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A long trail of indisputable evidence shows that climate alarmism is a Marxist ruse to frighten citizens of western democracies to acquiesce to trillions of dollars in carbon energy taxes to be redistributed to poor nations of the world in the guise of “climate justice.” Make no mistake about it: Green IS the new Red. The image above was provided by Courtney “Fett” Fettinger, a patriotic tattoo artist in Indiana. Website

(Feb. 6, 2018) — Progressive environmentalists once tried to conceal the tight link between climate change hysteria and communism. Certain that the election of Barack Obama would lead to enactment of massive global warming taxes, climate alarmists suddenly felt safe at dropping all pretenses. As documented further below, two of the UN’s senior climate officials openly acknowledged that man-made global warming theory has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with redistributing the world’s wealth from rich nations to poor ones, communism’s foremost goal. The increasing public use of clenched-fist imagery is another revealing indication that emboldened climate change communists are coming out of the closet.

The most recognized symbol of communism is the infamous hammer and sickle. Because it is widely identified with brutal oppression in places like China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union, the hammer and sickle is rarely displayed in public by communist warriors in America. Instead, they press the cause of forced global wealth redistribution by using the more innocuous symbol of the call for world communism: the clenched fist.

Clenched-fist imagery in America can be traced to the early part of the last century, when it was openly used within the U.S. labor movement. In 1917, the communist propaganda illustration below was published in Solidarity, the official organ of Industrial Workers of the World, a U.S. trade union committed to the cause of communism throughout the world, including here in America.

“The Hand That Will Rule the World.”

”Our goal is a communist America.”

A leading member of the communist Progressive Labor Party, lifelong Democrat Mike Golash, was instrumental in helping organize Occupy Wall Street. During an August 12, 2012 “People’s Assembly” meeting in the nation’s capital, Golash was caught on tape telling student occupiers, “The goal of progressive labor is to overthrow capitalism and build communism in America.” OWS was supported at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. The clenched fist logo of the Progressive Labor Party reveals its ties to communism. One of the Democratic Party’s most loyal supporters, the PLP, is anti-American in the most profound meaning of the term.

The clenched fist and “climate change”

Today, clenched-fist symbolism can be seen not only at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations and labor union marches, but at events sponsored by every Democrat cause in America, from open borders, Black Lives Matter and LGBT activism to the relentless effort to convince voters to believe the hotly-disputed claim that the human use of fossil fuels is destroying the environment.

Progressive Environmentalism

Clenched-fist imagery used by the militant eco-group Earth First here, here, and here is more evidence of the strong ties between communism and progressive environmentalism. Promoted with great fanfare by the Democratic Party, it’s no mere coincidence that the annual “Earth Day” celebration falls on April 22nd, the same calendar date that Lenin, the Father of Soviet Communism, was born.

The People’s Climate March

Clenched-fist imagery here, here, here, and here is used to promote the annual People’s Climate March. Among the hundreds of Marxist organizations that sponsor the marches are Communist Party USA and the Progressive Labor Party. Two of the Democrat luminaries who march each year are Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., whose family holds substantial investments in oil companies, and Hollywood super-star Leonardo DiCaprio. A high school graduate with zero scientific credentials, DiCaprio, sporting facial hair that made him eerily reminiscent of Lenin, was invited by the UN to deliver an Earth Day 2016 speech warning citizens of the world about the alleged perils of “climate change.” Using a movie star to press its case shows that the climate crisis lobby is attempting to sway a class of uninformed citizens referred to by Lenin as “useful idiots.”

Green energy: Trojan horse for world communism

Clenched-fist imagery is a staple of climate alarmism. In 2011, the International Journal of Socialist Renewal published a clenched-fist poster promoting the 2nd Annual Conference on Climate Change/Social Change. The poster reveals the hidden agenda behind climate change alarmism—using the call for green energy as a Trojan horse to bring about “social change,” also known as “social justice,” i.e., an unfair world saved from itself by communism. Clenched-fist imagery can be found throughout all facets of opposition to the production of any form of carbon-based energy. In 2015, a progressive group calling itself Bronx Climate Justice published a dramatic clenched-fist poster celebrating President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Resist capitalism, build communism, rise up in revolution.

A clenched-fist poster for the 2017 People’s Climate March in Washington, DC reads “WE RESIST. WE BUILD. WE RISE.” A line of the poster promotes the concept of “justice.” Used throughout the Western world to advance victim vs. oppressor ideology (Marxism), the term “social justice” and its offshoots—climate justice, food justice, housing justice, education justice, healthcare justice, economic justice, immigration justice, etc.—are progressive code terms for socialism, the gateway to communism. The following are two of Lenin’s most revealing quotes: “The goal of socialism is communism” and “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” The latter quote reveals Lenin’s belief that the way to convert capitalist democracies to communism is to quietly infuse socialist doctrine into the popular culture.

Inside every socialist is a communist screaming to get out.

