JANUARY 8, 8:00-10:00 EST

by Mike Volin, Founder, WOBC Radio, ©2018

(Jan. 8, 2018) — Our guest tonight is Lyle Rapacki, Ph.D., a private-sector intelligence, behavioral analysis and threat assessment specialist.  As the owner of Sentinel Intelligence Services, Dr. Rapacki  provides consultations and in-depth analyses to elected officials  and industry leaders on threats facing our country and the world at large. Tonight he’ll field your questions and brief us on issues ranging from the public uprisings in Iran to the threat of  war with North Korea and the current, very real war being waged  against President Trump by his Deep State enemies—and more.  Join us for an evening of revelations—and a call to action.

Rapacki’s credentials include:

Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
ASIS International
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP
International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

Show details:

Monday January 8, 2017
8:00pm-10:00pm eastern

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  1. I am thankful that as long as I can recall The Post & Email has covered the item that Mr. Obama
    utilized fraudulent documents to mask his deception and usurpation in obtaining the office of
    President. Moreover, while many others have contributed evidence and insight into this
    matter, others for a handful of reasons have not been able to continue coverage, but P&E
    has continued to cover Obama’s great deception.

    Also, I am thankful and thrilled that P&E not only covers this issue, but one can listen to the
    show as it is in process or listen to a recording after the show.

    Dr. Rapacki in this show was humorous and yet very informative. While I listened to this show live, I also listened to it here for a second time. Those who have been following
    the issue that is a fraud, I encourage you to listen to this show. Here, Dr. Rapacki gives
    us some new info and actions we can take. Further, those of you who have followed this
    issue, kindly forward this show / Dr. Rapacki’s info and insights.