by the Queen of England. They had first look at every patent coming in and basically stole what they wanted.  SES has been hiding in plain sight but now their hidden records and sites have been breached and we know EVERYTHING. We will be talking about President Trump’s Executive Order of December 21 and touch on the bill regarding the Military Code of Justice and how the JAG Corps ties into all of this. Although none of this is out in the open yet, Chris and Miki will explain some of the news stories that flew under the radar regarding Gitmo, among other things, but hold deeper meaning to many of us.

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Date: Monday 03-26-18

Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm eastern

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  1. Here’s a good link to the Senior Executive Service…and what’s wrong with it.


  2. Thanks to P&E for the announcement and the ability to listen at the link provided.

    I have to hand it to our opposition. They are dark and evil. But, once exposed we’ll have
    a chance to deal with them.

    Also thanks to Chris and Miki for giving us updated info and insights.