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(Jan. 15, 2018) — January is the perfect month to pack our bags and jet off somewhere exotic. After Christmas, we might be feeling a little blue and grumpy as we patiently wait for spring to arrive. Sadly, spring seems like a lifetime away, and with people surrounding us and preaching about New Year’s Resolutions, leaving our everyday lives for a week or two seems both blissful and needed.

Rather than endure your January Blues, book a trip somewhere uplifting instead. A vacation in January is exactly what the doctor ordered, plus, flights and hotels are far cheaper after the holidays. Here are the best locations for a winter getaway.


If you’re looking for sun, sea and beaches, then Australia is the go-to place. The East and West Coast are the most popular destinations. However, the latter is increasing in popularity. Before you book your tickets, though, make sure to decide where you wish to go and do so carefully.

Sydney is far quicker, and more fast-paced than any other Aussie city, but it is also home to many idyllic and beautiful beaches and national parks. For a relaxed vacation, Manley Beach is a great place to make your base. From there, you can board a ferry and be in the center of Sydney in half an hour.

If you’re looking for something even more relaxed, though, then WA’s Perth should be the top of your list. Considered a small city, Perth offers a metropolitan lifestyle that’s cushioned by many beaches. Plus, if you need a getaway during your vacation, then you can visit Rottnest Island or Margaret River, the latter being the go-to destination for wine tours due to its high volume of wineries, breweries and even chocolate factories. If you find yourself around the Margaret River region, make sure to check out Hamelin Bay and fuss some stingrays!


Thailand in January may be peak season, the mayhem of Christmas New Year’s Eve parties have been and gone. During the January month, the weather is heavenly in Bangkok and the South-Western coast. If you want to visit Eastside, though, the weather is wetter, and all travels should be held off until March or later.


If you’re looking for more classical and tepid weather, then Portugal’s Lisbon is the ultimate travel destination. Due to its sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, the winter is fairly mild, meaning you can continue to wear some light jumpers and jeans without having to don coat and gloves (unless it rains, which is also a possibility). Lisbon is purely European, with its cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins and scenic hillsides, and the food in itself is an experience and a half. For more information on this particular location, visit Mr Hudson Explores.


January and the rest of winter can seem dreary, and sometimes all we hope for is a splash of color and excitement. Mexico’s exoticism is everything winter is not: warm, colorful and vibrant. It is a carnival that’s able to lift our wintry spirits in vivacious vibes. Ideal for those who are after hot but not-too-hot weather, Mexico is beaches, surf and sun. Pack your bags for an exuberant experience.

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