by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 12, 2017) — On April 14, which is Good Friday this year, a “status hearing” will take place in the Edelman Children’s Court in Monterey Park, CA to determine the future of a 28-month-old girl taken away from her mother in March of last year and placed with a non-custodial parent by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

The mother, “Michelle Robinson*,” is gravely concerned for her daughter’s well-being and has not seen her since October 31, 2016 during a supervised visit at a police station.

Throughout her ordeal, Robinson has never been accused of neglect or abuse of her daughter.  Rather, she believes that she was retaliated against by social workers who have developed a dislike for her personally after a police detective called in a referral to DCFS in March of last year.

Robinson was deemed by the Department to be the “aggressor” in a physical altercation with the girl’s father at his home which took place on December 20, 2015.  According to Robinson, her daughter was sleeping in her car seat and did not witness the altercation.

The Post & Email first reported on Robinson’s story on March 8 and has published several follow-up articles to include that last month, five DCFS social workers requested and were granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against Robinson for contacting them by email.

Robinson disputes the validity of the TRO because she said she was at work when it was allegedly served and never saw the documents.

Even more recently, the DCFS supervisor who Robinson said is responsible for removing her daughter from her home and placing her in an environment which she believes is unhealthy for a young child filed and was granted a restraining order after she approached him, shook his hand and spoke briefly with him in a grocery-store parking lot.

During an interview on Tuesday, Robinson explained that Friday’s hearing is necessary due to the fact that one year has elapsed and a permanent living arrangement for her daughter must be settled upon.

Robinson said that based on remarks that have been made to her in advance of the hearing, she believes that the outcome is “predetermined.”  She maintains, however, that according to California Family Law, specifically regarding a parent with drug use and/or domestic violence in his or her history, her daughter should be returned to her.

“They’ve lost sight of the fact that they’re supposed to doing what’s best for my child,” she told us.

Among the bevy of social workers with whom Robinson has had contact since her daughter was taken, she reported that supervisor Kassandra Love conducted an in-home visit with her several months ago and found her home, which she owns, safe for raising a young child.  “The only thing she recommended was putting plastic covers on the wall plugs,” Robinson told us on Tuesday.

In our first interview, Robinson told us that in early 2015, her daughter’s father “beat me down to the ground,” after which her teenage daughter felt compelled to call 911.  “I put him out that day,” Robinson told us.  “I went to Target and bought some tubs, put his clothes in them, and told him he could come and get them,” she said.  “I also told him he would not come back in my home.”

Despite that incident, Robinson said that her daughter’s father would provide child care for their daughter while she worked and that she did not fear that he would harm her.  “I never tried to keep him from seeing her, as she is his only child,” she said.

According to Robinson, DCFS social workers do not have current information about her daughter’s welfare.  While she is reportedly receiving speech therapy at a regional center, Robinson has not been able to obtain a report on her daughter’s progress nor whether or not she is receiving any other services.

Robinson told us that her daughter’s father has admitted to smoking recreational marijuana and taking illicit drugs. She alleges that he has engaged in other illegal activity of which she has made her attorneys and DCFS social workers aware.  Nevertheless, the Edelman Children’s Court appears poised to assign “sole legal and physical custody” to him.

On Tuesday, Robinson said that while the court has violated the law by giving her daughter to her father, she is “praying for a miracle” on Friday.

Robinson said that the dwelling in which her daughter is living is a three-bedroom, single-family home which had belonged to her daughter’s father’s grandmother until her death in 2013.

“When this case opened, I told DCFS, ‘This is not the type of situation my daughter needs to be in,” Robinson told us.  She explained:

Uncle Bob always lived there with the grandmother until she died.  He has one room.  He’s a single man and watches porn videos.  He has 37-year-old twin daughters who share a bedroom and a bed.  When one of them got married, the other one cried.  The married one got divorced about six months later and came right back.

