by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 1, 2017) — At approximately 10:45 AM EST on Friday, PP Simmons, which was co-founded by “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups, tweeted that the lead investigator for the Obama birth certificate forgery investigation, Mike Zullo, will be Gallups’s guest on this evening’s show.

The broadcast airs every Friday from 5 PM to 7 PM EST/4 PM to 6 PM CST on 1330 WEBY.

Podcasts of previous shows can be accessed through Gallups’s website.

In the past, Zullo has often appeared on the show to provide updates and insight into the five-year-long investigation he conducted on a volunteer basis under the auspices of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), then headed by Joseph M. Arpaio.

The investigation began in August 2011, approximately four months after an image purported to be representative of Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii was uploaded to and quickly declared a forgery by several graphics and computer experts.

Then a businessman, reality-television star and real estate mogul, Donald Trump took credit for the release of the image given his very vocal calls for Obama to do so beginning in January of that year. As a result, Trump quickly gained a reputation for being “leader” of the “birthers,” a title which did not appear to phase him.

When in August 2011, 242 constituents approached Arpaio with concerns that their votes would be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election should the reports of forgery prove accurate, Arpaio agreed to launch an investigation, delegating it to his “Cold Case Posse,” of which Zullo was the leader.

At an initial press conference on March 1, 2012, Zullo reported that probable cause existed to believe that the birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery” meriting further investigation. Also declared fraudulent was Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, paper copies of which had been sent to various FOIA requesters beginning in October 2008, prior to Obama’s first presidential victory.

A second presser held on July 17, 2012 revealed that the standard of probable cause had been surpassed based on additional evidence gathered in regard to the birth certificate image. At its conclusion, Arpaio expressed concern that the unverifiable documentation of a sitting president posed a “national security” risk and called upon Congress to launch its own investigation into the findings.

The final press conference of December 15, 2016 discussed “nine points of forgery” and the concurrence of two forensic analysts with Zullo’s conclusions that the long-form birth certificate image is not genuine, a fact generally lost on the mainstream media.

Neither Congress, the media, nor any other law enforcement entity has acted upon Zullo’s conclusions. As it has since 2007 after Obama became a presidential candidate, the media continues to ridicule, marginalize, ostracize and beleaguer anyone who even dares to question that Obama was born in Hawaii, as he claims.

Over the past year and particularly within the last month, shocking accusations have been levied against “powerful” members of the elite media at Fox News Channel, The New York Times, NBC News, CBS News, and Bloomberg, perhaps causing some to question whether or not their dealings with coworkers affected the quality of the “news” they delivered to the American public, sometimes for decades.

The virtual media blackout of the Obama birth certificate forgery investigation has continued to this day, with only an occasional mention of the “conspiracy theory” made by generally left-leaning political pundits.

The media’s denial of the existence of credible evidence that the birth certificate is fraudulent continues.

However, reports beginning with the Trump-hostile New York Times on Tuesday suggested that Trump has recently re-voiced his doubts about the legitimacy of the Obama birth certificate image, a story which traveled quickly on the internet.

Predictably, an article from The Huffington Post published by Yahoo! News called Trump’s questioning of Obama’s background “a racist conspiracy theory.”

After reaching out to Gallups for specifics about the interview, he responded, “Should be talking about the latest in BC direction. Giving insight into roadblocks and holdups, etc. based upon current events and revelations of the Swamp. Discussing the fact that Trump has once again brought up the BC. This and more.”

Zullo will appear during the first hour of the show.

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  1. To get back on track and to listen to last evenings Freedom Friday 12-1-17 Radio Show with
    Carl Gallups and Lt. Zullo go to:

    Here if I got it correctly, one can listen to the radio podcast. This goes for nearly an hour.
    I listened to it and as always I connected some dots and learned new info.

  2. If Zullo believes Obama’s grandparents registered his foreign birth to say he was born in Hawaii, does Zullo explain why hackers would then need to change Hawaii’s records?

