by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 30, 2017) — On Wednesday, Carl Gallups of PPSimmons News & Ministry Network released a video depicting MSNBC host Ali Velshi claiming that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio said at a December 2016 press conference that Barack Hussein Obama is a “Kenyan-born Muslim.”

As stated at the beginning of the seven-minute video, Gallups is also host of the “Freedom Friday” radio show.

During the exchange with his two guests, one of whom was Arpaio defense attorney Jack Wilenchik, Velshi disclosed that he was born in Kenya, adding, apparently as a joke, that “Obama ‘wasn’t at any of the meetings'” (2:06).

The other guest was former White House Chief Ethics Counsel Richard Painter under President George W. Bush.

Last Friday evening, Arpaio received a pardon from Donald Trump for a misdemeanor criminal contempt conviction stemming from a civil case filed in late 2007. The Justice Department’s prosecution of Arpaio on the charge was announced just before early voting began in October as Arpaio sought reelection to a seventh term as Maricopa County Sheriff.

Arpaio lost the election to Democrat Paul Penzone, who took office on January 1.

Before leaving office, Arpaio spoke at a press conference as to the findings of former detective Mike Zullo in his 5+-year investigation into the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April 2011.

At the request of 242 of his constituents, in August of that year, Arpaio commissioned Zullo, as head of the Maricopa County volunteer “Cold Case Posse,” to convene the group to determine whether or not claims made by experts that the birth certificate image was fraudulent were credible.

To his surprise, Zullo informed Arpaio several days later that the posse, which consisted of former law enforcement and legal professionals, could not clear the document as genuine.

A five-year investigation was then pursued by Zullo under Arpaio’s supervision, resulting in three press conferences held, respectively, on March 1, 2012; July 17, 2012; and December 15, 2016.

Referring to the last presser, Velshi inaccurately claimed that Arpaio declared Obama “a Kenyan-born Muslim.”

When speaking with Wilenchik, Velshi also misstated the date of a court order issued on December 23, 2011 as “2009” and the permanent injunction issued in December 2013 as “2011.”  Wilenchik corrected him on both counts as well as on a third point as to when the Obama regime rescinded Arpaio’s 287(g) certification.

Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) allows for the deputizing of local law enforcement entities to apprehend illegal aliens following successful completion of a federal training program.  While the Obama regime de-emphasized the 287(g) program, the Trump administration has expanded it.

At virtually the same time as the judge’s 2011 order, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) was decertified from 287(g).

In the video, Gallups stressed that at no time during the hour-long December press conference did Arpaio claim that Barack Hussein Obama is a “Kenyan-born Muslim,” characterizing Velshi’s statement as “fake news.”

Gallups added that at a “four-hour” pre-conference meeting in Arpaio’s office which he attended, Arpaio “never” made that claim.

The video then provides an overview of the information released at the presser, including Zullo’s revelation that two “renowned” forensic analysts examined the birth certificate image and reached conclusions very similar to his own:  that the image is a “forgery and digitally-fabricated.”

Rather than showing curiosity about the findings of forgery announced at the first press conference more than five years ago, the mainstream media has ignored the investigation and attempted to marginalize anyone questioning Obama’s background and documentation as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Both Arpaio and Gallups, who is a former Florida deputy sheriff, have described the forgery of Obama’s purported birth certificate as a “national security” concern.

“With Arpaio’s pardon, there is a good chance that this will finally get the congressional investigation that it desperately needs,” Gallups said at 2:53, “and that is what the mainstream media is blowing their lids over.”


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  1. Zullo/Gallups seems to think that there will be congressional hearings at which pointvthey will release the expert reports and that will be the end of it. It diesn’t work like that. No congressman willstick their neck out until those reports have been analyzed, the rwo experts have been interviewed and outside experts consulted. We’re talking months maybe a tear from now. I guarantee you no congressman is going to take this on in 2018 an election year.

    As for contacting my congressman, we own four properties around Harrisburg, PA. Each in a different congressional district (4th, 11th, 15th, 16th), unlike Gallups, I’m not afraid to mention them. Each of them told me the same thing, no congressional investigation until we’ve seen and read the expert’s reports.

    And Zullo won’t release the reports until congressional investigations begin. A classic catch 22.

  2. “With Arpaio’s pardon, there is a good chance that this will finally get the congressional investigation that it desperately needs”

    What exactly does being pardon have to do with it?

    Is that what’s been holding them up?

  3. Gary, indeed you covered it very well. Thanks.

    As I recall, Sheriff Arpaio had stated the investigation of Fake Barry (Obama) needed to go
    to Congress. While Arpaio and Zullo were attacked, the investigation was completed.

    Now that Joe has received a pardon, hopefully the opposition will be out of cards.

    In days to come, perhaps Arpaio will request assistance from American Citizens to contact
    their Senators and Congressmen. Let’s all be on standby and ready to react at Joe’s
    request. But in the mean time, nothing is stopping anyone from contacting their reps now.

    Find your reps at: or To find your reps.,use last name or
    home state..

  4. President Trump should heed his own Message. Taking the Deep State with the lacksadasical attitude he has (Obama’s Ineligibility) has only Fostered the (Resist, Persist, & Impeach Calls which would be the Snake Bite after covering up the Crimes.

    President Trump read multiple times in his Campaign Speeches the story of The Snake.

    You either take the US Constituion serious, or you’re covering for Obama and taking the Snake in.

    The Office of President Qualifications in the US Constituion are simple to understand.

  5. “Good chance that this will finally get congressional investigation that it desperately needs.” I wish that were true…but based on what? Why wait til now? Congress and the courts were provided plenty of evidence in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016…and now they are going to open themselves up to sedition and treason charges by investigating Obama’s background and phony documents? Really?

    There is no question that the swamp is consuming all that is good in this country. It’s time Arpaio, Zullo and Trump knocked heads and reverse course now. We are running out of time. The dishonest, anti-American media is winning the propaganda war. A 3 hour national/world press conference would get the ball rolling. Trump can start today by cleaning up the FBI and DOJ (Sessions) that says there is no compelling public interest to revisit the Clinton email scandal. Expose Obama and prosecute…expose Hillary Clinton and prosecute. Investigate Canadian Ted Cruz for election fraud. And how about educating the American people about Terry Lakin? Imagine if everyone knew the truth about what Obama did to this honorable soldier and medic.

    Term limits for all in Congress…cut back their perks and salaries and impose the same crappy Obamacare for them. DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW! Government needs to be accountable to the people or we are finished as a free nation.