Uncle Gary sleeps in the room where the grandmother used to live before she died.

When I threw Eric out of my house, there was no place for him, so he stayed in the den.  When the twins got ticked off at him one time, one of them sent me a picture and said, “My grandmother’s house is a mess.  You should see all the stuff strewn all over the den.  Come get him.”

The Post & Email asked, “Where is your daughter’s crib?”

Her crib is at my house.

“Where does she sleep?”

I hope that she sleeps on the floor so she doesn’t fall off the couch.  I suspect that when DCFS comes over, they’re led to believe that he sleeps in the grandmother’s room.  That’s just my guess; I really don’t know.  The grandmother died in the room, so Eric never went in.  She died in 2013.  Maybe by now, he goes in to that room, but he doesn’t have a place of his own in the house, and he never has.

The place is like a fortress.  You can’t access the front door; there’s a gate and such, so you can’t get in to the property unless they come out to get you.  If DCFS is going to knock, if they don’t want to let them in, they can’t get in.  So I think Eric makes an appointment when he knows no one is going to be around or is told to not be around so that when DCFS comes, it will look as if it’s just his daughter and him there.

Both the uncles have jobs and work during the day.  I don’t know what my child is seeing.  I know she eats chili fries for dinner, because Eric doesn’t cook.

Whenever someone doesn’t have a place to stay, they go to his grandmother’s house.  People are in and out.

“So it’s like a boarding-house?”

Yes, it’s kind-of like that.

Robinson said that because of difficulties in finding a suitable monitor for visitation times, the last time she saw daughter was October 31, 2016 at the Hawthorne Police Department.  She is concerned that her daughter’s growth and development could be compromised and that if and when she is able to arrange for a monitor with whom she is comfortable, her daughter will not remember her.

Also on Wednesday, Robinson sent the following to a number of media outlets, attorneys, court personnel, the ACLU, and the NAACP:

Dear Media: Please investigate Edelman Children’s Court Corruption and collusion with DCFS, LADL, CLCLA, and LAPD at minimum. I have several very dismissive letters written by Judge Michael Levanas that support my contention that he is attempting to cover-up the ordinary and regular corruption that occurs at Edelman. 

Dear FBI:

I am updating a Color of Law Complaint against the following agencies and individuals on behalf of my minor infant child XXXXXXXXX, minor XXXXXX and myself, Michelle Robinson*. My children and I have fallen prey to Los Angeles County DCFS and the jurisdiction of Edelman Children’s Court (Central Judicial District, Los Angeles County) judiciary. This Color of the Law complaint is specific to judiciary of Edelman Court under the supervision of Judge Carolyn Kuhl, Judge Victor H. Greenberg, Judge Michael I. Levanas, and Judge Daniel J. Buckley.

Victims:  XXXXXXXX (minor)

XXXXXXX (minor)

Michelle Robinson* (mother)

Subjects of Complaint:     Los Angeles Superior Edelman Children’s Court Judiciary (Generally)

in order of contact and abuse

  1. Judge Teresa Sullivan –Dept. 417
  2. Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez –Dept. 414
  3. Referee Steven R. Klaif –Dept. 414
  4. Commissioner Steff Padilla –Dept. 414
  5. Judge Victor H. Greenberg –Supervising Judge –Edelman
  6. Judge Michael I. Levanas, Presiding Judge
  7. Judge Daniel J. Buckley, Presiding Judge –Elect
  8. Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl, Presiding Judge
  9.   Judge Frank Menetrez