  3. Here is a short and only partial list of the things private citizen Zullo has been wrong about in his 5+ year investigation:

    1. The layers in the PDF weren’t proof if forgery.
    2. The Obama certificate number wasn’t out of order.
    3. The race codes were correct for the ones used by Hawaii in 1961. Zullo had the codes for the wrong year
    4. The race designation was provided by the parents and “African” was what Obama Sr.would have identified identified in 1961.
    5. Obama did send a congratulatory letter to Kapi’olani hospital.
    6. Items Zullo claimed were copied from the Ah’Nee certificate to the Obama LFBC don’t match.
    7. Obama was not in Hawaii when Director Fuddy died.
    8. There is no evidence from any reputable source that the Hawaii vital records have ever been hacked.
    9. There is no evidence the 2007 Obama COLB was produced from anything but accurate records. Contemporary accounts and newspaper records support the facts.

    If Zullo told me it was sunny in Phoenix today I would assume it was one of the 69 days per year when it wasn’t sunny.

  4. Zullo never met with Dr. Onaka.

    Zullo cold called the DOH and is surprised that they would not open there records for him.

    So two strangers with out of state badges show up unannounced at a government office. No subpoena, no warrant, no court order and they don’t understand why they were not greeted with open arms.

  5. “The eyes do not see what the mind does not know.”

    Therefore, the task of pension-paid-off “government-citizens” and T.F. “Totally False” BOW et al is to NEVER-ID SOETORO-OBAMA II (SO2) for some 323,000,000 fellow American “private-citizens”.

    As long as some 646,000 000 American eyeballs never WITNESS the full illegal IDentity of SO2, many of those same eyes will never KNOW SO2 as their criminal NEVER-presIDent 08-28-08- TODAY.

    We can terminate the 10-year old “birther controversy” of SO2 when 22 brains out of 7,500,000,000 living human brains on planet Earth can PUBLICALLY REVEAL the 17 original identity documents of SO2:

    TRUMP + ARPAIO + ROY MOORE + RONDEAU + TAITZ + THE 17* show humanity the original ID documents listed in Item 207, A thru Q herein:

    *THE 17 presidents of colleges and heads of agencies with access to said A thru Q original ID documents of SO2

    Knowledge is power; full witnessed ID knowledge of NEVER-ID SO2 is power of punishment, don’t you think?

  6. “Zullo told WND [in 2012] that Onaka refused to meet with him and his investigators when they appeared this week at the downtown Honolulu headquarters of the Hawaii Department of Health.”

    And at the second 2012 press conference, Zullo said that he made a request to a Hawaiian Assistant Attorney General to inspect the birth records, but that request was denied.

    It would appear Chris Farrell confused the two encounters. I don’t know where the “threatened with arrest” detail came from.

    Regardless, without a warrant or court order, none of this is unusual.

  7. It would appear Dennis Montgomery had told Zullo that someone in the D.C./Washington area hacked into Hawaii’s computers and inserted data about Obama being born there.

    Then why do the 1961 Hawaii newspapers also say that Obama was born there?

  8. Chris Farrell is, of course, free to believe whatever he desires, which includes Zullo’s statements. But there is no evidence that anyone (Japanese, Japanese-American, or otherwise) could register a foreign birth as occurring in Hawaii. Nor is there any evidence that Hawaii would register an unattended birth as occurring in Hawaii without evidence of that birth actually occurring in Hawaii. And even if it was possible, there’s no evidence that it occurred with Obama. And if Zullo actually has evidence proving his assertions, there’s no indication that he will ever publicly release it.

    It is unsurprising that the HDOH denied Zullo access to its records because, under Hawaiian law, that information is confidential. As Zullo had neither a search warrant nor a court order, he had no to right to inspect the records; the Hawaiian officials were just doing their jobs and maintaining Hawaii’s records.

  9. Zullo made the claim that Abercrombie said the BC was half written and half typed, actually it was Dr. Fukino who reportedly made that statement to NBC News. And in fact there is a logical explanation for her statement.

    BTW, Zullo being wrong on this, where Obama was on December 11th, 2013 and the story behind the hospital letter are more examples of his fine investigative skills.

  10. Director Fuddy died on December 11th, 2013.

    The Obamas arrived in Hawaii on December 20th, 2013.

    Prior to that they flew to South Africa on December 9th, 2013 for Nelson Madela’s Memorial and returned to Washington about 6:30 a.m. on December, 11th, 2013.

  11. No, that is a different article. The one you posted was written in March, 2011 by Corsi. The original WND story was published in July, 2009 by Kovacs.

