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(Apr. 10, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ With me here in the studio is Linda Camp, the new head of the ‘Department of Un-educations.’ Did I read that correctly?”

“Yes, you certainly did. Heck, if Johnny can’t read, write and do arithmetic, why not call it what it is, or, in this case, isn’t?”

“Why not indeed?”

“What got me interested was the election of the Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock.”

“Tell us what was it about him that piqued your interest, besides his obvious and blatant stupidity? I mean, really now, how obvious can it get?”

“You nailed it, Roving. So I had to ask myself, how dumb are these Montana voters anyway? And, most importantly, why?”

“Let me guess: they’re educated about as much as a Jihadist from, say, Egypt or Virginia, USA.”

“You nailed it again, Roving. So I had to ask myself, not why, but how does the State of Montana collect millions in property taxes and waste every red cent of it? I mean, it’s quite amazing when you think about it, isn’t it?”

“Okay, you got us interested. What’s the answer?”

“It’s because Montana students learn by rote; summarizing facts and regurgitating them at the time of the exam. It’s not learning how to think outside the box.”

“How about an example for our viewers?”

“Sure thing. Say Moby Dick is nothing but a big fish story.”

“But whales are mammals, not fish.”

“Now that’s the point, isn’t it? You see, the world isn’t made up of straight lines and plumb walls. I’ll tell you something: even the best-made house doesn’t have 90-degree corners. Close, but plumb, straight and level only happens on a draftsmen’s drawing board, or on CAD.  The real world isn’t black and white; it’s shades of grey.”

“But doesn’t there have to be a baseline somewhere? I mean, in football there’s a goal line and baseball has its home plate.”

“Yes, there is, and it’s called the Constitution. If you throw in the Bible you got yourself the Daily Double. Look, what I’m saying is that there are some things you have to figure out for yourself, and illegal immigration is just one of them; another is the Constitution. You see, the Constitution cannot ‘coexist’ with Sharia Law; it’s either one or the other.

“You can’t have Muslim families discussing whether or not their daughter needs to be hogtied and then buried — ‘honor killing‘ — in the backyard – alive — because she was seen looking at a boy. And what happens is that the family gets away with MURDER ONE. Why, that’s premeditated murder, which our Constitution frowns upon, but Sharia Law doesn’t. It’s all about women: Constitution offers all citizens equal rights whereas Sharia is totally against women from having any rights whatsoever.

“You can’t mix oil and vinegar, and you can’t mix Judeo and Christian ethics with Islam, a political philosophy that condones the torture and murdering of women and getting rid of the old wife to make room for the young wife. And speaking of young, we’re talking, well, let me just say pretty darn young where, in the civilized countries of the world, the groom would be arrested and, most likely, be executed for pedophilia.

“The public school system is designed to graduate students who can’t read, don’t want to read, have no interest in reading, and have no plans to better their lives through reading. Look, the public library is the gold mine of a free society. In that gold mine — our public libraries — is the knowledge to get things on track; to keep it on track, and if it ever goes off track to get it back on track. And in these books, it’s 90% common sense, with the remaining 10% made up of ‘nice tries’ of examples of failed systems, failed philosophies, failed lives.

“And that’s what the public school system is protecting the students from: knowledge, because if a person has the ability (to read) to see through the lies, they wouldn’t buy into the ‘misunderstood and peaceful’; the ‘immigrants’; the ‘open borders’; the ‘Socialist’s Utopia’ where everything is free, every want granted; where money ‘borrowed’ (student loans) never has to be paid back; every transgression is automatically forgiven, with no thought, none whatsoever, of who does the planning, construction and the maintaining of the buildings, lighting, roads and all the other million and one things to make it all work. Someone has to deal with the garbage. Someone has to treat the sewage, plow the field, butcher the pig, and gather the eggs.

“Socks aren’t delivered by the Sock Stork; cars aren’t from Santa Claus, and the delicious cheeseburger with cheddar cheese did not come from a Benevolent Cow. The weather forecast isn’t directly from Heaven, and that fish on Friday didn’t magically appear on the plate.

“The governor of Montana needs to be recalled for supporting Sharia Law in his State.”

“Well, I asked and you answered. All I can say is thank you, Linda Camp, and I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’d like to wish each and every one of you out there in television-land a goodnight: Goodnight.

“That’s all we need: a nation of dimwitted governors. Whatever happened to the Pioneering American Can-Do Spirit? Hey, burger time, with cheddar: my treat.”

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