SCOTUS Should Confirm Voter ID Providing Elections’ Integrity


by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2017

(Sep. 4, 2017) — A most important constitutional activity in America is our ‘RIGHT’ to ‘VOTE.’  That ‘RIGHT’ to ‘VOTE’ requires that each legal voter and his vote(s) will be fully counted and properly applied.

One illegal vote in any election is ‘Voter Fraud.’  Whether Whether ‘Voter Fraud’ is in your own neighborhood or across the nation, it is a violation of our own constitutional rights.

Simply said, ‘Voter Fraud’ is the theft of each citizen’s precious constitutional freedoms.

Voter ID with photo is required for everyone to visit each local governor’s office and their General Assembly buildings, SCOTUS, the White House, and Capitol Hill office buildings.

Everyone must show an ID with photo to purchase a cellular telephone, drive a car, fly on a plane, cash a check, open a bank account, collect Social Security benefits, receive food stamps, collect welfare, rent a car, check into a hotel room, pickup tickets, etc., and the list goes on.

For voting security, SCOTUS should add Voter ID with photo to these lists.

May you be rich, poor, or in the middle economically, educationally, or physically, you must have a Voter ID with photo to participate in society.

There is nothing racist and/or discriminatory about Voter ID with photo except for those without any other debate issue.  Voter ID with photo is provided to those who cannot afford the purchase.

Rejecting Voter ID with photo is confirming ‘Voter Fraud.’

5 Responses to "SCOTUS Should Confirm Voter ID Providing Elections’ Integrity"

  1. Sharon Rondeau   Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 6:33 PM

    While a federal judge placed an injunction on Texas’s voter ID law, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals lifted it:

  2. Oscar Y. Harward   Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 4:28 PM

    What we are witnessing today is evidence as to how elected Democrat Party Presidents have nominated left-wing nominees to the federal bench, and especially SCOTUS, with some radical backgrounds; yet the entire US Senate, Democrats, Republicans, and the 2 Independents have failed to do their background checks on activist nominees; thus confirming these candidates.

    Voter ID with photo has nothing to do with any ballot except for a qualified voter to receive a ballot for voting and their ballot will be counted as voted for, while an individual who may be an illegal voter is rejected to receive a ballot for casting an illegal vote. Ballots have no voter’s name or photo on their ballot.

    A voter ID with photo is any official form of federal or state Identification with a photo ID as everyone goes around and show for identification in your daily lives; an operators driver’s license, passport, or any other normally accepted by state and federal officials as used today in the purchase of a cellular telephone, drive a car, fly on a plane, cash a check, open a bank account, collect social security benefits, receive food stamps, collect welfare, rent a car, check into a hotel room, pickup tickets, etc.

    It is disgraceful for SCOTUS to reject Texas’ Voter ID, and most any other states for their efforts to stop ‘voter fraud’.

    Oscar Y. Harward

  3. Ed Sunderland   Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 10:47 AM

    I went to a republican meeting last night and spoke with a voting judge (they are people at the polls who make decisions about voting to clear issues at the polls) and this was discussed.

    You get a specific voting photo ID. You go to the polls insert the ID, a machine shoots a voting page with your ID and photo ID already fixed on the document. A poll worker insures you are who is on the vote sheet and you go into a booth and vote.

    Only ballots are printed that are needed and the machine verifies and only voters with their ID can vote.

  4. jeffrey Harrison   Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 8:10 PM

    It seems to me that an ID / verification documentation is required for many services, transactions, and employment positions except for the positions for Congress (Senators and House Reps.) and the Office of President of the United States. Go Figure. Oscar you got it
    right. The noted examples above are the exception, it’s time to close these loop holes.
    Indeed, let’s add on Voter ID.

  5. Ed Sunderland   Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 11:54 AM

    I worked the polls this last election and with electronic voting machines there is far too much room for mischief. There are electrical connection issues, programming issues, learning issues, who’s qualified to vote issues and what from of ID is acceptable issues. Just incredible and much like the IRS over complication issues.

    We need a paper trail that anyone can follow and specific ID. When one registers to vote somehow you also become get hooked up for jury duty so there is some kind of connection there and is that a qualification tool we can use?. It should be no secret who votes for whom and why. But, this secrecy has created a mess.

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