by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 25, 2017) — At approximately 10:35 p.m. EDT, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio was a guest on the “Hannity” show, where he expressed gratitude to President Donald Trump for pardoning him on a misdemeanor criminal conviction declared last month by a federal judge.

On his Twitter feed, Arpaio wrote that he is “humbled and incredibly grateful to President Trump. I look fwd to putting this chapter behind me and helping to ,” invoking Trump’s campaign and presidential slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Arpaio could have faced up to six months in prison following the scheduled October 5 sentencing, which will no longer take place.

During the four-minute telephone interview, Arpaio indicated that he would release information on Monday or Tuesday associated with alleged judicial misconduct in his prosecution by the Justice Department.  In interviews earlier this week, Arpaio had suggested the same to Infowars host Alex Jones, Hannity and Fox Business Network host Neil Cavuto.

A politically-polarizing figure, Arpaio is admired and loved by his supporters and reviled by his enemies, the latter of whom roundly condemned the pardon on Friday night.  Some, including members of Congress, reminded their followers that Arpaio questioned Barack Hussein Obama’s “citizenship” along with Trump, using the pejorative “birthers.”

The politicians avoided referencing the five-year criminal investigation Arpaio commissioned to his “Cold Case Posse” which determined at an early point that the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

The conviction held that Arpaio had willfully defied a federal judge’s order to cease dispatching county immigration patrols seeking to apprehend illegal aliens, while Arpaio’s attorneys had argued that the December 2011 order was unclear.  Earlier this year, three co-defendants were dismissed from the case, leaving the six-term, 85-year-old former sheriff and DEA agent as the sole defendant.

Arpaio’s legal team has argued that the DOJ applied the wrong statute in its prosecution of the case as well as deprivation of Arpaio’s constitutional rights.




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  1. 08-28-63 “I Have a Dream” speech delivered by Rev. Martin L. King

    08-28-08 Whoreable Nancy Pelosi unaccountably abandons the U.S. Constitution to promote NEVER-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II who promises to “fun-da-MENTALLY TRANSFORM” America

    FOX News Bill O’Reilly could have exposed NEVER-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II 08-28-08-TODAY, but revealed himself instead to be a paycheck writing about dead presidents instead of a patriot objectively reporting on “birther” DISCOVERIES ABOUT presIDential-FELONY

    08-28-09- TODAY The Post and Email is led by Sharon Rondeau to publish daily info related to exposing and fully identifying NEVER-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II (Thank you, P&E staff!)

    08-28-17 The 9th Anniversary of Nancy Pelosi’s unaccounted lawlessness and cover-up of The Pelosi Soros’ Soetoros (Barry and Michelle)

    WHEN WILL SEAN HANNITY and FOX empire objectively allow Sheriff Joe Arpaio and LT Michael Zullo et al calmly and factually fully identify adopted Barry Soetoro- Narrative Obama II for 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed American citizens?

    Is Hannity a paycheck or a patriot?

    Sheriff TRUMP + Sheriff ARPAIO + Sheriff HANNITY:

  2. The JAG attorney who prosecuted Col. Lakin said they couldn’t release any information b/c it would be “embarrassing for the President”. Can the Pres. make her speak now as to what was so embarrassing. She should also be terminated. Col. Lakin should get his pension back. He has also been prosecuted for political reasons as well.

  3. Chris Farrell, thanks for your excellent report and remarks and the report of the
    interaction of Hannity and Joseph Farah.

    Gary Wilmott, thanks for all your input and support for Terry Lakin. You remarks got me
    thinking. Can we all think even bigger than a pardon? Anyone know if “actually” can
    Lakin be reinstated by President Trump, and get his pension back…?

    CDR Kerchner, thanks for all you have done. You have been a point-man from the
    beginning and led the way. I have followed you for a long time. Your endless efforts
    caused many good things to occur.

  4. Seems to me that Sheriff Joe could and should get some quality face time with the president NOW and explain the Terry Lakin situation. Lakin deserves a full pardon and reinstatement of benefits and rank, etc. and the American people need to know the truth! And of course Arpaio should also explain thoroughly the Obama identity fraud and offer his and Mike Zullo’s services for a NATIONAL prime-time press conference with the president, to once and for all expose Obama and the media for their treasonous criminality. Let’s lay it all out on the line for the American people to decide who are the swamp creatures and who cares about America’s founding principles.

  5. Sheriff Joe could and in my humble opinion should use the opportunity of his upcoming release of information on those who attempted to convict him to open the door for President Trump to revisit the eligibility issue as it relates to Obama’s two criminal usurpations of the office of president of the United States by confronting Hannity on Hannity’s own avoidance of the issue.