Dates of Incidences:     Location: Edelman Children’s Court, Monterey Park                                                                                 


Date: Subject Short Description – 4TH & 14 Amendment Violations
03/7/2016 Judge Teresa Sullivan Approved Removal Order Requested by DCFS based on limited information and excluded exculpatory information DCFS had available at time of filing.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Failed to ensure Due Process Rights of children and mother.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of WIC 290.2 & 658 Failure to properly notice parent in DK16061
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of WIC 311 & 313(a); CRC 5.670(b)(d)(e2) Time limit on Custody. Petition must be filed within 2 court days.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of CRC 5.670 Time Limit on Filing Petition in DK16061
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of WIC 290.2 & 658 Failure to properly notice parent in DK16061
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of WIC 334 CRC 5.670 Setting Jurisdiction Hearing more than 15 days of Order for Petition in  DK16061
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Commissioner Kading-Martinez improperly set OSC Re: Restraining Order more than 21 days of TRO in violation of WIC 213.5 and CCCP 525-534.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Commissioner failed to ensure prima facie evidence presentation by Mother’s attorney in violation of WIC 321.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Marilyn Kading-Martinez Violation of WIC 300, Failure to protect infant, XXXXXX
3/15/2016 Commissioner Kading-Martinez Illegally detains infant despite WIC and California Rules of Court and Civil Procedure.
3/15/2016 LADL, Inc. LADL, Inc. Represents opposing clients, both mother and father with adverse interests.
3/15/2016 Commissioner Kading-Martinez Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
5/5/2016 Commissioner Kading-Martinez Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
6/20/2016 Filed Right to Sue LA County DCFS I filed request for Right to Sue LA County and was retaliated against by LAPD & City Attorney
6/29/2016 County Counsel Attorney Sarah Shon Robinson finds out that County Counsel is a recent LADL employee. Court, County Counsel, and LADL withheld conflict information from clients.
7/5/2016 Received letter from City Attorney for Arraignment City Attorney filed charges against me at the request of LA County DCFS.
7/27/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Violation of 4th & 14th Amendment Rights, due process, and right to fair trial.
7/27/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
7/28/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Favored his future employer County Counsel during entire matter DK16061.
7/28/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Allowed admission of evidence in violation of Evidence Code 1521/1550. Video was not properly authenticated.
7/28/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Failed to hold DCFS CSW Gonzalez in contempt for failing to submit to CRC 3.106
7/28/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
7/28/2016 LAPD Detective Sean Horton Detective commits perjury on the stand related to the accusations leading to infant removal.
7/29/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Klaif refused to go on record to state that father in this matter was absent from court in jail for violation of Penal Code 273.6 for stalking me.
7/29/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Failed to admonish County Counsel on record for calling mother (me) a “fat ass” in the court bldg.
7/29/2016 County Counsel Attorney

Liza Samuelson

County Counsel Counsel sexually harasses Robinson and makes other denigrating comments in public hallways of Edelman.
7/29/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
8/5/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Klaif admits to starting new job with LA County Counsel and refuses to recuse himself in this matter due to bias.
8/5/2016 Judge Victor H. Greenberg Judge Greenberg refuses to have Klaif recuse himself
8/5/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Referee Klaif declares a mistrial in closed court proceedings based to on the appearance of impropriety.
8/5/2016 Commissioner Steff Padilla Violation of WIC 352, no continuance

shall be granted that would result in the dispositional hearing, held pursuant to Section 361, being completed longer than 60 days’ after

the hearing at which the minor was ordered removed or detained.


