by Mike Volin, Founder, WOBC Radio, 2018

(Feb. 5, 2018) — Don Fredrick, investigator and author, will analyze the recently released FISA memo. Did our previous administration commit treason? Why were the American people misled? Was the FISA Court warrant obtained illegally? Was this an attempt to alter the election? Is Obama involved?

Some of Don Fredrick’s brilliant work includes:

The Complete Obama Timeline is a 30-volume set of books covering the life of Barack Obama, from his birth in 1961 to his last day in the Oval Office. Although this Timeline is primarily about Obama, it is also about the United States of America and how it has changed dramatically since the 1960s. In following the rise of Obama’s political career one can also observe the decline of the United States. The purpose of this Timeline is two-fold: It is to relate the story of Obama and to explain how and why he came to power. It will take the nation many years to recover from the devastating actions of Obama and his fellow radicals. It will take even longer if few understand how it all happened. This Timeline is intended to help people understand.

Date:  Monday, February 5, 2018
Time:  8:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST
Call-in number:  (347) 989-8853 (press 1 to get on the air)

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  1. The apparent attempted coup of the Trump presidency by the DOJ/FBI has its roots in, and has been green-lighted by, the lawlessness of the fraudulent presidency of HUSSEIN Obama.

    The alphabet news media, including FOX News with alleged gag orders, are the combined Josef Goebbels and Soviet Union Pravda rolled up into one massive spearhead to overthrow the Constitutional legitimacy of President Donald J. Trump.