by Mike Volin, President, WOBC Radio, ©2017

(Dec. 11, 2017) — Tonight we have on as our guest forensic expert Hugo Feugen. Mr. Feugen has decades of experience in the aviation field and will offer his professional analysis. Is it coincidence that Fuddy was the only person who perished in the emergency landing even after surviving and safely exiting the plane and putting on a life jacket?

Loretta Fuddy was the head of the Hawaii Department of Health who issued Obama’s birth certificate.

On 12/11/2013, a small commuter aircraft carrying Loretta Fuddy, seven other passengers and their pilot, ditched into what the NTSB called “open ocean waters” off the Kalaupapa Peninsula, roughly in the middle of the Hawaiian Island chain.

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  1. Maybe we should ask Joan Rivers who mentioned that Michelle, Michael Brown, was a transvestite and suddenly died of mysterious circumstances and her daughter received a silent settlement of undisclosed amount with no further reports on the supposed “Doctor” who didn’t work at that clinic or the reason he was taking “selfies” of her as she was dying. Did anyone see any prosecutions??? The “Obama’s” children were adopted from The Children’s Foundation, there are no documents on their birth as their children who were adopted to make the couple look “normal” in that realm the “women” are called “heffers” as reported on several sites. Loretta met a similar fate obviously since she became an impediment to the DNC. Obama’s papers have been held sealed at Perkins Coie DNC Law firm in Seattle at a cost of over $5 million dollars to taxpayers paid to the “firm” over 8 years. Not a bad profit for concealing and abetting treason, perjury, election fraud, misprision of felony and a coup of POTUS by a dual citizen falsified by Pelosi and Biden! Does anyone remember the original “Oceans 11”? 8 years later the DNC didn’t lose the money as in the movie, it was carefully dolled out to all their friends and “Stimulus Buddies”! What about the 24,000 Swiss Bank Accounts that were feeding the Taliban! Woops-wasn’t supposed to tell that one! Maybe Bill Clinton and Epstein at Orgy Island could expand on that a little more? Say a prayer for Loretta, she probably didn’t know what hit her and that she was chosen to go. I wonder how many more such attempts will be carried out by the DNC now that Trump is in office? Murder and theft is getting harder to get away with now that real talent is in town. How is Obama doing with Valerie Jarrett at the DC Mansion? Do you think David Axelrod is delivering Pizza to them? Ya’ never know. Where is Bill Ayers these days? Could he be partying with George Soros? Chelsea Hubbell (Clinton) married his nephew so love is in the air. God Bless America-gotta’ go.

  2. From what I’ve read and heard, Fuddys death was strange. Indeed, it was odd and untimely, except possibly for some bad guys.

    Mike Volin has revealed that he had a pilot license and has some flight time. So, with both
    Mr. Volin and Mr. Feuen’s expertise this noted show should reveal some interesting info….

    I can barely wait for this evenings 8:oo PM radio show.