by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 17, 2017) — During the last segment of the “Freedom Friday” radio show on Friday night, host Carl Gallups reviewed with Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo the saga of the five-year probe, recalling that mainstream media commentators and anchors ridiculed anyone questioning the legitimacy of the image posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011 said to represent Barack Hussein Obama’s  “long-form” birth record from Hawaii.

The investigation began in August 2011 and officially ended in December 2016 with a third and final press conference on the 15th of that month.  Commissioned by Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, the probe began as an effort to “clear the president” after several graphics experts declared the image a poorly-crafted forgery.

Gallups additionally invoked the lack of any serious media coverage on Zullo’s findings, first announced on March 1, 2012, that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  While naming a litany of on-air personalities to include Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck, who disparaged anyone questioning Obama’s birth narrative, Gallups said that he and Zullo were also the objects of a “clown act” on the part of radio host Peter Boyles as it related to the ongoing investigation.

“The silence will grow even more deafening as even more earth-shattering information is probably released in the coming months,” Gallups said during his opening monologue, advising his listeners, “Don’t listen to the naysayers.”

Gallups also said that the two birth announcements which many have pointed to as proof of Obama’s claim of a birth in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 have been “debunked.”

At 59:50 in the podcast, Gallups asked Zullo to discuss Arpaio’s civil-contempt trial which began in April 2015 and included Arpaio’s testimony that information provided to his office by former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery amounted to “junk.”

“During the federal civil trial…regarding immigration, information was leaked from the sheriff’s office regarding the Montgomery investigation,” Zullo said, “and through some weird reasoning, the federal judge wanted to hear all about this Montgomery investigation in open court.”

Zullo said that while he was not present during the hearings, his understanding is that Judge G. Murray Snow asked Arpaio “the status of the information that Montgomery had provided,” to which Arpaio responded that Montgomery’s information turned out to be “junk.”

“Arpaio called it ‘junk’ because it wasn’t useful enough to the sheriff’s office because there were other things that Montgomery said that he was able to provide and he never did,” Zullo explained. Nevertheless, Montgomery’s data regarding the alleged identity theft of 151,000 Maricopa County residents “all turned out to be accurate,” Zullo told Gallups.

In November 2015, Zullo was called as a witness in the Arpaio civil case, where he said that some of Montgomery’s information  “proved creditable.”  “They never asked me about it so I never volunteered it,” Zullo said of information pertaining to the birth certificate investigation.

Zullo said that Montgomery had “banking information from persons across Arizona and across the nation.”  The MCSO assigned a number of detectives to interview 40 individuals whose information appeared in Montgomery’s data, which Zullo reported was verified, but that “the bank accounts associated with those they could not identify.”

“That’s what stuck in Arpaio’s mind,” Zullo stated.

He then revealed that when he viewed Montgomery’s data, it “set [off] alarm bells” because the subjects could not have qualified for the loans and investments which the documentation indicated they obtained.  After consulting with a “whistleblower” of the HSBC fraud case which became public in 2011, Zullo said he was told that the “bank accounts” Montgomery’s records contained represented none other than money-laundering transactions.

After a break, Gallups reiterated Zullo’s explanation of Arpaio’s use of the word “junk” as it pertained to Arpaio’s purposes but not to Zullo’s.

Zullo said that the “bank accounts” used for illegal purposes are “layered” so that the “trail of money” will be impossible to follow.  “Every one of them had the same replication of holdings,” he said of the “accounts” in Montgomery’s records.  He then revealed that he viewed details of investment transactions, including brokers’ notes, in Montgomery’s records representing “a breach” with far-reaching implications and victimization.

Zullo added that a “highly-encrypted” password of a Microsoft executive appearing in Montgomery’s documentation was verified with its owner, demonstrating that the government had breached the servers of the internet/software giant through multiple layers.

“He ended up turning over 600 million records to the FBI,” Zullo said of Montgomery.

Gallups commented that the government breaches included those of “voter rolls in Florida” which Zullo said were “breached, taken and uploaded with something else.”

Gallups then played a sound clip of a conversation between Zullo and Montgomery recorded by Zullo in which Zullo said Montgomery “started to explain the diabolical side of this.”

“What could you do if you wanted to destroy the life of someone with this information?” Zullo is heard asking Montgomery, who responded that it could be done “in endless way” [sic].

Gallups then suggested that a software program Montgomery created while working for the government called “The Hammer” could be connected to the exposure of recent congressional and others’ sexual-misconduct scandals as well as “the birth certificate” and “blackmail.”

His voice rising, Gallups said, “Mike, you knew how this Hammer and everything else could be used to create a fake Russian narrative years before it hit the news…” in an apparent reference to the “Trump dossier” developed with the intent to disparage the Republican presidential candidate and cast a shadow on his presidency if he were to win.

Zullo responded that Montgomery and the other NSA employees he interviewed told him that government operatives “have the ability to mask IP addresses when they hack them, and they can make it look like a foreign entity or service did it when in fact it was coming out of Washington or Virginia.”

He then said that the “Trump dossier” procured by the DNC and FusionGPS with the assistance of Russian operatives represents “the level that these people will go to” to create the illusion of “collusion” between Trump and the Kremlin, an allegation under investigation by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III but over which a cloud of illegitimacy has been forming in recent weeks.

Gallups and Zullo agreed that certain “players” who “covered up” the birth certificate forgery, including the media, are putting out “phony” information in an attempt to protect themselves.

Gallups then revealed that on a number of occasions, he and Zullo “planned ahead of time” to announce that “a big event was coming” and would then wait to see how the mainstream media would respond.  Zullo said that with the knowledge that his email was “monitored,” he and Gallups corresponded on that theme, then observed media commentators mention “the birth certificate” when it had not been a current news item.

The last segment of the interview focused on Obama’s purported birth hospital, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, and Zullo’s relating of having received a phone call from a highly-placed administrator who said that he had it on good authority that no birth record exists for Obama at the facility.

Zullo said that subsequently, Dr. Jerome Corsi, formerly of WND and now the Washington Bureau chief for Infowars, told Zullo that he possessed information from 2008 of “‘a meeting that took place, and I interviewed one of the individuals that went on the hunt at Kapiolani for the information; they were directed to find it.’  And he went on to tell me that not only was there no information there, but every hospital on the island was directed to do the very same thing, and those administrators met at a meeting, and no one had one iota of information on Stanley Ann Dunham or Barack Obama during that time frame or any other,” Zullo finished.

Zullo recalled that Corsi sent him his notes gleaned from his source and “confirmed the same information” Zullo had.  He punctuated his soliloquy with, “I firmly believe Kapiolani Medical Center is guilty of – in a conspiracy to cover the truth up about this complete fiasco.  They never had any birth information on him…”

Gallups commented that there was still more information to “unpack” for which time that evening did not allow and that on his next appearance, they would likely discuss “the Mike Evans thing.”

Evans was said to be a close friend of then-Gov. Neil Abercrombie who claimed, and then retracted, that Abercrombie had told him that no original birth record existed for Obama in the state of Hawaii in early 2011.







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