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(May 26, 2017) — The Constitutional Crisis presented by Obama’s Ineligibility expands into near 554,000,000 million acres that are included in Obama’s massive usurpation into States for 46 National Monuments created during his occupation of the Oval Office. The hitch is the 1906 Antiquities Act requires a Qualified person under the Constitution who is President under the Standard of the U.S. Constitution’s demand for a [natural born Citizen] which represents ‘America’s Choice’ in Born in the U.S. to U.S. Citizen Parents.

The following chart shows a staggering abuse of Presidential Powers with Obama’s use of the 1906 Antiquities’ Act established for Presidents to set aside historical sites and create national monuments from federal lands to protect significant natural, cultural, or scientific features.

While many supporters of Obama declared the ‘natural born Citizen’ requirement antiquated to modern times, when it come to the Antiquities Act’s authority, environmentalists celebrated Obama’s reach back to claim in his legacy 46 such sites.

Americans seeking State’s Rights on these lands have chorused that doing such come at the price of higher fuel cost, and a foreign dependence on many natural resources forcing American to be subjects of the Middle East reserves of oil, gas, and other natural elements that may be produced here.

The problem for President Trump said Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is the Antiquities Act doesn’t authorize a president to rescind a Monument. UT. Representative R- Rob Bishop has orchestrated an effort to restore the Bears Ears National Park back to the State of Utah and Utahans have bristled at the Federal Government’s continuous intrusion on it’s public lands.

Representative Bishop was a Teacher of civics classes at Brigham City‘s Box Elder High School from 1974 to 1980 where the Petitioner 3X Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy of Judy v. Obama now in the Tenth Circuit Court Case No. 17-4055, graduated in 1984. Judy has also brought the challenge to the United States Supreme Court in Case No. 12- 5276 & 14-9396 and has also submitted an Application to the newest Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch – a courtesy copy which was also submitted and recorded on the Tenth Circuit Docket 17-4055.

The courtesy copy was filed and recorded in the Tenth Circuit Court on April 26th which gave 30 days for Obama to give a response if he wanted to. Obama has declined to respond. The Application to Justice Gorsuch was signed for by the U.S. Supreme Court Clerk on April 13th, 2017.

In a procedural letter sent from the Tenth Circuit Court Clerk Elisabeth A. Schumaker to Petitioner Cody Robert Judy April 24th, 2017 the following language exists about service to the Defendants/Appellees:

“Failure to file a Brief is grounds for dismissal without further notice. Copies must be served on all apposing counsel and all unrepresented parties. The Clerk may refuse to file any brief which does not comply with the rules and the court’s instructions.”

In other words any Motion, Brief or Document filed by the Court in the Court has indeed come with certification that the Defendant’s/Appellees were served or it would not be Docketed by the Clerk. This is longstanding Court procedure so Obama’s silence and failure to respond is not without notice of all the documents.

The Brief in the Tenth Circuit has been filed and a Tenth Circuit Opinion is expected within a month with about two weeks left for Obama to respond to the Brief filed and served to him in the Tenth Circuit that includes the evidence presented by Arizona Sheriff Joe’s Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse entitled 9 Points of Forgery exhibited as Obama’s long-form birth certificate represented by Obama while he was in the White House and presented to the White House Press Corps in April 27th 2011.

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  1. Trump Recinds 2Million Acres. Rep. Bishop R-UT says only the beginning on Rod Arquette Show 12-4-2017.

    [President Donald Trump unveiled a plan Monday in Utah to dramatically scale back two national monuments – calling it an important move for ‘states’ rights.’ 

    ‘Some people think that the natural resources of Utah should be controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats located in Washington. And guess what? They’re wrong,’ he said in the cavernous Utah Capitol Rotunda in Salt Lake City.]

  2. @Jim Delaney very well said. Not many Americans understand the National and Economic Security that much area on land and sea , as is demonstrated on the map inserted , that is.

    Far from enjoyment it is much more about preventing American Independence and promoting foreign servitude. Map added to Blog Article.

    #Obama Legacy Molds with Ineligibility Restrtn Antiquites Act Abuse

  3. While the Antiquities Act doesn’t permit a Prez to rescind a unilateral federal seizure of land for the purpose of establishing a monument, per Art 1 Sec 8 Clause 7 (Enclave Clause), the Antiquities Act does NOT prevent a State’s legislature from restoring ownership/control of that seized State to the State. The problem has been that the bribed States are simply unwilling to exercise their constitutional authority. Enslavement with a shower of federal hand-outs is much more attractive to these spineless, suicidal weasels. We’ve met the enemy and it is the subservient, spineless States and an insufferably ignorant citizenry. The Constitution cannot defend itself. That’s up to us!