by Sharon Rondeau

Under Obama, the FBI stated that those quoting from the U.S. Constitution and the Bible could be considered “Sovereign Citizens,” which the agency says employ “tactics to harass and intimidate law enforcement, court, and government officials, as well as financial institution employees.”

(Jul. 31, 2017) — In an interview on Sunday, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III expounded on why he filed a criminal complaint naming former FBI Director and current Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III in the commission of treason on June 20.

On July 26, Fitzpatrick mailed a copy of a second treason complaint naming Mueller to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  He told The Post & Email that evening that he could confirm that the document was in the hands of an individual within President Donald Trump’s inner circle other than Sessions.

In May, Mueller was hired by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to finish the dual FBI investigations into alleged Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election and whether or not Trump or any of his associates “colluded” with Russian officials to secure Trump’s presidential victory.

Fitzpatrick recounted that Mueller was FBI director on April 20, 2010 when FBI and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) agents, Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP), Monroe County sheriffs’ deputies and local town police officers swarmed the tiny town and county seat of Madisonville after a number of individuals called in false threats of an impending “militia” attack on the courthouse.

Fitzpatrick has asked a number of officials to investigate the false claims made shortly before his court hearing that morning to which more than two dozen Americans traveled, many from out-of-state, to observe the proceedings.

To their surprise, they were met at the courthouse by heavily-armed law enforcers who disallowed them from entering.  Snipers were positioned on the roof of the courthouse, schools were closed, and pole cameras erected, apparently to detect any criminal activity anticipated on April 20.

Although no arrests were made that day, the media acquiesced to the government’s claim that certain individuals they did not know were seen carrying guns in town, suggesting the necessity of the massive law-enforcement presence.

Ten days later, Georgia citizen Darren Wesley Huff was arrested by the FBI for allegedly planning a “takeover” of the Monroe County courthouse even though he had not brandished any weapons nor entered the courthouse that day.

On his way to Madisonville that morning, Huff was stopped by officers of the THP, who suggested that he place his firearms in the toolbox of his truck so as to avoid the appearance of aggression when he arrived in Madisonville.  He complied, as the officers looked on, and was allowed to proceed to town.

Having arrived after the hearing commenced, Huff had breakfast at Donna’s Old Town Café.  He spent the day with former Marine William R. Looman, who provided a sworn affidavit of the day’s activity, including the statement that, “Once we got there we parked near Donna’s Old Town Café (100 College Street) located across the street from the main Courthouse (105 College Street) and ran into a number of supporters who told us that the hearing was about over and that it was located in another building. Because we were late and did not know the location with a hearing had been held, we decided to stick around the area of Donna’s Old Town Café (100 College Street) hoping to meet with Walter Fitzpatrick after his release and to get updates.”

Fitzpatrick later produced a detailed report showing that Huff was not at any time standing near the courthouse as FBI Special Agent Mark Van Balen had claimed in a sworn probable cause affidavit used to justify Huff’s arrest on May 2, 2010.

Huff spent four years in federal prison for a crime that he did not commit as a result of what Fitzpatrick calls “the Madisonville Hoax.”  “Using the Madisonville Hoax as a springboard, U.S. official successfully prosecuted and convicted a U.S. citizen for the first time in U.S. history for a thought crime, presently and singularly the most important court case in American history,” Fitzpatrick wrote on May 22, 2013.

In the same report, Fitzpatrick noted:

Not a single one of the approximately one-hundred-fifty (150) to two-hundred law enforcement officers on the ground in Madisonville that day first approached, questioned or interviewed any of the thirty (30) citizens variously collected at either of the two courthouses or at Donna’s Café.

The military-style law enforcement deployment to Madisonville, Tennessee on 20 April 2010 has become the stuff of legend. That extraordinary combat-like resource expenditure is aggressively reported elsewhere. LINK

The U.S. Department of Justice refused to release any documents it possessed about the Madisonville Hoax requested through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by this publication.

Individuals who some call “Obots” for their support of the Barack Hussein Obama regime and ideology have admitted to mobilizing “more than 100 cops” in Madisonville on April 20, 2010 and threatening a Texas police officer’s job for indicating interest in “investigating the president (Obama) for treason and fraud.”

The April 20, 2010 court hearing was scheduled as a result of Fitzpatrick’s arrest on April 1, 2010 for attempting to place then-Monroe County grand jury foreman Gary Pettway under citizen’s arrest for serving for at least 20 consecutive years in violation of state law.

After spending several months in the Monroe County jail, Fitzpatrick’s likeness and name were included in a Tennessee law-enforcement training program labeling him a “sovereign citizen” with the implication that he is a “domestic terrorist.”

