by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 8, 2017) — In a July 7 interview on Carl Gallups’s “Freedom Friday,” Obama birth-certificate investigator Mike Zullo provided an overview of the two-week-long trial of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on a charge of criminal contempt of court.

Zullo began by referring back to a nearly ten-year-old civil case from which the criminal charge stemmed more recently.

The civil lawsuit was filed by a group of Hispanics who said they were racially profiled by Arpaio’s patrols which questioned those they stopped about their citizenship status.

In December 2013, U.S. District Court G. Murray Snow ruled that the patrols must cease to question motorists to determine if they were in the country illegally, but they continued for approximately 18 more months.

While Arpiao in 2015 admitted to not following Snow’s order precisely and offered to pay restitution to the plaintiffs out of his own funds, Snow chose to take the contempt matter to trial, ruling against Arpaio in May 2016.

Snow then referred the civil contempt finding for criminal prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Zullo revealed that during the recent proceedings, Arpaio’s appeal of Snow’s ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals contained audio-recordings of three appellate judges who are “clearly heard stating that they themselves have difficulty understanding the original judge’s injunctive order” (6:25).

Zullo said that the judge who presided over the trial will not rule before July 21 since more documents have been requested of Arpaio’s defense team.

“If it’s like anything else that has gone on in these trials…it’s just another railroading to hurt Arpaio,” Zullo opined, recalling that the DOJ announced it would prosecute Arpaio days before early voting began for the November 8 election in which Arpaio sought a seventh term as sheriff.

Arpaio was defeated by Democrat Paul Penzone, who considers illegal aliens “guests.”

Gallups then said he is “convinced” that former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch; her predecessor, Eric Holder; Barack Obama, and “Obama fraud investigation, birth certificate investigation” are connected to Arpaio’s criminal prosecution.

Zullo responded that Arpaio also believes that because he commissioned the “birth certificate investigation,” he was punished by the Obama regime.

Gallups posited that the “Deep State” and “fake news” issues he and Zullo discussed during the throes of the birth certificate investigation, which lasted more than five years, are now “in the headline news every day,” a contention with which Zullo agreed.

Both Gallups and Zullo said that Arpaio’s previous actions to enforce immigration laws were a manifestation of a conflict between state and federal statutes.  Moreover, Zullo said that some of the prosecution’s witnesses, in his view, aided Arpaio’s cause to prove himself innocent of the charge.

“My understanding is the witnesses called by the DOJ to testify against Arpaio actually helped Arpaio,” Zullo said.  “Not one of those witnesses ever said that Arpaio told them to disregard that order…”

At issue is whether or not Arpaio willfully violated Snow’s order.  “When this thing finally gets adjudicated…then we’re going to make arrangements to have his attorney on your show…” Zullo told Gallups.

Following a break, Gallups opened a new segment by affirming that no other law enforcement entity offered to support Arpaio in his efforts to probe the long-form birth certificate image posted at on April 27, 2011 purported to represent Obama’s original birth record from Hawaii.

The investigation, commissioned by Arpaio in August 2011, was delegated to Zullo as the then-lead investigator of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse.  In March 2012, Zullo and Arpaio held a press conference during which Zullo declared that probable cause had been found to believe that the birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Two more pressers revealed more detail as to why investigators became convinced that the the image is fraudulent, including the findings of two well-respected forensic document analysis companies announced in December.

In response to Gallups, Zullo said that Arpaio and he became the objects of “professional ridicule” for carrying out the investigation, to which Gallups responded, “One of these days, when this is all over…we’re gonna ‘out’ some people…from the professional field of law enforcement.”

“We’re going to tease the birth certificate saga,” Gallups then hinted as the second segment came to a close.  “The issue of the birth certificate is settled and solved…Your five-year investigation proves beyond doubt that that birth certificate on the White House website not only was a fake and a fraud and a fabrication, but you also possess the birth certificate – the original, the real one – from which it was constructed…” he said. “A congressional committee could settle this thing in 15 minutes.”

Zullo responded that “This was a conspiracy, and this is going to branch out to a lot of different government entities.  In the next few weeks, we’re going to be releasing some more information that we discovered in this investigation, and…it’s gonna blow your mind.”

Listen to the rest of the interview here.

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  1. Judge Bolton found Arpaio guilty today. Her order belied most everything that Gallups and Zullo said about the case. She said the Snow’s order was clear and that Apraio was well informed about it. He then willfully disobeyed it and even bragged publicly that he was doing so.

    Sentencing is scheduled for October 5th. Arpaio said he will appeal but he probably has a very poor chance of succeeding.