    Kovacs’ article from July, 2009 is titled “’BIRTH HOSPITAL’: LETTER FOR REAL”

    Corsi’s March, 2011 Article is titled “OBAMA’S ‘BIRTH HOSPITAL’ HIDES WHITE HOUSE LETTER”

  12. T.F. B0W posted the comment above:
      Friday, December 1, 2017 at 3:47 PM
    Does Cheryl Surber know of any statements from Arpaio or Zullo suggesting a motive for someone born in Hawaii to forge a birth certificate saying they were born in Hawaii?
    More generally, why would anyone forge a birth certificate from Hawaii if the State of Hawaii has verified that the information on the birth certificate is accurate? Why not just obtain a birth certificate from Hawaii?

    I, Chris Farrell, don’t know who Cheryl Surber is but I do recall Mike Zullo reporting on having discovered incidents where Japanese-American residents of Honolulu registered the birth of relatives of theirs born in Japan at the Honolulu Dept. of Health or Health Dept. in order to secure for those relatives American citizenship.

    The fact that the Cold Case Posse emphasized is that in 1961 any resident of Honolulu County could walk into the Health Dept. (or is it Dept. of Health?) and register what was then termed an ‘unattended birth’ with absolutely no evidence of a birth ever having taken place. Moreover, it was authenticated that in 1961 it was from the birth registration log book at the Honolulu Dept. of Health that both of the newspapers which ran birth notices of the birth of the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa would at irregular intervals glean the ‘official’ information on births that had taken place that they would use in writing the birth notices that they published.

    So former Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse absolutely verified that in 1961 it was entirely possible for a resident of Honolulu County to walk into the Honolulu Dept. of Health and register a birth with no evidence at all that a birth had taken place there.

    This fact alone makes the fact that when the Lead Investigator of former Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse Mike Zullo along with another CCP investigator attempted to inspect the birth registration log book at the Honolulu Dept. of Health from which the information published in Obama’s birth announcements would had to have been obtained they were denied access to that birth registration log book.

    One would think that the Honolulu County record of Obama’s birth would be proudly displayed in a celebratory display case and made a tourist attraction.

    Mike Zullo and his accompanying investigator were escorted off the premises of the government office where the birth registration log book is kept under threat of arrest should they have refused to immediately comply.

    Clearly, there is something to hide in Honolulu.

    Like the incidents where Japanese families illegally registered their newborn relatives as ‘unattended births’ in Honolulu County, did Obama’s maternal grandparents living in Honolulu illegally register the birth of their daughter’s newborn after learning of the baby’s birth in Kenya? Was Obama’s birth registered as an ‘unattended’ birth?

    If so–if the registration of Obama’s birth was made as an ‘unattended birth’– then both of the birth narratives that Barry has issued–one at one Honolulu hospital and another at another Honolulu hospital–as well as the birth narrative that Obungo’s paternal grandmother in Kenya initially issued before recanting that she had been present at the birth of her grandson to a White woman in the 1961 British Protectorate of Kenya (Something that an African grandmother in the Kenyan Colony was not likely to forget!) must be recognized as the lies, (that is to say the narratives Barry issued of having been born in first one Honolulu hospital and then another), and the truth, (that is to say Soebartha’s grandmother’s testimony that she was present at Obungo’s birth in the Kenyan Colony), that they are.

  13. Zullo stated that he had evidence that the HDOH had been breached (hacked), and attacks originated from the D.C./Virginia area. Zullo did not specify the source of this information.

    Zullo then hypothesized that the COLB was an accurate representation of what has then contained in the HDOH database. In other words, the COLB was not forged (it came from Hawaii); it is just inaccurate because HDOH’s data was inaccurate.

    From there, Zullo concluded the long-form birth certificate in the Hawaii’s archives contains different information. So someone forged a long-form birth certificate to conform to the data that someone placed in the HDOH’s database. (And the federal government and the media all know this.)

    Zullo also said he cannot now release his evidence because of the Dark State.

  14. On the Gallup’s show the big reveal was that the DOH computers were hacked by someone in Virginia. This was supposedly the first time this was publically revealed.

    But that is not quite true. In the recordings made in October, 2013, Tim Blixseth claimed that CIA Director Brennan had hired a kid to hack into the DOH computers to change the birth certificate. Zullo in the recording then speculates that the hacking of DOH computers explains Obama’s out of sequence certificate number. Only problem, Blixseth had confused the passport/credit card/ID theft ring with Quarles Harris Jr. with the passport breach by the company run by Brennan with the DOH.