Huff, too, was pictured on the same page as Fitzpatrick.  The training program implied that anyone expressing the belief that Obama’s Certification of Live Birth (COLB) image, or “short-form” birth certificate, is a forgery could be a “domestic terrorist.”

The term “birthers” has been used to describe those individuals and has become part of the political lexicon when the subject of Obama’s origins or constitutional eligibility arise.

A five-year investigation launched into the “long-form” birth certificate posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011 concluded that that image, purported to represent Obama’s original birth record from Hawaii, is a “computer-generated forgery.”

The media and FBI have ignored the evidence and failed to investigate the findings as well as the several versions of Obama’s life story which have never been reconciled.

On Sunday evening, Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email:

Mueller is responsible for a domestic-terrorist, manufactured event.  The Fogbow group was calling in to report to the FBI and other local law-enforcement officials that I was coming in with an armed group of militia members.

None of the 31 people on the list who were there that day were carrying guns.  Mueller made all of this stuff up along with The Fogbow.  What’s being disseminated in this community is that I am one of the “stars” of the Sovereign Citizen training program.

There was no plot.  The Fogbow called in a bomb threat and then Mueller and his underlings jumped all over it, all to make the FBI look good.

If they thought that Darren was intent upon attacking the courthouse, why did they allow him to proceed into Madisonville?  Because they wanted something to happen.

If they thought they knew what Darren was thinking when they pulled him over 20 miles away, why wasn’t he placed under arrest then?


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  1. Huff was convicted not for just what he thought, but for what actions he took in furtherance of those thoughts, i.e., crossing a state line with firearms.

    Punishing “attempt” crimes (e.g., attempted robbery) has been part of the common law since before the even United States existed as an independent nation.

    The 6th Circuit (hardly a liberal court) explained all this when it affirmed Huff’s conviction.

  2. The Madisonville Hoax was most definitely a success from the stand point of validating charges for thought crimes. The charges stuck and the appeal was never acted on. Right wingers are now, or were, under threat for even thinking about going against an out of control government.

    However the activities in Madisonville seemed to have empowered the right wingers. The standoff against the BLM in 2014 in Bunkerville set the precedent for the Malheur Refuge occupation in Oregon. Both of those incidents followed the script set in Madisonville including the follow on trials. But the trial in Vegas seems to have come off the rails. Judge Navarro is in desperation mode to convict but the jury is not having any of it. Can this be a turning point and return to rule by law, not by people? Is there a chance of returning to the founding principles of a Constitutional republic?

  3. Sorry, LT commander, but I missed the rationale in the rationale. In the United States by Section 110 of Article III. of the Constitution of the United States, it is declared that: “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

    So, 1) who waged war against the United States in your scenario, or 2) who adhered to what enemies of the United States, or 3) who gave aid and comfort to what enemies of the United States?

    Thanks in advance for your reply!

  4. Yes, Bill, those were great times! I’m glad you’ve finally decided to put it all out there. We deserve some credit after all these years.

    But my favorite part is your subtle inclusion of a few “alternative facts” in your account. Anyone who thinks he can use your statement against us in court will find himself in real hot water unless he makes sure that he’s painstakingly separated the wheat from the chaff.

    More good times ahead!

  5. I certainly hope you included Fogbow in your complaint of treason about our good buddy Bob Mueller, that you sent to the authorities in our nation’s capital. That would add enormous credibility to the documentation. The Madisonville Hoax is incapable of being fully unraveled without a detailed understanding of the role of Fogbow in the operation.

    Of course, we were conducting operations under the auspices of our international puppetmasters, otherwise where would we obtain the vast amount of resources that were funneled (or, you could say, laundered) into the planning and execution of the conspiracy? The Madisonville Hoax wasn’t going to pay for itself, that should be obvious by now. And it wasn’t just 100 cops that day. We had a vast network of other agents flooding the little town of Madisonville, and a global organization of banksters, special forces, lamplighters, misdirectional information specialists, and many, many others. Fogbow being the linchpin, naturally.

    President Obama spent the whole day sweating bullets in the secret communications bunker in the Appalachians, in case any of the critical risks materialized and he was forced to flee the country that afternoon. My staff informs me that he was shaking like a leaf, and wouldn’t quit pestering Mr. Soros for assurances that the Hoax would be successful, despite the obvious weak elements of the overall plans. He must have called me 25 times that day to confirm that Fogbow was following our instructions to the letter.

    When we brought the Madisonville Hoax to its successful conclusion, more than two dozen Fogbow agents were personally awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a secret ceremony, held in the little-known Museum of the Birther that’s buried beneath the National Mall. Of course, the importance of the Madisonville Hoax can never be overstated. It was a billion dollar op, but it worked flawlessly and was never revealed to the people of this great nation.

    Good times!

    Bill Bryan (Foggy)