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(Apr. 14, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ As you can see, we’re back under our awning across from the railroad station asking just regular folk what’s on their minds. Excuse me, sir, got a minute to be on television?”

“Look, Gert, it’s that television guy who has the talking dog.”

“Wrong: it’s not my dog and she doesn’t talk.”

“You mean it’s a girl dog?”

“That’s a fact.”

“And it doesn’t talk?”

“Look, the dog talks ‘dog,’ okay?”

“See, I told you the dog talks.”

“Let me guess: you’re from Iowa.”

“How did you know that? Did I just get my pocket picked?”

“You want the truth? I’ll give you the truth: I knew you were from Iowa because Iowa has the absolutely stupidest people in the United States. Mountain Folk and the Hill People of the Southern states, and Oregon, are the most ignorant; the most Loons live in San Francisco and Southern California, with the exception of San Diego; and the rudest are from New York City. The most polite are Floridians – the natives – because if they weren’t then all the New Yorkers would’ve been fed to the ‘gators by now.”

“You are one rude person, anybody ever tell you that?”

“All the time, and I take it as a Badge of Honor. I’m a Vietnam Veteran, and if I don’t upset at least one person a day then I feel that I missed a day of my calling, do you understand me?

“Every blasted day I warn people about the insanity that is Islam, and yet, not only our country, but others as well will continue to welcome the invaders as if they’re some sort of persecuted religious sect.

“You want the truth? They’re — the Muslims – are the ones doing the persecuting. What, you don’t think killing Christian worshipers counts as totally counter-productive in having a peaceful world? You don’t like the Golden Rule? Maybe the Thou shall not steal’ is a little bit too complicated for a bunch of ignoramuses; why, you’re just as dumb as anyone who has ever been caught taking something that wasn’t theirs to take. It’s called stealing; theft; acting stupid, and the jails are chalk-full of stupid people that never got the message: do unto others as you would expect done unto you.

“So you wouldn’t mind having stuff taken from you? Maybe your car gets stolen, or your television, would you care? What about your life; does that count? Muslims take the lives of Jews and Christians every day. Why, they’ve been killing us for 1,400 years, and the only reason we’re hearing about it now is thanks to worldwide instant communication. When the Muslims killed all those little children in Beslan, Russia, we heard about it that same day.

“And then we forgot about it the next. How many Muslims did we allow into our country the following day? How many did Germany or Sweden?  Look at the problem truthfully: Islam is a political philosophy and the ‘refugees’ are Islam’s invading army, got it?

“Muslim mothers bringing in children. Guess what? Kids grow up and then what? And then you have an even bigger problem. You think our teenagers are destructive, maybe stealing a car for a joy ride? Today’s teenage ‘refugee’ Muslims get their kicks out of beating up and raping women and beheading children; defend that.

“You know why they like the idea of making Muslim women wear head coverings and sheets/burqas — Halloween costumes — every day of the year? So as to hide the bruises and disfigurements. Muslim men enjoy beating their wives and, according to CAIR, Muslim women enjoy getting beaten by their husbands. After all, it’s the Muslim way. What do you think about that, Gert?”

“I wouldn’t like to get beaten, so I guess I wouldn’t make a very good Muslim wife.”

“But if you complained, then you’re taken out to the corn field, hog-tied and buried up to your neck and left for the rats and other critters, and a thousand and one insects (including ants) eat you alive. Truly a horrible death, so maybe getting beaten-up isn’t such a high price to pay. By the way, there’s no statistics on the percentage of Muslim women who commit suicide, but there are statistics on how they commit suicide: they immolate themselves. They pour cooking oil on themselves and light themselves on fire: they burn themselves to death.

“And we have the Muslim Brotherhood’s money front, CAIR, operating with impunity in our country, thanks to Obama and his first Attorney General, Eric Holder. Surely you know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, the same as Al Qaida and ISIS, Boko Haram and Hezbollah, all funded from Iran. And all have the same goal: to overthrow Western Civilization: ‘Kill the Jew and Christian whenever Ye may find them.’”

“And CAIR has offices in our country? Run by Muslims? Terrorists who want to kill us? But why? We haven’t done anything to them.”

“Yes, you have: you’re an Infidel, an unbeliever. They’re taught that it’s their sacred duty to kill unbelievers, so you’re automatically a target. We ALL are, just as those little innocent school children in Russian were. You, Gert, are a bona fide Muslim target and it’s quite okay for a Muslim to kill you, behead you. It instructs them to do so in their Quran. Perfectly normal for them, and they’re all around us, and we let more and more in with each passing day.”

“Why, that’s wrong! We shouldn’t let them in, should we?”

“No, we shouldn’t. You carry? I mean, you have a gun in your purse? No, don’t answer. I just hope you do. Remember, it’s better to shoot and be wrong than get killed and be right. In Vietnam the saying was, ‘Let God sort it out.’ You with me on that? Good. This must be your train. Have a nice time.

“The sound-boom girl is waving, which means our time is up, and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m just talking to my cat. Burger time: my treat.”

The Beat Goes On


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