by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 14, 2018) — Late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, a visitor or visitors to The Post & Email was/were noted to have been reading two articles about the Hawaii attorney general’s office relating to questions about Barack Hussein Obama’s origins.

The first article accessed is titled, “HI AG denies having information supporting Department of Health claim,” which referred to a public statement made by then-Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino that Obama is “natural born Citizen” reportedly issued after consultation with the state attorney general’s office.

Dated March 28, 2010, the article reported that then-Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine wrote in a letter that “her office will not or cannot corroborate any of the Department of Health’s public statements regarding the alleged birth of Barack Hussein Obama in Hawaii.”

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” a term of art not precisely defined by the Founding Fathers.

The article reported that at the time, HDOH spokeswoman Janice Okubo had “responded to a student researcher that the attorney general, Mark Bennett, ‘had reviewed and approved’ Dr. Fukino’s July 27 statement…” claiming that Obama is a natural born Citizen.  The statement can be read here.

However, the Hawaii attorney general’s office informed The Post & Email that it could not corroborate Fukino’s July 27, 2009 statement or her earlier one made on October 31, 2008 in which she said that she had viewed Obama’s original birth records allegedly held by the HDOH.

Our second article accessed by the DOJ, written earlier by The Post & Email’s founder, John Charlton, is titled “HI Attorney General’s Office denies policies on NBC.”

Both articles were published considerably before the White House released a “long-form” birth certificate image said to represent Obama’s original birth record allegedly showing that he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961.

The image was released under apparent duress created by then-businessman and real estate mogul Donald Trump, who publicly questioned whether or not Obama was eligible to the presidency given multiple reports of his birth overseas.  The posting of the image may also have been prompted by the upcoming release of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

Once released, the PDF file was almost immediately declared a forgery by several experts.  A subsequent five-year criminal investigation conducted by a former detective working under the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) authority determined that it is a “computer-generated forgery” made public “with the intent to deceive.”

The same probe found Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent, a claim which then-Selective Service System (SSS) Director Lawrence Romo refused to acknowledge or investigate.

After Donald Trump took office, allegations of widespread politicization and corruption within the DOJ and its law-enforcement subsidiary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), were reported, with high-ranking officials within both entities said to have been involved in submitting politically-tainted evidence to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) when applying for spy warrants on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Neither the FBI nor the DOJ investigated the forgery of Obama’s only publicly-proffered documentation.  In a telephone call on July 18, 2012 following the second of three press conferences given by birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo, an FBI spokesman advised anyone concerned that a crime had been committed in the creation of the PDF to “contact their congressman.”

Trump ran on platform of being a Washington outsider without political experience and has pledged to “drain the swamp,” a reference to longtime, politically-entrenched operatives within federal-government agencies.

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned the birth certificate investigation and is now running for the U.S. Senate, has pledged to press the importance of Zullo’s findings and support Trump’s agenda if elected.

The reader or readers of the article logged on with a “US Dept Of Justice” identifier and IP numbers from Potomoc, MD, both of which The Post & Email has redacted.

Nagamine is the same Hawaii official who refused to allow Zullo to speak with HDOH Registrar Dr. Alvin Onaka when he and a sheriff’s deputy traveled to Oahu during the course of the investigation.


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  1. Not until Obama non-eligibility articles by Sharon Rondeau are on Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and hundreds of other media outlets will We The American people have true freedom of speech. The RINO’s, Dems, and deep state control what we see and hear as they know most Americans are gullible and accept whatever is told to them by fake news outlets. Pravda tactics: but thanks to Ms. Rondeau the birther issue lives. If Trump sweeps this under the rug, he will be just as guilty as all of Congress, and thousands of others deceiving the USA.

  2. Recently I spoke to GT Thompson that Obama was a fraud. His reply was that “it was
    water under the bridge”. However, as noted in this article, like in the engizer bunny battery
    ad, this subject “keeps on going”.

    Truth is like air bubbles that eventually come to the surface. And just like in the two movies
    “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” should Sheriff Arpaio make it to Washington, how ironnic
    will it be that as he has said, “this needs to go to Washington, and he is the one to get
    traction on Obama being an usurper.

  3. The current U.S. AG, said to be Jeff Sessions, whereabouts often unknown…….is likely to only be interested in keeping Barry’s identity fraud and usurpation of the presidency covered…forever. That would be because he sat in Congress with all the others back in 2009 and did/said nothing to stop Obama from being sworn in as the putative president. Why is that important? It could be because that inaction and abandonment of his sworn oath to protect the Constitution, along with the rest of Congress, actually resulted in giving America’s government and her military to the enemy. Most people, I hope, consider that a serious crime. It appears Sessions lobbied for the AG job so he could be insurance to help keep the Obama fraud covered in the event the promised cover-up, Hillary, failed to get elected. That happened, panic broke out and Sessions in doing his part to be the insurance he was put in place to be…..mostly to protect himself from being found complicit in the biggest crime ever perpetrated against America and her Constitution. The few in Congress who are trying to clear up the corruption left by Obama and his regime are having to do this without exposing the truth about Barry….making the job far more difficult. If Hillary had not been a boat anchor too big to drag over the finish line ahead of Donald Trump, even with the Dems massive cheating, the complicit could have breathed easy……as it is, the panic continues.
    Of course I hope I am wrong, but as early as 2009 I was saying Congress would never do anything to expose the Obama fraud, because the moment he was sworn in they had committed a crime that just saying, “Whoops we screwed up”, would never get them out of. New evidence about Obama, impeachable actions?……Nothing mattered to Congress but staying our of prison, so Obama and anyone who could lead to the truth about Barry became untouchable. Nothing has changed since then.

  4. I really like Sheriff Joe, but does anybody seriously think he has a snowflake’s chance in hell of overcoming the “Deep State” in his Senate race ??? I can almost guarantee there will be more votes against him than there are citizens in Arizona.

  5. Never mind that, we’re too busy covering up all the connections, time will make it all go away! Anyone interested in who Obama really is and who the real mother and father really were? Answering could get you deleted! Woops! Eric Black Muslim Holder was a GUN FELON in Columbia Law School, if he could get that expunged by DNC friends, the sky’s the limit! AG here we come! The 1946 FRCP ammendments works well for them but for the deplorable strawmen and strawwoman it’s not so good since we can’t get accountability with all that obfuscation. Just can’t get those Criminal Presentments to Discovery!

  6. Sharon, If ‘Sheriff Joe’ is elected you know quite well that there is no way that ‘Senator Joe’ is not going to present President Trump with the findings of his lengthy investigation into the documentation and electronic file that Obama proffered as authentication of the constitutional eligibility to be the legal sitting president of the United States that he claimed to possess.

    President Trump has never retreated from his position that we need to have answers to the serious questions surrounding Obama’s suspicious past and the multiple changes in his birth narrative that Obama has advanced.

    Unlike the ‘Obamasequious’ so-called ‘Press’ which to a great extent has embraced a role as the propaganda wing of the Democrat party President Trump will take appropriate action on the obvious criminal usurpation of the office of POTUS achieved by fraud and covered up by multiple forgeries.

    When one considers the information communicated in the famous YouTube video narrated by Pastor Carl Gallups on the subject of Obama being propped up by Congress it is easy to see that once presented with the solid, irrefutable facts upon which to proceed–the irrefutable findings of Joe Arpaio’s investigation–that a greater conspiracy to contravene the Constitution may be addressed by President Trump consistent with the oath of office that Donald J. Trump did take to defend all of that document including the Article II natural born citizen clause.