  2. The nearest thing to the head of the snake would be to indict Pelosi and Biden for certifying the affidavit that Obama was eligible for POTUS. They would have to admit the truth as why two different affidavits were presented. They would sing like a bird to save their own skins now. They need to be asked how what documents were used to verify Obama eligibility.

  3. I think the “Russia-gate” issue is really a smokescreen for Congress to wring its hands over the implications of the surfacing of Obama’s real birth certificate. Given to Mossad Agent Netanyahu in 1977 by myself on orders from GHWB for safekeeping, I’m sure it was given to Pres Trump, and then SCOTUS. The paternalship will blow America away. The fact that Congress is suddenly extending its session should speak for itself. There will be no need to “Fix Obamacare.” But there’s more to the issue of a foreign master spy exploiting our birth certificate privacy laws to infiltrate the WH. Could Hillary be one of Communist STASI Gen. Markus Wolf’s “Family Jewels” or “Manchurian Candidate WH Infiltrators? Like Obama, and now Malia, exploitations of our birth certificate privacy laws? If so, Hillary’d be “Pearl.”

  4. Millions of minions called “U.S. Government” are indictable for punishments for refusing to subpoena and fully identity Fake President “Obama II” 08-28-08- TODAY.


    How can there be, when spoof attempts to cover-up proof?

    How can there be when “natural born Citizen” [NBC] of 1789 is replaced with “Obama’s forged birth certificate” of 2011 [FBC]? >>> >>>

    REMEMBER 08-28-08!

    Racer Tim, bendore, T.F. BOW: are you FACT FINDERS OR FACT STABBERS…have you ever seen “Soetoro-Obama II’s” original identifying documents A thru Q in Item 207 herein:

  5. If Jeffrey Harrison believes Zullo provided new information, perhaps he could specify what that new information was.

    Three judges, however, do not have difficulty with the charges against Arpaio. In September 2012, a panel of three judges in the 9th Circuit held oral arguments about the prelimary injunction. Two weeks later, that panel unanimously affirmed the prelimary injunction. (The Phoenix New Times had already reported that Arpaio’s lawyer played a clip from that oral argument.)

  6. TF BOW, for several years I have been aware of and have studied the case that Obama is
    an usurper and fake. After Obama was elected I was introduced to “The Articles of Freedom” and have studied this issue way before Arpaio’s investigation.

    Zullo on the recent Carl Gullups show did reveal several things new to me. That show lasted
    for nearly 45 minutes. Zullo indeed did state new items not revealed before. So, I have a
    difficult time in believing anyone who actually listed to this show did not learn anything new.

    Arpaio has been targeted for standing up against Obama’s fraud. Three other judges have
    difficulty with the charges against Arpaio. (in that last radio show)

    As a local PA volunteer for Arpaio who works under the direction of Mike Volin of I have continued to learn new info about this case
    all the time. With Volin’s team we have been to DC many times, done lots of radio shows,
    written articles, did media events. And we are always learning updated / new info about
    the fraud of usurper.

  7. @Ed Sunderaland,

    There is absolutely no record of any Judge holding Obama in contempt of court or even alluding to holding Obama in contempt of court.

    I believe that what you are referring to is an order by Texas Judge Andrew Hannon ordering employees of Homeland Security to show cause why they should not be held in contempt. The judge said he would cancel the hearing if a report ordered filed on July 31st satisfied him that the situation has been remedied. A report that satisfied the Judge that the situation had been remedied was timely filed and the whole matter was dismissed.

    The fact is sir that 50% of the people who go before courts do not agree with the court’s ruling and although there is law and order, we will never all agree on what is right and what should happen.

    What you seem to be advocating is akin to the hippies of the 1960s. Some of them disobeyed and many of them were jailed, however the smart ones chose to change the system from within and those who did so were very successful so I am not judging you for what you believe, however, unless the government is over thrown or the system is changed from within, going against a court order on one’s own instead of appealing to a higher court for a stay or reversal of the order you disagree with will most likely result in a charge of contempt of court like the one Apairo is facing.