    So it was Montgomery who brought the idea to Zullo in 2013.

    At about the 50 minute mark:

  15. Okay, so-
    General Michael Flynn lied to the FBI.
    Big deal.
    The FBI itself has been LYING to the American people and COVERING UP government corruption for the last decade (2007-2017), especially re:
    the so-called former “president” of the United States and “commander-in-chief” of our armed forces,
    Sadly, though, I’m not counting on it.
    Tom Arnold.

  16. The last thing that I heard before today, 12-1-2017 (and, admittedly, I haven’t yet listened to what was said today), was that the MCSO CCP headed by Mike Zullo and parroted by their radio personality mouthpiece and “deputized” Baptist Pastor Carl Gallups was that what they have found will “BLOW OUR MINDS!” Before that, they were calling it “UNIVERSE-SHATTERING!”
    Is anyone, especially including anyone who is the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our country’s armed forces permitted to get away with crimes of IDENTITY THEFT, FORGERY, and TREASON (stole the presidency in 2008 and again in 2012)?
    The sick treasonous truth of the matter is that Soetoro aka “Obama,” even if Zullo and Gallups are afraid to tell you, is a FOREIGN-BORN (Kenya- just like he himself said in a 1991 bio which remained intact and unchallenged for sixteen years until 2007), COMMUNIST AND SHARIAH MENTORED, RADICAL MUSLIM, TERRORIST-AFFILIATED (The Muslim Brotherhood and the country of Iran to name just two), ARAB-AMERICAN (50% at most white, 44% Arab, but only 6% Black), MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (feel free to check with our CIA), CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE (not a natural born American citizen per Article 2, Section 1), USURPER OF THE US PRESIDENCY AND COMMAND OF ITS ARMED FORCES.


  17. I smell fish. This nothing burger birth certificate hoopla on a Friday is still a red herring. The birth certificate will always be a three-ring side show, just like the treasonous [Democratic Party and RINOs (UniParty)] intended it to be.

    The purported father of HUSSEIN Obama Jr. was never a U.S. citizen, so even if HUSSEIN Obama Jr. was born under the porch of the White House to his purported mother, HUSSEIN Obama Jr. still was an ineligible POTUS candidate.

    When an unfettered lawsuit challenging HUSSEIN Obama Jr.’s presidency eventually finds its way to the U.S. Supreme Court and into the hands of a party of nine unblackmailed Supreme Justices, then we birthers will have the last laugh over the afterbirthers.

    If the Founding Fathers did not care if the POTUS need be a natural born Citizen per Article II (Two), they never would have differentiated that requirement over that of the Article I (One) plain citizenship requirement.

    Refresher course for the ignorant; already known by the birthers:

  18. Zullo indeed announced that they had scrapped the Cold Case Posse evidence developed for the two earlier press conferences, this after a review of the Cold Case Posse documentation by Maricopa County Prosecuting Attorney William Montgomery who classified the Cold Case Posse evidence as “speculation” in 2012, and he refused to act or turn the “evidence” over to the Maricopa Grand Jury.

    The Hawaii Verification of Birth for Obama, issued, in lieu of the long form birth certificate, on May 22, 2012, to the Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, resulted in President Obama being placed on the 2012 Arizona election ballot. The Verification of Birth authenticated all of the birth particulars provided by the PDF posted and displayed on The White House website.

    One thing that we learned early in the birth certificate investigation was that there is no federal law which specifies that a presidential candidate must provide a certified copy of his or her birth certificate to establish U.S. citizenship. The vetting process is left to the respective political parties to determine the qualifications that are needed to run as a presidential candidate. So under the law, it is irrelevant when, how, where or whether President Obama presented his birth certificate particulars, because in 2008 and 2012, it was not a requirement of federal law for President Obama to provide any birth certificate. The so called forensic investigation written reports about the PDF copy of the Obama birth certificate by Reed Hayes in Hawaii and ForLabs have never been released to the public for review. The reports, however, are irrelevant, again because there is / was no federal law that requires a valid birth certificate to run for President of the United States.