8/5/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
8/8/2015 Commissioner Steff Padilla Padilla set matter for 8/25/2016 despite my refusal to waive time in this matter. Padilla denied request to release detained infant.
8/8/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
8/20/2016 CLCLA Attorney Isabel Nava Attorney Nava directly contacts minor child without parents’ consent or prior notification.
8/25/2016 Referee Steven R. Klaif Edelman fails to provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
9/25/2016 Commissioner Steff Padilla Padilla also makes same order as Kading-Martinez on 3/15/2016 to have infant child assessed by Regional Center. DCFS fails to comply through 10/27/2016.
9/7/2016 Judge Victor H. Greenberg Forwards my Complaint Letter re: Judiciary to Judge Michael Levanas for investigation (see 11/30/2016)
10/11/2016 Mother & Sibling file 388 Michelle Robinson & XXXXXXXX file 388.
10/11/2016 Michelle Robinson Mother is denied access to view file at Edelman Court due to a “rule” that prevents access within 3 days of any court hearing.
10/13/2016 Commissioner Steff Padilla Padilla pretended to be in receipt of Memorandum of Points & Authorities from my attorney Katherine Anderson.
10/13/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla pretended to rule on P & A’s that were never submitted to the Court.
10/13/2016 Mother & Sibling Recall 388 due to Padilla’s threat Padilla states court will declare them as Motion for New Trial. Attorney convinces mother & daughter to cancel 388 to proceed with hearing.
10/13/2016 LAPD Detective Sean Horton Detective commits perjury on the stand related to the accusations leading to infant removal.
10/13/2016 LA DCFS CSW Kristen Gonzalez Testimony of Children’s Social Worker Kristen Gonzalez contradicts testimony of LAPD Horton.
10/13/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla fails to ensure that Clerk provided Minute Orders in Violation of WIC 248.5
10/13/2016 Commissioner Padilla Minute Order does not reflect “ruling” Padilla claimed to make on the Record in this matter. Padilla claimed jurisdiction to cancel a Restraining Order issued by Torrance Superior Court. Yet the record does not reflect her on the record comments.
10/14/2016 Commissioner Padilla Dismissed case minor 02 in this matter. Refuses to dismiss 01minor despite due process violations and illegal detention.
10/14/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla makes derogatory and damning comments about me [mother] in this matter. Called me “obnoxious” among other things.
10/14/2016 Commissioner Padilla Orders DCFS to provide Family Maintenance and Visitation for family
10/14/2016 Michelle Robinson & * Filed 388 Request. For change in Order & Right to sibling visitation.
10/18/2016 Commissioner Padilla According to the Court file, Padilla claims to have denied 388 filed on 10/14/2016.  However she denied 388 from 10/11/2106 not 10/14/2016
10/21/2016 Law Office of Katherine Anderson Files Request for Rehearing due to insufficient evidence to sustain petition. And no clear and present danger standard met.
10/27/2016 Westside Regional Center Infant child is assessed and determined to be eligible for services. Mother is not provided with report.
11/3/2016 Judge Daniel J. Buckley Judge Buckley sends letter that states the Court no longer has jurisdiction over Kading-Martinez due to retirement or Referee Klaif who now works for County Counsel.
11/7/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to hold DCFS in Contempt for Violating Court ordered services and visitation
11/7/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla fails to ensure mother receives WRC report
11/7/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to ensure infant receives sibling visits with adult siblings.
11/10/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to hold DCFS in Contempt for Violating Court ordered services and visitation
11/10/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla denies Request for Rehearing filed by Katherine Anderson for mother
11/10/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla fails to ensure mother receives WRC report
11/10/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to ensure infant receives sibling visits with adult siblings.
11/18/2016 Commission on Judicial Performance Advises me to submit complaint to Presiding Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl.
11/28/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to hold DCFS in Contempt for Violating Court ordered services and visitation
11/28/2016 Commissioner Padilla Padilla fails to ensure mother receives WRC report
11/28/2016 Commissioner Padilla Fails to ensure infant receives sibling visits with adult siblings.
11/30/2016 Judge Michael I. Levanas Judge Levanas claims to not have jurisdiction to investigate my complaints.
12/5/2016 Michelle Robinson Mother views Court case file and find errors and omissions. Mother discovers Padilla lied about having P&As on 10/13/2016 despite pretending to rule as such.
12/8/2016 Mother files OSC Re Contempt Mother has to file OSC Re Contempt. Mother’s counsel and Edelman refuse to hold DCFS accountable for keeping infant from family.
12/8/2016 Michelle Robinson Mother files complaint with Judicial Commission against all Judges in this matter.
12/12/2016 DCFS Has failed to obey Court’s Order to date.