    When the owner of World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, was last on the Hannity television program along with a few other guests involved in a round-table discussion it was suggested that an individual might be the Republican party’s nominee for president in the 2016 presidential election and Mr. Farah opined that that person cannot be the nominee because he’s not a constitutionally eligible natural born citizen and Mr. Hannity exasperatedly interjected cutting off Mr. Farah in a most condescending manner, (and I quote), “That’s not going to work!”

    Mr. Farah has not appeared on the Hannity show since.

    Atty. Jay Seckulow, self-professed defender of the Constitution, cut me off when I called in to speak with him about the facts surrounding the multi-layered electronic file proffered by Obama as purported authentication of the constitutional eligibility that the ‘Empty Chair’ claimed to possess and said that “It doesn’t matter.” posted a recording of our conversation.

    Sharon, My point is this: When we let any media figure such as Sean Hannity dictate unto us what in the Constitution will ‘work’ and what, according to them is ‘not going to work’ among the articles and amendments in the Constitution then it is they who decide what is the law according to the designs of their hearts and minds.

    If we permit any lawyers or judges to dictate unto us what within the law established in America’s founding documents ‘doesn’t matter’ then we have extended to those lawyers and judges carte blanche authority to erase whatever parts of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence–in short all of the organic law undergirding the American Experiment in government of the people–and such an authority amounts to an ability to tyrannically dictate unto the very same American people what the law under which they live shall be.

    But it is our government, Sharon. America’s government is of the people, by the people, and for the people, and ‘We the People’ have nowhere surrendered the authority for any media entities or legal representatives to delete those elements of the law that they feel at any given time and place no longer need be respected as the law.

    So if you are able to encourage Sheriff Joe to press the eligibility issue with Mr. Hannity and ask Mr. Hannity if he is aware of the facts uncovered in Sheriff Joe’s lengthy Cold Case Posse investigation into the “documentation,” (and by ‘documentation’ of course you know I mean the multi-layered electronic file not representative of any document whatsoever let alone an official birth certificate!), published on the official White House website as representative of authentication that he legally occupied the Oval Office.

    I’d like to see Sheriff Joe go further and ask Mr. Hannity if he would consider having the former commander of his Cold Case Posse Mike Zullo on his show to go further into the FACTS…the REAL NEWS… surrounding the issue.

    Perhaps Sheriff Joe could even suggest that in light of the incontrovertibly manufactured electronic file representative of no official birth certificate if Mr. Hannity might not revisit the prosecution and conviction of former US Army surgeon Dr. Terry Lee Lakin. Dr. Lakin’s legal representation in his court martial were not allowed to subpoena Obama’s birth certificate before the former lieutenant colonel was sentenced to Ft. Leavenworth military prison for, although ostensibly for missing a troop movement, simply requesting authentication that the orders he was following to re-deploy to a combat theater of operations did in fact originate from a legal sitting commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States.

    No doubt the oath that Sheriff Joe took to be the sheriff of Maricopa County referenced defending the Constitution of the United States of America. President Trump’s oath of office certainly did.

    There can be no question that those who take an oath of office to defend the Constitution take an oath to defend ALL of the Constitution, not just the parts that media figures like Sean Hannity and self-professed defenders of the Constitution like Atty. Jay Seckulow of ‘The American Center for Law and Justice’ dictate shall henceforth be regarded as worthy of being respected as constitutional law or shall henceforth no longer be regarded as constitutional law because ‘It doesn’t matter’ (Seckulow) or because they say that some part or another of the Constitution is ‘not going to work.’ (Hannity.)

  6. P.S.

    The noted www address I noted has been recently taken down by You Tube.

    Added thought: The Hannity Show and Fox TV must have been briefed many, many days ahead of scheduled airing by Zullo in order to do this show. In short, Fox only got some
    some of the evidence…

  7. Is this the same Hannity Show that had scheduled Lt. Zullo to appear on 07/19/2012
    to discuss the fraudulent credentials of Obama, but was cancelled at the last minute?

    Likewise, is this the same Fox Station that has been less than honest in covering the
    case that Arpaio had invested Obama for USURPING the Office as president?

    Is this the same Hannity who has denied Obama is a fraud and snapped at those who
    got through on his radio show? And is this the same Hannity who has ran cover for
    Obama’s BIG LIE for years?

    Also, is this the same Hannity who the day before (07/18/2012) had Trump as a guest on
    his radio show, in which Trump thumped Obama’s fraudulent credentials? Hear here of
    this interaction and interchange.

    Should Arpaio bring up his investigation evidence of Obama on this “scheduled show”
    will Hannity again, “pull the plug”? Joe, indeed be careful here, you’re going in the snake