007’s License to Kill (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

(Jul. 26, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our university’s auditorium, where Professor Zorkophsy has been invited to give a speech on Islamophobia. Hello, I’m Mr. Roving Reporter and will be your host for this on-the-road episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ We’re set up in the balcony and it’s a packed house. Mr. Omar Hussein, a Muslim spokesperson for the ‘misunderstood and peaceful’ wing of the Islamic Global Army, will introduce the Professor. Let’s listen in.

“Welcome, and I will introduce the Professor to you, but first I have my say. You are nothing but dogs to us. You don’t deserve to breathe our air. We have you almost in the palm of our hand. We have our soldiers in your FBI and all through all of your governments: local, state and federal.

“And look how we control the Jews in their own land that was once ours: we say no can have metal detectors on the Mount, so they capitulate: no metal detectors. We MUST HAVE our suicide bombs packed with nails sprinkled with HIV-infected blood so as to cause the most damage possible. Metal detectors are Islamophobia!

“We have soldiers in you police force – ‘Your Men of Blue’  — so we can ‘honor-kill’ your women (who are worse than dogs) and you do NOTHING! We spit on you and laugh at you while you do nothing. Ha!

“We have members of your Congress in our pockets, people such as Paul Ryan, who is afraid to speak the truth about Islam. You’re a corrupt land of cowards for allowing us into your country: you well deserve whatever we dish out to you. You show weakness and we take advantage. You think by being ‘kind’ it’ll change our minds; on the contrary, it just makes us despise you more for showing us that you lack the belief that your system of crowd control is better than ours. We march your queers off of tall buildings and yet your LGBT faction welcomes us with ‘love,’ just as Jeb Bush welcomes illegal immigrants, the very same people who murder your children and drive drunk, with love. Thank you for allowing me to be the speaker to introduce the guest speaker: Professor Zorkophsky.”

“Thank you, Omar, for the truthful and graphic introduction. Isn’t it refreshing whenever people speak the truth? Wish our politicians would be half as honest, instead of seeing the likes of Paul Ryan running away in his white SUV from the mothers who had children murdered by illegal immigrants.

“The title of my talk is ‘Our Political Correctness has Resulted in Giving Muslim Police Officers a License to Kill.’ What happened in Minnesota is but the first act of a terrible tragedy where a few ignorant Left-Wing Loonies take down the Beacon of Freedom. The ‘Loonies’: a collection of Obots, pundits, Democrats and assorted misfits who, if you needed help, are the last people you’d call.

“Here’s a question for you: you just had an operation and are bedridden. You have a Jeb Bush/Obama/Hillary-lover to one side of your house and a Veteran/Trump-lover on the other. You look out your window and see that your house is about to have a home invasion by a gang. You have time to make one phone call to either the Hillary voter or the Trump voter. Those are the parameters of this hypothetical question. Who are you going to call?

“Someone from the audience just asked, ‘What about the police?’ Now that’s exactly what that woman in Minnesota did, didn’t she? She called the police and look what happened to her: she ended up DOA. Too bad she didn’t have a Veteran/Trump supporter to call, but then maybe someone in the audience would’ve called the ‘here-for-love’ neighbor. Who knows?

“For real, now: is there anyone in the audience who would’ve called the Obot over the Trump supporter in our hypothetical problem? Nobody? And yet I’m sure that there are some in the audience who voted for Hillary, the champion of the Muslim invasion. Hillary, as I’m sure you all remember, as the Secretary of State, had a Muslim, Huma Abedin, as her personal secretary.

“The fact is, we’re surrounded by people who have no business in the decision-making process. How women can serve in the Blue Water Navy is beyond my comprehension, and I’ve heard that women will serve aboard submarines one day.

“Since I’m not one to mince words, I’ll just tell it as I see it. Combat isn’t pretty; it isn’t fair; it isn’t anything but pure chaos, and in order to win you’ve got to be, first and foremost, lucky and, secondly, you’ve got to allow your basic instinct of animal survival/training to take over completely.  If you can’t trust the person watching your back as much as that person can trust you, well, that’s one serious problem. Crawling on your belly in the dead of night, running on pure adrenaline while being bitten by a never-ending litany of insects and eating dirt while dragging a wounded man: the last thing on your mind should be, ‘Can she handle it?’ or ‘Am I being too rough on her?’ ‘Is she the weakest link?’ and, last but not least, ‘If I live through this, when I write the After-Action Report, will my treatment and orders to her be construed with understanding and compassion?’

“What a bunch of mindless hogwash and horse hockey rolled into one. You can take your political correctness, congressperson, and leave the fighting to people who will fight, but at least give them a chance to win. I’m not going into combat with one hand tied behind my back, is what I’m saying. And if the Pentagon doesn’t like what I have to say, then as soon as my enlistment is up, I’m out and all the training and the money spent on me will have been wasted. We want our troops to stay in, don’t we?

“I’m sorry to say, but the last eight years have hurt our military beyond comprehension. What we need is a little bit of backbone and less Congress/Pentagon political correctness. The stakes are as high as the flagpole that flies Old Glory.

“We’re fighting for our country; we’re allowing cops to murder with impunity, and if you think for a New York minute there’s light at the end of the tunnel if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we might as well hang it up and let the inmates run the asylum which, if you would take the time to figure it out, they’re already doing. A cop murdered a woman and he’s going to walk. Now try and tell me I’m wrong.

“End of speech. Goodnight.”

“And that ends the Professor’s speech. I’d like to, at this time, on behalf of the crew, thank you for watching and to wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Somber days ahead. Will the Navy ever get their ships in order? That new aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, has women serving on board, you know that? So what’s going on? Are the only people left serving in our military just a bunch of misfits that don’t give a hoot? And is everyone in the Pentagon just as sorry as the members of Congress? You tell me, but the facts speak for themselves.

“Will the future hold hope or do we continue to allow our cops and military personal to kill us, a reference to the Fort Hood massacre just being one of many incidents. The fake news is being rewarded; while nitwits like Rachel Maddow make fools of themselves night after night, another thousand Muslims invaded our country. But Maddow won’t mention the obvious, while somewhere out there in our country a Muslim cop is getting ready to murder another American, knowing he’ll walk. After all, he has double ‘00’ number: a license to kill.”

“Burger time: my treat.”

Secret Agent Man


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