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by OPOVV, ©2018

Should children born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents be considered U.S. citizens?  Should children brought to the U.S. by illegal-alien parents be granted “amnesty?”

(Jan. 9, 2018) — “I tell you, it’s a scam. It’s nothing but a cheap lie that not even a used car salesman would stoop so low as to say as the icing on the cake to make the sale.”

“Okay, it’s nothing but a lie, but you’ve got to get it together before we go live. Calm down; Americans aren’t as dumb as you make them out to be. After all, Trump was elected. The cameraman and the sound-boom girl are ready to get to work.

“Look, all I hear is compromises from Congress, right? So what happens is that nothing is done right; it’s always done lousy. A little here, a little there and everyone got something but nobody got everything, right? Am I right?”

“You’re right.”

“So you know who loses? I’ll tell you: we citizens lose, as we always do when Congress compromises to get a bill through. DACA is just another word for amnesty, chain immigration and the heck with the law. What is it about it that is so hard to understand?”

“But what about the children, the poor little kids who were born here?”

“Okay, let’s lay it on the line: their parents were lawbreakers; they were (are) illegal immigrants who for whatever reason had a child born in the United States, clear? The baby born to them is their baby; it’s not mine nor is it your baby; nor is it any U.S. citizen’s baby, right? It’s their ward, and not the ward of the citizens of the United States, clear?”

“Not clear.”

“You and your wife vacation in Mexico; she has a baby in Mexico; is the baby a ward of the people of Mexico? Was the baby conceived in Mexico? Does it even make a difference? No, of course it doesn’t make a difference where and when the baby was conceived, or even where it was born: what is germane to the discussion at hand is whose baby is it? It’s either all of the United States’ citizens’ baby, or it is the baby of the parents, and it can’t be both: either one or the other.

“If the baby is the ward of the State, then we’ve no choice to grant amnesty to the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, good friends, acquaintances and complete strangers, which is known as free pass for chain migration.”

“You’re right. You calmed down enough to do the show?”

“No, I’m going to call the Vietnam Vet and the Talking Dog and meet them at the dog park with my dog. We’ll either do the show later or just not do it today. Look, can I have the last word? Thank you. DACA is just another word for ‘amnesty,’ okay? We’ll grab a couple burgers from a roach coach: my treat.”

Oh Julie” (2:46)



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