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(Jul. 15, 2017) — With Case 17-4055 in the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court shortly to be ruled on, the top mentions of the impressive 700 Donor List over the last three months continues to emerge on, if the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court in Denver, Colorado rules in favor of the Plaintiff, an investment in a Usurper’s Library.

Millions of dollars from giant corporations like Microsoft, Exelon, Founder of LinkedIn, Crown Family, and many other billionaire philanthropists are contributing millions each in what would be considered leverage against justice where the dollar rules rather than the U.S. Constitution and Justice.

What is clear is these Corporations and Philanthropist didn’t get the “Memo,” or in other words, the facts responsibly reported by the MSM they depend upon.

This could be bigger than missing the Trump victory as they called Hillary ahead by 332 Electoral Votes.

With the amount of money going into what would be a “Usurper’s Library,” this could prove rather embarrassing to those contributing. We recall the utter shock and awe of those caught red-handed in the “DC MSM Bubble” in the 2016 Election?

Let’s take a look at the evidence that the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has which is not being reported that could finally lead to an ultimate “throwing in of the towel” by those supporting the DNC “Leaders” feeding them full of “goose-berries”?

In considering these facts and evidences we should also consider the very diabolical possibility that “Justice” may be staked out and replaced by the Bribing Dollar, which will leave a whole lot of Americans in the pit those who call themselves Elite seek to imprison and enslave them in wiping out the American Dream.

  • The Lawful Sheriff’s Investigation proving Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery and is not a copy of an Original, backed up by two independent document forensics experts.
  • The copy of the State of Hawaii’s lack of Constitutional Certification of Obama, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s dis-enfranchisement of the State’s Correct Certification with one of her own made-up, as well as one for the other 49 States which also does not Certify Obama as Constitutionally Qualified.
  • The Complaint of a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party who has objected to his Civil Rights as a Candidate for President being violated by an unfair and unequal Standard.  That tradition and Standard in U.S. History being upheld and continued in a tradition also upheld and unchanged by the U.S. House and U.S. Senate for 241 years through dozens of attempts that have failed as “America’s Choice.”

What this amounts to is Domestic Terror against the American People by Traitors inside the United States of America in compromising the 2008, and 2012 Elections far and away much more clearly and directly than any “meeting” taking place during the 2016 elections that amounted to a fizzle of nothing exchanged that we have seen the MSM in a foaming mouth about.

We sure want to thank everyone who has followed us along this Blog’s 7-year Journey! Thank You!

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  1. http://www.thepostemail.com/2017/07/13/modest-proposal-2017/







    While some may celebrate these three characters in their minds, WHAT PROOF DO Y-O-U OFFER THAT CONFIRMS THEIR ACTUAL FACTUAL EXISTENCE IN THIS WORLD?

    Since every “belief” contains a “lie”, the more you know, the less you believe.

    Belief in the Soetoro-Obama II’s “natural born Citizen” = Belief in a Santa Clause

    FANTASY: https://www.obamalibrary.gov/ = Usurper’s LIEbrary featuring a Rogue’s Gallery of BO[ZO] and BIG MIKE, Terror Tehran’s Valerie, Benghazi SOS Hillary, Susan “Lie-a-Minute” Rice, Contempt of Congress AG Holder, Lyin’ Lynch, Joke Biden, Treason Queen Pelosi and so many other ungrateful un-Americans from the Pelosi-Soros’ Soetoros Theft Left 08-28-08- TODAY and Black Lies Matter!

    FACT: https://www.scribd.com/doc/48856102/All-U-S-Presidents-Eligibility-Grandfather-Clause-Natural-Born-Citizen-Clause-or-Seated-by-Fraud

    What’s in Y-O-U-R brain?