1/7/2017 Commissioner Steff Padilla Commissioner Padilla fails to address progress at Status Hearing because father had no progress and was a no show. Commissioner storms off of bench like a petulant child.
2/23/2016 Commissioner Steff Rios Padilla Pretends to issue R.O. on behalf of 5 DCFS employees, yet never properly executes document.
3/6/2017 Commissioner Steff Rios Padilla Padilla recuses herself. Mother allowed to be present in Court. I am told no explanation was given.
3/16/2017 Judge Frank Menetrez Orders a 3-year restraining order despite mother never being served with OSC Hearing docs.
4/11/2017 ? Edelman Court issues TRO on behalf of Rene Sandoval, ARA at DCFS who shook mother’s hand at grocery store and was photographed smiling.


Witnesses:           Los Angeles Dependency Attorneys, Inc., a.k.a. LADL, Inc. (co-conspirators)

                           Court Appointed Attorneys for mother, Michelle Robinson

                           1000 Corporate Center Drive, #308, Monterey Park, CA 91754

                           Kenneth Krekorian, LADL Inc., Director with direct knowledge of the above

                           Ruben Lopezlopez, Attorney from 3/15/2016 to 5/2/216

Rachel Ewing, Supervising Attorney 3/15/2016 to 5/2/216

  1. Katherine Anderson, Attorney 5/2/2016 to current (323) 262-2950

Justin Yu, Co-Counsel Attorney 5/2/2016 to current (323) 262-2950

Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles, CLCLA (co-conspirators)

                                    201 Centre Plaza Drive, Ste: 7, Monterey Park, CA 91754

                                    Isabel Nava, Attorney for children XXXXXX & XXXXX from 3/15/2016  to 9/29/2016.

Melissa Earls, Attorney for XXXXXXXX (minor) 9/29/2016 to 10/13/2016

Joseph Barrell, Attorney for XXXXXXXX (minor) 9/29/2016 to current


Los Angeles Office of County Counsel (co-conspirators)

201 Centre Plaza Drive, Monterey Park, CA 91754

                                    Sarah Shon, Attorney 3/15/2016 to 6/29/2016

Liza Samuelson, Attorney 6/29/2016 to 8/5/2016

Jennifer Baranoff, Attorney, 8/25/2016 to current


Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services (co-conspirators)

5110 West Goldleaf Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90056 (323) 290-8441

Sonia Contreras, Regional Administrator

Rene Sandoval, Assistant Regional Administrator

Edward Bielecki, Assistant Regional Administrator

Nicolle R. Winbush, Supervising Children’s Social Worker

Shawna Baszile, Children’s Social Worker

Elise Matz, Children’s Social Worker


Los Angeles Police Detective Sean Horton 12/21/2015 to 10/13/2016

77th Division 7600 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90003


Credible Witnesses:    Renee Sanders, Esq./Law Office of Renee Sanders (213) 480-5900

3460 Wilshire Blvd Ste., 1214 Los Angeles, CA 90010-2223


******, Adult Sibling to ****** & ******

P.O. Box XXXXXX, Inglewood, CA 90305


XXXXXXXXX, Witness to Father’s Violation of Restraining Order on 7/25/2016


            Attorneys:        Renee Sanders, Esq./Law Office of Renee Sanders (213) 480-5900

3460 Wilshire Blvd Ste., 1214 Los Angeles, CA 90010-2223


Steven H. Haney/Haney & Young Trial Attorneys, LLP.