Lenin’s quote “The goal of socialism is communism” acknowledges that totalitarian rule is so frightening to people in free and prosperous Western nations that it must be gradually slipped into those societies in bits and pieces. It is through that incremental process that socialism serves as an under-the-radar, transitional gateway to full-blown communism. The “Eat the Rich’ class warfare image above illustrates that gradual progression—from capitalism (knife and fork) to creeping socialism (sickle and fork) to outright communism (hammer and sickle). If done via stealth, capitalist societies can be overthrown from within in a way that goes virtually unnoticed until it is too late—that is what progressives in America are attempting through global warming alarmism. The method through which that sinister sub rosa conversion is accomplished is known as cultural Marxism, a stratagem to overthrow Western nations from within developed a century ago by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, one of the leading Marxist thinkers of the 20th century.


The 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference was a subdued event due to the massive Climategate cheating scandal involving prominent scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climactic Research Unit. Despite the smothering pall of gloom, one speaker received a thunderous standing ovation when he called for the death of capitalism throughout the world. Among those wildly cheering the remarks of Venezuela’s communist strongman, Hugo Chavez, were U.S. delegates representing President Barack Obama. As revealed below, the goal of climate alarmism is not to save the world from environmental disaster—the goal is to convert the world to communism. For that to happen, the greatest capitalist prize of all, the United States of America, must fall to the hammer and sickle. Voters who fail to see climate alarmism for what it is are unwittingly being led down the road to communism like sheep to slaughter.

The Hidden Agenda Behind “Climate Change”

by John Eidson | April 3, 2016

In a remarkably frank admission that laid bare the stealth agenda behind global warming alarmism, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted during a February 2015 press conference in Brussels that the UN’s real purpose in creating climate fear is to end capitalism throughout the world:

This is the first time in human history that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally changing [getting rid of] the economic development model that has reigned since the Industrial Revolution.

The economic model to which she referred is free-market capitalism. A year earlier, Figueres revealed what capitalism must be replaced with when she bitterly complained that America’s two-party constitutional system is hampering the UN’s global climate objectives. She went on to cite China’s communist system as the kind of government America must have if the UN is to achieve its objectives. In other words, for the UN to have its way, America must be transformed into a communist nation.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

Figueres is not alone. Another high-level UN Marxist had comments of his own about the hidden agenda behind “climate change.” If you’re among those who believe progressives when they say all they’re trying to do is save the planet, what Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer had to say will leave your jaw on the floor.

In an unguarded statement that found its way into the public domain, Edenhofer, co-chair of the UN IPCC’s Working Group III, made this shocking admission on Nov. 14, 2010:

One must free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. [What we’re doing] has almost nothing to do with the climate. We must state clearly that we use climate policy to redistribute de facto the world’s wealth.

On the same date, Edenhofer added this:

Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with protecting the environment. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which [re]distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.

Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer, one of the UN’s top climate officials, effectively admitted that the organization’s public position on global warming is a hoax, and another senior UN official, Christiana Figueres, said in an official capacity that the United States must have a communist government for the UN to achieve its objectives.

Let all of that sink in for a moment.

Some wealthy and powerful elites in this country believe it’s not fair that billions of people in the world sleep on the ground in mud huts, while Americans sleep on soft mattresses in air-conditioned comfort. The progressive elites who feel that way also believe that a significantly greater portion of America’s wealth must therefore be “shared” (redistributed) to poor nations. Global wealth redistribution is the foremost tenet of communism, and those who advocate it are, by definition, communists, whether they are open about it or not.

The stunning pronouncements by Figueres and Edenhofer are all the evidence a rational mind needs to conclude that climate alarmism is being used as a Trojan horse to justify the massive new carbon taxes clamored for by powerful progressives like Barack Obama, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, none of whom have denounced the pro-communist, anti-American sentiments of two of the UN’s top climate officials.

The words of one of those officials revealed that such taxes would be used not for environmental purposes, but to fund the most massive redistribution of wealth in the history of the world, literally trillions of dollars extracted under false pretenses from U.S. taxpayers, and given to the corrupt governments of every undeveloped nation on Earth, all in the guise of “climate aid.”

Progressives in high places are attempting the largest heist in human history, a collusion to exfiltrate unprecedented sums of money from the world’s largest capitalist nation. Why? The answer is obvious—to implement, on a global scale, the mandate set forth in The Communist Manifesto:

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
Karl Marx

Outraged that Trump dealt their plan to redistribute America’s wealth a major setback when he ditched their precious Paris Climate Accords, progressives would have you believe they’re nothing more than environmentally-concerned Americans who would never even dream of participating in an effort to upend their country’s capitalist system.

Trump knows that’s a big lie. And now, so do you.

No intelligent person can fail to recognize that powerful progressives in this country are using “climate change” as a ruse to fundamentally transform the United States of America. But because the human ego is loathe to admit when it’s been duped, many Americans will continue allowing themselves to be led like sheep into the closing noose of the hammer and sickle. By the time they realize what happened, it will be too late. In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote about a Third Reich propaganda technique called the Big Lie: ‘If you’re going to lie, make it a Big Lie, keep repeating it and people will believe it.’ That’s exactly what he did, and millions of otherwise intelligent Germans believed the Big Lies that were relentlessly repeated. By the time they realized they’d been duped, it was too late.


Liberty is seldom lost all at once. Slavery is so frightful to men accustomed to freedom that it must steal upon them by degrees and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes in order to be received. – 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume

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