  8. It sure seems to me that NOW would be a good time to release everything Zullo and Arpaio have on Barry Soetoro. It is likely the swamp cannot be drained without revealing the fact that Obama is an identity fraud con-artist who usurped America’s presidency and brought her to the brink of total destruction. The nightmare surrounding Trump’s presidency created by the Obama media, the Democrats and many Republicans, is an attempt to end Trump’s presidency before, one way or the other, the complete truth about Barry is exposed. I don’t believe it’s possible that every member of Congress could be so ignorant they could not put 2 and 2 together and see that Obama is a usurper of the presidency. The problem is they also see the situation they would be in if Obama’s fraud were fully revealed and acted on…, they continue being very careful not to do anything that might put Obama in a position where he would have to answer questions under oath. Yes, he would lie, but even Obama would have a difficult time after 8 plus years of lying, trying to keep his lies consistent. Many rich and power people depend on Obama’s usurpation never being acted on in order to maintain their lucrative jobs, and even their freedom. The charade of cover for Obama continues, just as it did during the 8 years of his fake presidency, because those who are and were part of enabling and protecting the Obama fraud must still protect Barry in order to protect themselves.

    Congress doing nothing to prevent Obama from being sworn in back in 2009 was a gross violation of their sworn oath to protect the Constitution from her enemies, and the reality is they gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. That is a crime they never want to answer for.

  9. Obama is the only “POTUS” in US history to be subpoenaed to court to testify on his eligibility( or lack therof)- In Georgia and Indiana and he or his attorneys never showed, no court contempt was issued by judges. They just shrugged it off. He was above the law.

  10. Bendore, Surely you are not suggesting our government follows the constitution are you?

    Former president Obama/Soeoto remains “in contempt of court” and see what the Texas Judges decision has done to him, “nothing” because he is the political elite as I have said. So on behalf of the common man the law will try and often kill you as with Lavoy Finicum. But if you have a political title you have room to run like Obama/Soeotoro, Clinton, Clapper, Brennan, Podesta, Rice, and the rest of the last administration regarding Benghazi, IRS, Extortion 17, Burns Oregon, BLM land grab using taxpayer funds to buy land, EPA and IRS extortion and a lot more.

    With regard to article 9 clause 2 just look at the 5th and double jeopardy. That is what the Burns Oregon business was about. The rancher had already done time for crime (a burn off that the feds do as well) and the feds said he didn’t do enough (a federal judge) and ordered him back to serve more time.

    Then there is article 1 section 8 where congress is supposed to “print coin and determine the value thereof” but we now have the yoke of an unaccountable Federal Reserve who answers to no one and has a criminal collection agency the IRS to hand out injustice that too is an unconstitutional operation.

    Then we have the 6th amendment that guarantees a “speedy trial”, “yea right” The Burns Oregon guys have been incarcerated for months and one denied representation because the Judge (here we go with “liberal political hack BAR judges again”) has no use for Larry Klayman. And, “how many detainees remain in GITMO?”

    So, where do we go when there is no law and no law enforcement when the constitution is at stake? Where do we go when the courts who are political animals refuse to hear your claim and you have followed the law in bringing forth your claim? What do you do when the federal or state government interprets the word “shall” with “has discretion” in following the law?

    What you get is push back and opposition and a fight for what is right. It was right for Sheriff Joe to enforce the law that Obama/Soetoro and his cabinet secretary DOJ rejected. The Phoenix area was literally flooded with a massive influx of illegal aliens and the Sheriff was just doing his job. What you are not being told and what the media refuses to report is the truth.

  11. I listened. Zullo said nothing that hadn’t already been reported elsewhere.

    And it obviously affects Arpaio; otherwise he would have just pleaded guilty.

  12. That “so-called” court case against Arpaio isn’t worth investing one’s time or energy. Chances are either way it won’t really affect Arpaio in the end. While it did effect his election and cause foul press and attacked his street-cred, chances are the court case will fizzle or
    Arpaio may have a fine or a short stay in a cell. But not likely.

    Near the end of this article: (click) “Listen to the rest of the interview here”
    Here you’ll hear July 7th. Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo give an update
    of the current court case, and an update of the investigation of Mr. Zullo. This goes for nearly 45 minute…

    Before anyone makes a judgement, indeed get some updated info at this audio.

  13. @Ed Sunderland,

    The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the supreme law of the land.

    Regardless of what you may wish, US Courts interpret the Supremacy Clause to mean that if a Federal Officer is acting under the authority of a Federal order, the Federal order constitutes the supreme law of the land regardless of what the County Sheriff wants to do. Further if the dispute goes far enough, the Federal Marshall may be assisted by Federal Troops in order to enforce the authority of the Federal Government.

    Also, no State Government in the US would ever give a Judgeship (other than some traffic Court magistrates in some states), to a person not admitted to the Bar in that state and no Government Judgeship is available to anyone who is not admitted to the Bar in some state.