                           1055 W 7th St., Ste: 1950, Los Angeles, California (213) 228-6500


The Law Offices of Vincent Davis & Associates

150 N Santa Anita Ave Ste:, 200 Arcadia, CA 91006

Reports:             Reports have been made to at least the following agencies/individuals:   

California Commission on Judicial Performance on 4/22/2016 (Re: Kading-Martinez) 7/18/2016 (Re: Teresa Sullivan); and 8/12/2016 (Re: Steven Klaif); and 8/18/2016 (Re: Victor Greenberg); and 10/12/2016 (Re: Victor Greenberg), and 11/10/2016; and 11/14/2016 (Re: Steff Padilla); and 12/7/2016 (Re: Greenberg, Levanas, Buckley)

Edelman Court Supervising Judges Greenberg, Levanas, Kuhl, & Buckley on

9/1/216; 10/12/2016; 10/18/2016; 11/3/2016; 11/10/2016; 11/14/2016; and 12/7/2016


                           Los Angeles County District Attorney 10/31/2016


                           Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on 8/15/2016 etc. File No. 16-1130577 (YH)


                           California Law Center of Los Angeles Since 8/1/2016


                           California Department of General Services on 7/1/2016


Medical Board of California Complaint against DCFS on 6/29/2016, Control No. 8002016023661


                           Government Claims Program, Sacramento California on 6/20/2016


                           Department of Justice on 6/8/2016 PIU: 698547


                           State of California Office of the Attorney General on 6/8/2016


                           Bureau of Children’s Justice on 6/5/2016


                           Department of Consumer and Business Affairs Mediation on 5/4/2016


                           Department of Social Services since 5/3/2016


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) since 4/17/2016


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) since 4/17/2016 and Attorney Kenneth Yeager, Esq.


California Bar Association on 4/7/2016


                           Los Angeles County City Attorney Claim # C16-07797 Re: 3/10/2016


                           Department of Children & Family Services since 3/10/2016


                           Los Angeles County CEO Child Protection on 3/30/2016 etc.


                           Los Angeles Dependency Attorney’s, LADL, Inc., since 3/15/2016





On 12/20/2014 on my daughter’s 1st birthday, I took her to see her father at his request. During our interaction we engaged in a violent altercation outside of the care where my baby was strapped in her car seat. Her father viciously bit me. The police responded he did not file a police report. I went on to Kaiser hospital to be treated. Kaiser contacted the police on my behalf. I was told I could make police report. I did make a report the next morning at 2:00 a.m. the officer took photos of my injuries.

DCFS had an open referral during this time based on domestic violence between myself and father. The ER CSW was made aware of the incident on 12/20/2015.  In February 2015 ER CSW told me the referral had been closed and I received a letter of same in the mail. On 3/10/2015 while I was at work I received a call from the ER CSW.  She explained to me she had obtained a warrant for removal of my infant, but not my 16-year-old daughter due to new information from a detective about the same incident on 12/20/2015. (The alleged information included a video allegedly made by father’s girlfriend and/or her neighbor though no persons were indicated in the police report taken at the scene). The ER CSW told me I had the option of bringing me into the DCFS office or having the police come to my home to remove my baby. Not wanting to upset my baby, I agreed to bring her in to the DCFS office. I assumed the case would be seen for the farce that it was and that I would be my baby back at the hearing.

The ER CSW told me that my baby was being detained, but did not serve me with a Petition per WIC 290.2 & 658. I contacted an attorney and friend, Renee Sanders, who contacted DCFS to attempt to obtain a detention report and/or petition in advance of 3/15/2016. That attorney was stonewalled. My baby was removed on 3/10/15. The WIC 311 & 313 and CRC 5.670 state, in part, that when a child is detained to declare her a dependent a petition must be filed within 48 hours or the child must be released. 

