by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 3, 2017) — The Post & Email has received a hard copy of a large document package which Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III brought to the McMinn County, TN Justice Center on July 18, 2017 seeking an audience before the grand jury.

Tennessee law allows for any citizen to bring evidence of a crime committed in the community to the county grand jury. In order to apply to testify, the citizen must swear that the evidence he wishes to present to the grand jury is true and accurate to the best of his knowledge and belief under penalty of perjury.

Fitzpatrick asked to testify about government corruption and local law enforcement’s labeling of him as a “sovereign citizen” and “domestic terrorist” as depicted on a training DVD used by the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD).  The training program was leaked to this publication in April 2012.

Fitzpatrick requested that the current grand jury foreman, Larry Wallace, recuse himself given that Wallace was named in his complaint.

To his surprise, Wallace complied with the request, and Judge Sandra N.C. Donaghy appointed Terry Bowers grand jury foreman pro tempore.

In an interview on July 20, Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that Wallace’s recusal proved that his 2014 indictment, arrest, trial and imprisonment were illegitimate and therefore criminal acts in and of themselves.

Fitzpatrick spent more than 26 months in state prison after making a request on March 18, 2014 to testify to the grand jury about local public corruption. At the time, then-grand jury foreman Jeffrey L. Cunningham refused to recuse himself from the matter even though Fitzpatrick made him aware that he was named in his complaint.

Cunningham, Wallace, and another former McMinn County grand jury foreman, Joe Riley, are all closely associated with the Athens Federal Community Bank, holding Board of Directors positions. Fitzpatrick has a theory as to why three successive grand jury foremen in McMinn County have been hand-selected by the judges and placed in that position.

In 2014, Cunningham refused to allow Fitzpatrick to address the grand jury. Shortly after Cunningham’s resignation from the foremanship in early March 2014, the McMinn County grand jury indicted Fitzpatrick on two felonies and two misdemeanors using Fitzpatrick’s grand jury submission as “evidence.”

On July 18, 2017, Fitzpatrick spoke briefly with Bowers and two other grand jurors comprising a three-member panel of the grand jury, which screens submissions from the public for possible referral to the full grand jury. Contradicting Donaghy’s later claim, Fitzpatrick said that he did not personally select the two women placed on the panel with Bowers.

Photo showing thickness of Fitzpatrick’s July 18, 2017 McMinn County grand jury submission

Fitzpatrick requested that the three grand jurors copy and read his 400+-page submission containing synopses of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, articles from this publication, and other evidence which he said demonstrated that Tennessee is operating illicit grand juries because of the judges’ hand-picking of the foremen from outside of the jury pool. Also enclosed in the package was a copy of the training DVD which features him and others as “sovereign citizens.”

Fitzpatrick is certain that none of the documentation he left was reviewed. On Saturday, July 29, he received in the mail an order from Donaghy stating that the grand jury found that he was “not credible” and that the entire submission would be placed “under seal” with the court so as to “protect” him.

On page 2, Donaghy claimed that the panel “examined the documents.”  On the same page, Donaghy wrote that the panel’s conclusions, reportedly reached the same day on which Fitzpatrick made his visit, could be “harmful to the reputation of Mr. Fitzpatrick.”

The order misspelled Fitzpatrick’s middle name and redacted the names of the three grand jurors.

Donaghy included case law to support her contention that Fitzpatrick is disallowed from returning to the grand jury on the same issue.

On Thursday, Fitzpatrick told us:

The legislative history of how we got to this point with the grand juries, two police reports, the DVD, reports I sent to federal officials, and six court cases were in there.  So the questions becomes, “What’s not credible?”

Not one of those agencies and the police department here has come back to tell me that they are not credible.  These are sworn statements.

[Editor’s Note:  Early on Thursday evening, Fitzpatrick met with Athens, TN Acting Police Chief Ron Davis for the second time in approximately three weeks.]

The material in the binder measures one and three-quarter inches, plus the disk.  This is evidence of a crime that Jeff Cunningham committed against me.  He said that he was acting legally, but he was not.  He said he was blocking me but that it was OK for him to do that.  Cunningham declared my activities in January, February, and March 2014 as criminal. Then he saw to it I was kidnapped and unlawfully incarcerated.  My activities on 18 July 2017 were identical to those carried out in 2014, but as of this writing, not declared as criminal.

You now have the demonstration from my being in the room with them on the 18th that Cunningham’s accusations against me are false.

Donaghy has now attempted to seal those records.  It’s of no consequence.  It didn’t take them long to put together whatever they gave to the judge.  That group is not capable of making a determination about whether the information I gave them was or was not credible.

Donaghy, in signing out her order to block me from returning to the McMinn County grand jury, seeks to protect herself from being named to the grand jury in crimes Donaghy commits.


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  1. I am aware of nowhere else in the state of Tennessee where anything like what Rondeau and Fitzpatrick allege happens as Standard Operating Procedure in McMinn county.