    As far as your contention that some people do not follow the law or interpret in incorrectly is concerned I agree with you, however, no matter how misguided anyone may think a Judges orders are, the lawful way to deal with the situation is to bring the misguided matter to the attention of a Court of Law because if you take the law into your own hands and disobey the Judge without going through the Courts, the most likely result is that you will be held in criminal contempt of court like Apairo

  14. bendore,
    The Sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the county and he can tell the federalies to take a hike! And he wasn’t elected by the Judges, the same judges that have been recklessly rewriting law. Judges don’t tell elected Sheriffs what to do. He works for the people of his county.

    I have some personal experience with the law, attorneys, prosecutors, local judges, Texas Secretary of State and Texas Attorney General. Knowing the law and following it are two entirely different concepts depending upon your political standing. We got a huge dose of that bilge when Obama/Soetoro decided NOT to enforce our borders. If you are a political elite then the law applies as you wish but if you are a regular Joe like Joe Arpaio then the law applies as the the political elite sees it.

    You do not have to be an attorney to be a judge, the law you can find in a law library like Blacks to study case law again that is interpreted depending upon which side of the political fence you are on and your political standing. Again the political elite edge and to hell with the common man.

    Lawyers are taught in Law School to lie for the benefit of their client and not telling the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth is the same as a lie is it not?

    Arpaio has taken a hit from the ACLU on some pretty thin evidence.I think the suit is retribution for the information the Cold Case crew found and verified about the fake documents Obama/Soetoro provided with the intent to deceive and much more.

  15. @Ed Sunderland

    Being a Federal Law Enforcement Officer or a County Sheriff does practically nothing to teach you Federal or Sate law. When someone goes to school to be in Law Enforcement they are taught and receive a degree in Criminal Justice and when they actually are law enforcement officers they gain experience in Criminal Justice.

    On the other hand, what is taught in law school and experienced by Judges and Lawyers is a totally different subject which law enforcement officers have no training or experience in. Hence it is impossible for a Sheriff or Federal law enforcement officer to know more about the law then a Judge or lawyer.

    What caught the attention of the DOJ was a complaint by citizens of Arizona that Apairo disobeyed the Judge’s orders without going through the courts to do so.

  16. Bendore—–Sheriff Arpaio was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer years before he became a 6 term sheriff of Maricopa County. He probably knows more about the law than the liberal judges and the ACLU backed charge against him.

    The Obama administration has been the most corrupt that has ever infected this country. President Trump to his credit has been rolling back all the nefarious deeds of the last third world dictator Obama/Soetoro whith no coverage from the equally corrupt media.

    With respect to the Sheriff, the DOJ took exception that he was actually enforcing the law and was very public about it. That is what drew the attention of the DOJ. He openly challenged the DOJ and the fake president by exposing the Obama/Soetoro fake birth record and fraudulent draft registration card. They didn’t get into the 20 or so social security numbers Obama/Soetoro is associated with and there is a Newtown Conn. (Sandy Hook) connection.

  17. P.S. Does Obummer have a “Bug-Out-Bag” packed and ready? With this updated info from
    Lt. Zullo will Obummer be like that frog that is in room temp and as it gradually gets hotter
    in the pot will he stay or leap (flee)?

    Additionally, as Arpaio’s news continues to be revealed and gain traction, with Obummers
    bug-out-bag, where is his “Safe-Space” country that he plans to go to. What country
    could he go to? Fail to plan, plan to fail.

    Oh! Buy the way, when this blows, what will be the actions and remarks of Fake Congress
    and Fabricated News?

  18. Bendore and Racer did yous listen to the recent Carl Gullups Radio Show? At the end of this
    article you’ll hear Zullo and Gallups with updated remarks and report by clicking on “here”
    (at the end of this article).

    As a follower and a supporter of Arpaio and Zullo I assure others in the above noted audio
    new info has been revealed. Further, lots of dots are being connected by this recent radio
    show. Overall, Team Zullo doesn’t have to reveal anything to us and let things go through
    the courts and other means.

    They haven’t request our assistance in contacting our elected officials and media yet. But
    should they, will we have Arpaio’s and Zullo’s back? They did the long and heavy lifting,
    can they count on us for support?

  19. How was this different than all the other interviews? Stuff is coming, can’t tell you yet. Congressmen are involved can’t tell you who. Some day we’ll reveal everything.

  20. If Apairo truly believed that he had a lawful reason for not obeying the Judge’s order, all he had to do was petition a higher court for a stay or reversal of the Judges’s order and if the petition was granted he would have been good to go. The court saying that instead, Apairo took the law in his own hands defying the Judge’s order out right. That is what Apairo’s problem is.