On 3/15/2016, myself and attorney Renee Sanders went to the initial hearing. I was met by a LADL, Inc. attorney who refused to allow Ms. Sanders to sit with me during the interview. I was told at that time that there were three allegations made:

  1.  Violation of WIC 300(a)(b) for the fight and altercation in front of baby – Count 1a & Count 1b
  2.  Violation of WIC 300(b) because I knew father was a marijuana user –Count 2
  3.  Violation of WIC 300(c) because I had told CSW I experienced depression after miscarriage on 11/15/2015-Count 3

My daughter was not released to me. She was released to her father. [insert outrage here]. In fact, my LADL attorney assured me even before the hearing that I “would not leave with [my] baby.” LADL also attempted to have me sign documents about visitation rules and restrictions before the court made any order. LADL attorney Lopezlopez told me that “the court didn’t trust [me]” and that for him to get the court to trust me and him, I could not take my baby home. He also refused to accept the photos I had available of the injuries sustained when father bit me on 12/20/16. He said he didn’t need them. And of course, he put on no defense at the initial hearing and did not challenge the alleged prima facie evidence. Nor did he request any offer of proof per WIC 309. DCFS failed to make reasonable efforts to prevent removal of baby.

Prior to the jurisdiction hearing the LADL attorney representing me fired me as a client because I made a complaint against him to the California Bar. He was replaced by another LADL attorney. I complained to the bar about the above and much more.

The jurisdiction hearing was set for 5/5/2015 more than 15 days from date of initial hearing. Commissioner improperly set jurisdiction hearing more than 15 days of the order for petition per WIC 334 & CRC 5.670. I never consented to waiving time in this matter. Ms. Sanders was present in the back of the courtroom during the hearing and was aware that I did not and have never consented to a time waiver in this matter. An OSC for a restraining order on behalf of father, his girlfriend, and mother was order on 5/5/2016 in violation of WIC 213.5 and CCCP 525-534.

The 1st trial in this matter was heard by Referee Steven R. Klaif on July 27, 28, and 29th and August 5th. Klaif favored County Counsel the entire matter. The father in this matter was arrested on 7/28/16 for violating the restraining order against him issued on (12/10/15) in Torrance Family Court. Klaif refused to address father’s arrest on record and chose to dance around the issue. On 8/5/2016 my LADL attorney told me that Klaif has accepted a job with County Counsel and would not be available on Monday to complete case. I told her to have him recuse himself because I knew he was biased all along. Klair refused to recuse himself. I was told Supervising Judge Victor Greenberg did not believe Klaif had any conflict and could continue the matter. I expressed outrage to my attorney. It was then decided that the Commission on Ethics would weigh in on the matter. I was told via email later that same day that a mistrial was declared.

A new trial commenced on or about 9/25/2016. The 2nd trial was heard by Steff Padilla. I expressed to my attorney my concern that Padilla’s husband Alan Friedenthal was publicly admonished for his behavior in Family Court and has since be banned. But, my attorney did not seem to believe the idea that they may be of “like mind.” Boy, was she wrong!!!

Of the four allegations, Padilla sustained Count 1(b) or 300(b). On 10/13 & 10/14 this matter went to Disposition. Padilla decided before she ruled, that my baby would remain with her father despite the fact that I do not and never posed any threat to my baby and there was no clearing and convincing evidence to support her decision.

Padilla changed my visitation of 2 times per week for 1 hour to 3 times per week for two hours upon protest by my attorney because she was ordering less. The case plan states that I must enroll in DV classes for batterers and that I seek individual counseling from a “licensed therapist” because it is my contention that County Counsel specified “licensed therapist” to disqualify my Pastor, despite the fact that I submitted documentation from a LCSW, Ph.D. I had been seeing at Kaiser. Yet, father has no such condition on individual counseling.


In short, this entire matter has been biased against me because of my very verbal expressions of the abuses my family is suffering at the mercy of DCFS, LADL, and Edelman Court. None have sought to ensure my rights. DCFS has sided with father to punish me and by extension, my baby.

I have a 20-year-old daughter who lives on campus at XXXXXXXXX (but comes home weekends) and a now 17-year-old who are being alienated from their sister.

So much more that has transpired. And my baby, XXXXXX, had suffered physical and emotional harm during this matter.

You may contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I have extensive documentation: letters, emails, text messages, audio recordings, etc.