    I’m inclined to lean towards the “crackpot” and “troublemaker”commentaries as being certainly worthy of consideration when digging through these stories. If it really were the way Fitzpatrick portrays these alleged Tennessee grand jury abuses, there would be many coming forward with proof. Then there would be federal lawsuit after federal lawsuit capturing the headlines regularly.

  2. It seems the last two DNC supporter/writers don’t remember that they lost the last election and Republicans are now in power and Constitutional Law is again in effect and use. We are hearing from Veteran haters and small town gossips that are a dime a’ dozen around America. You could never be the man and officer that Walt is, lot’s of takers, few givers on the disgraced DNC team. We know that Obama’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Newman of the Bronx that had the affair with Malcolm X in 1960, was really alias: Ann Duke Domestic Terrorist/FBI Most Wanted List/Bomma’ Momma’ of The Weather Underground with Bill Ayers who bombed The Washington Navy Yard Computer Building and The Pentagon- who are you kidding? Trump received a package long before he was in office and he knows everything. Obama was a “dual citizen” from his attendance at Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School for eight years by their Constitutional Law and INELIGIBLE for POTUS in the U.S. Pelosi and Biden falsified Obama’s Eligibility in 2008 and we had copies of the papers for years. Trump has it all. You could be in jail next Mr. Foggy. You should read the Constitution and find out Saul Alinsky didn’t write it. You creeps are all losers and all your voter fraud, theft and lies couldn’t fool the people, you lost. No one wants Communism here, you should all go live in North Korea, you would be happy there! Can we take up a collection for your plane tickets? You are guilty of Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Murder, Sabotage, Sedition, Extortion, Attempted Overthrow Of The Federal Government and Military. A FAUX POTUS, COUP/USURPATION. Hopefully we will see Hillary and Jarrett in a prison cell together. Jarrett is an Iranian Muslim and was trained by the Airs family and is still living with Muslim Obama, who she gave orders to for 8 years and is still dedicated to destroying America! Wonderful people, all Godless evil that knows no bounds. America won many wars against these types of people and we will continue to win against you as the last election showed. Obama’s Taqiya will be working against him now and not the American people and The Republican Party of non-slavery and conservatism. God Bless America. We don’t support evil dictators, rogues, the party of slavery and people like you that make up the Democratic Party.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Walt.

    I’ve watched these over the years during your past trials. Unfortunately, they have no bearing on your cause and do not support your positions in the least.

    While I can appreciate your desire to keep fighting, I am willing to bet that the you’ll only get the same outcomes as you have since 1989.

    Beat Army!

  4. Mr. Fitzpatrick asks, “What’s not credible?” The answer is, Mr. Fitzpatrick’s interpretation of the evidence and the law is not credible.

    Athens is a small town – I was there in the courtroom to see Mr. Fitzpatrick sentenced to three years in prison on his felony convictions – and the courthouse community in a small town is like going to high school with 50 or 100 students. Everyone knows everyone else, and they each have a reputation, for better or worse.

    In Athens, everyone – and particularly everyone in the courthouse community – knows that Mr. Fitzpatrick is a crackpot and a troublemaker. They know that he’s not just a convicted felon, he’s a common thief who stole jury questionnaires that had private, confidential information about ordinary people in the nearby community of Madisonville. They know his whole existence is based upon hurting good people in their community.

    His crackpot interpretation of the law and his crackpot interpretation of the evidence mean nothing to anyone in Athens. They understand that he’s only hassling them because he’s angry about being a convicted felon, but nothing he can possibly do or say will ever remove his felony convictions.

    Right now, they’re giving him the rope he needs to hang himself again. Not literally hanging, of course, but this is Walter Fitzpatrick – given the opportunity, he always finds a way to end up in jail or prison.

    When – not if – he suffers his next criminal conviction, I’ll come back to Athens for his sentencing. It’s a lovely little town, filled with good, ordinary Americans … and one locally infamous crackpot, troublemaker, and career criminal. I really enjoyed my brief visit there.

    Bill Bryan (Foggy)

  5. While photographs of a large stack of paper are interesting, Walt still hasn’t provided any evidence of these alleged crimes. Sharing this evidence would be very helpful to your readers.

    There are two other points that need clarification:

    1. Walt did not spend 26 months in prison for “making a request on March 18, 2014 to testify to the grand jury about local public corruption”. Rather, he was convicted of aggravated perjury and extortion in McMinn County and served those sentences concurrently with the remainder of time for his misdemeanor conviction for disrupting a meeting and resisting arrest in Monroe County. So his time in prison was not the result of a single action but rather a sustained pattern over several years as documented in the appellate record.

    2. By law, the grand jury is tasked with determining the credibility of evidence and testimony presented to it. By definition, “that group” is fully capable to determine that either Walt or his evidence is not credible.