    As far as the claims made on Freedom Friday today, that the state of Hawaii Department of Health computers had been breached by sinister forces in Washington D.C., Mr. Zullo failed to mention the source he utilized to gain the alleged information. We can only assume that Mr. Zullo got his information from the same discredited source that was revealed in the federal Melendres v. Arpaio civil contempt hearings in 2015. Arpaio, under oath, classified the information provided by this source as “junk.”

    Bottom line, Freedom Friday was a huge nothing burger today.

  19. If this simplest explanation — that Obama in 2011 obtained from Hawaii a valid birth certificate — is correct, then what possible motive do Arpaio and Zullo think the unnamed forger might have had?

  20. The numbering theory was dead wrong from the getgo as we learned from the Stig Wadelich certificate as well as the Ah’nee certificate that they’re now claiming was the “source document” Ah’nee was born much later than the Nordykes and Obama and yet has a much lower number than them. Zullo previously believed the Ah’nee certificate was a fake because it destroyed the race coding and numbering theories.

  21. Does Cheryl Surber know of any statements from Arpaio or Zullo suggesting a motive for someone born in Hawaii to forge a birth certificate saying they were born in Hawaii?

    More generally, why would anyone forge a birth certificate from Hawaii if the State of Hawaii has verified that the information on the birth certificate is accurate? Why not just obtain a birth certificate from Hawaii?

  22. “Can you point to a retraction?”

    Here is one example:

    At the July, 2012 press conference Zullo said this about the birth certificate numbers.

    “The Nordyke certificates, consecutively numbered, an odd and even I believe, consecutively numbered, came from the same location. Conceivably, Mr Obama’s should have come from the same location, and be consecutively numbered in that batch. It is not. That’s an indication to us that this was a reported birth from an outlying office. That means someone, possibly a relative,went in and declared the birth as if it happened in the state of Hawaii, although there is no evidence of that.”

    In December, 2016 on the Mike Volin show he said that the certificate number theory is wrong.

  23. Didn’t Zullo state — contrary to statements made at the earlier press conferences — that the classification codes are accurate, the various certificates’ serial numbers are consistent with the state’s batch filing system, and the Xerox WorkCentre does create anomalies?

  24. Mark Bellison – You posted a quote from the NYT:

    “One senator who listened as the president revived his doubts about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate chuckled on Tuesday as he recalled the conversation. The president, he said, has had a hard time letting go of his claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States. The senator asked not to be named to discuss private conversations.”

    Just curious, would you please cite links to any claims you know of from #POTUS #DonaldJTrump since he made the announcement LONG ago that he believed that Barry Soetoro (aka “0bama”) was born in the USA, wherein he believes that aka “0bama” was born other than in the USA?

    Please do the same re: #SheriffJoeArpaio and #MikeZullo .

    I don’t recall #SheriffJoeArpaio or #MikeZullo EVER claiming that their investigation led them to a birth outside of the USA—because they WERE NOT investigating WHERE the IMPOSTOR-USURPER, IDENTITY-FRAUD CON-ARTIST was BORN!!!!

    Rest assured, they believe he was born, though

    They were investigating the NOW-PROVEN “9 POINTS OF FORGERY” on the COMPUTER-GENERATED COUNTERFEIT PDF!!! You can see the Public Presentation of the FORGERY at the link below:

    Of course, the moment aka “0bama” told the public that the COUNTERFEIT “Certificate of Live Birth” was his—and he had it BROADCAST on the “AIRWAVES [which] BELONG TO THE PUBLIC,” he COMMITTED WIRE FRAUD!!!!!!!

  25. Gallups said “the latest in [birth certificate] direction.” How can an official investigation about the birth certificate continue and be presented if the current sheriff has closed the matter?

  26. “The virtual media blackout of the Obama birth certificate forgery investigation has continued to this day, with only an occasional mention of the “conspiracy theory” made by generally left-leaning political pundits.”

    It is just a denial by the media. This from the N.Y. Times article:

    “One senator who listened as the president revived his doubts about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate chuckled on Tuesday as he recalled the conversation. The president, he said, has had a hard time letting go of his claim that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States. The senator asked not to be named to discuss private conversations.”

    I would assume this was a Republican Senator.

    Zullo hasn’t helped by retracting almost all of the evidence that he said led them to conclude a forgery had taken place. Law enforcement investigators who retract previous evidence as wrong generally lose credibility with prosecutors.