On 3/25/2016 I logged my first written complaint against DCFS for Civil Rights Violations.

On 3/28/16 I filed (without LADL’s help or endorsement or support) A Request to Change Order

On 4/5/2016 I submitted a complaint against Rueben Lopezlopez with the California Bar

On 4/6/2016 Request to Change Order was denied by Kading-Martinez who wrote that Request was premature.

On 4/22/2016 I incorrectly filed a Judicial Complaint against Commissioner Kading-Martinez

On 4/27/2016 and 5/3/2016 Received responses from California Bar

On 5/3/2016 I (without LADL’s help or endorsement) filed a Response to Request for Temporary Restraining Order. It was never acknowledged.

On 5/4/2016 I filed a written complaint with the Department of Consumer & Business Affairs

On 6/6/2016 I filed a written complaint with the Office of the Attorney General, Kamala Harris

On 6/8/2016 I received via mail a letter of confirmation of complaint filed with CA Department of Justice

On 6/17/2016 I filed a Claim form for damages and Right to Sue on behalf of myself and children against LA County.

On 6/17/2016 I filed a complaint against DCFS to the California Medical Board for the illegal practice of medicine (diagnosis, treatment, etc.)

On 6/20/2016 I filed a claim against the State of California

On 6/29/2016 I received acknowledgement of complaint filed with California Medical Board.

On 7/1/2016 My LADL attorney, Katherine Anderson, emailed to ask if I had received any information about being prosecuted in the altercation on 12/20/15

On 7/5/2016 I received a letter from the City Attorney stating that I am being prosecuted for “spousal abuse.”

On 7/14/2016 Judge S. Patricia Spear orders me to stay away from DCFS office.

On 7/18/2016 I filed a Judicial Complaint against Judge Teresa Sullivan for rubber stamping the Removal Order & Warrant

On 7/28/2016 Father in this matter was arrested for stalking and violating a Restraining Order

On 7/29/2016 County Counsel called me a “fat ass” from a crowded elevator. I contacted County HR and made a sexual harassment complaint.

On 8/12/2016 I filed a complaint with the Judicial Commission against Judge Victor Greenberg and Referee Klaif

On 8/21/2016 I filed a complaint with the Board of Directors for CLCLA against attorney Nava.

On 8/25/2016 CLC attorney Nava who represented both my infant and 16-year-old stated conflict in representing my children and was removed from matter.

On 9/1/2016 I filed judicial complaints against Kading-Martinez and Klaif with Judge Carolyn Kuhl, Judge Michael Levanas, and Judge Greenberg

On 10/12/2016 filed judicial complaint against Greenberg. Court Clerk would not give me access to my case file.

On 10/13/2016 CSW Shawna Baszile was granted a Restraining Order against me. She claims to fear for her safety, but is no longer assigned to this case.

On 10/18/2016 I filed a judicial complaint against Edelman Court and Greenberg. Unable to obtain Minute Orders throughout matter, in violation of WIC 248.5


*As agreed when we began to report on the case, The Post & Email is using the pseudonym “Michelle Robinson” for the mother.

The names of the child removed from her care has been redacted, as have the names of her two other daughters and any other personal identifiers.


Editor’s Note:  The Law Offices of Vincent Davis do not represent Ms. Robinson.

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  1. I begin to really think about who is fighting for parents and children when you become a victim of the system. Steff padilla seems to be crooked just like her husband who is also a judge. Sounds like my case….constant fighting to protect your child through paperwork and still going up the chain your voice is silenced. Keep fighting as I will. May god bless your daughter’s safe return to her mother…..the only one who cares for her

  2. Corrupt detached from reality caseworkers, “law enforcers”, judges, public PRETENDERS, children’s lawyers operating RICO against innocent families while they leave real abused and neglected children to be just that.

    This story is identical what I went through, and my family still haven’t received even an iota of justice in over 3YEARS!