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by OPOVV©2017

(Mar. 29, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that tells the truth, at least most of the time. And, yes, we know that it was Alexander Pope who said, ‘To err is human,’ but it’s also true that each of us has said, ‘We all make mistakes,’ so thanks anyway for your letters pointing out the obvious, just the same. By the way, the hyperlink to the ‘err’ link was to Pope. Anyway, we’re in the lobby of the library at the university about to interview some of the students.

“Excuse me, please, care to answer a question for ‘Pulse?’”

“Oh, you’re Professor Zorkophsky. I was in your class two years ago; thanks for the ‘A.’”

“You’re welcome and I’m sure you earned it. Here’s the question: why are you here?”

“Why am I here at university? Well, I suppose to party and remain as immature and stupid as I was when I first showed up. So far I have an ‘A+’ in ‘Partying 101’ and ‘Hangover 101.’”

“Wait, if you’ve been here two years: you should’ve taken ‘Partying and Hangover 201’ by now.”

“Nah: I failed 101 because of attendance.”

“You mean you didn’t show up?”

“Nah: I never left.”

“Real funny. Look, here’s the real question: did you vote for Hillary or Trump?”

“I voted for Hillary.”

“And why did you vote for Hillary?”

“Because Trump and Putin are like brothers, man.”

“Did you know that Hillary gave the Russians 20% of our uranium and in return the Russians gave the Clinton Foundation money? I mean to say that the Russians didn’t give the United States the money: it went directly to the Clintons. Personally.”

“It was the video.”

“No video. Why did Hillary invade Libya? Why did State and the White House push the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt? How did ISIS start?”

“Come on, man, I’m here to party. Leave me alone.”

“But you voted; your vote counted. Do you have any idea that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that wants to kill you, your friends, your parents and even your dog?”

“How’d you know I have a dog? Not my dog, man. What did Blackie ever do to them?”

“I don’t know. Can you even name ‘them?’”

“Ah, look, I just mind my own business, okay?”

“But you voted, you moron. If I could only take back that ‘A’ I gave you.”

“Yeah, I was going to say: thanks for that ‘A,’ man. I might have a class; see you around.”

“And there goes one of the brightest of them all, believe it or not: one of the real leaders of the university. Leads all the protests. Oh, look, here’s a colleague. Hello, care to be interviewed?”

“This your part-time job? Sure, what’s the question?”

“Well, how about explaining to the viewers why someone born and raised in the USA would become a Democrat?”

“You mean an Obot; a Hillary supporter; an anti-American; Socialist-lover; an Occupier*?’”

“You’ve got it.”

“It’s not being able to finish the puzzle; it’s not taking the time to read the sequel; it’s not making the effort to read the notes. It’s believing in the Fairy Godmother to take care of you without realizing that everything has a price.”

“So this ‘free college’ isn’t really ‘free’ after all?”

“No, of course not. The crazy thing is, if they ever do get ‘free college,’ they’ll just be paying for it from the tax on the money that they earn in the future.”

“So they’re selling their future?”

“Well, now, you could certainly say they’re selling our futures; I mean, if they ever get their way. I mean, they play around with words that they don’t know the meaning of. Take the word ‘Socialism,’ for instance. They think it’s the panacea of how to live, the only way to live. I mean, they don’t even know that Socialism has never worked since the beginning of the human race.”

“They seem to overlook that point, conveniently, I might add.”

“Anyway, in their world they envision Shangri-La, you know, ‘Let’s all just get along,’ only it doesn’t work that way, does it?

“We’ve got these brain-dead employees of the government thinking that if we are up-front and honest, the rest of the world will follow. Sorry: those who wanted to kill us yesterday want to kill us today and will STILL want to kill us tomorrow. That’s just the way it is, like it or not.

“And when they say ‘It’s time to smell the roses,’ it means to take a reality check, something John McCain has failed to do since birth. And Ryan, and all the other RINOs.

“Look, all I’m saying that there’s nothing wrong with trying to help people, but you still have to see the writing on the wall, okay? I think it was Mike Huckabee who said that 10% of the Muslims in our country are jihadists: people who want to kill you. So let’s say you’re giving a huge party and you’re required to invite 100 Muslims, knowing that five of them want to murder you and ALL of your guests, and your guests know this, too. Let me ask you: would you go to the party? Would anyone? Oh, right, the jihadists would; they’d be the only ones to show up.”

“I get it: the USA is giving a great big party. Every day is a party: it’s called Democracy: it’s called LIFE. So why would we want any psycho Muslim murderers in our party; in our country? Answer me that; well, of course we wouldn’t, but apparently our government does, or else why do we have any Muslims in our country in the first place?

“I’ll tell you why: to shove Sharia Law down our throats. I would’ve thought that the Trump administration would’ve outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR by now. What is the Trump administration waiting for? Islam has been on the warpath for 1,400 years: Arabs are patient to a fault and unless we act with determination with the same amount of zeal that our enemy has, then we’ll fall into the ‘hourglass trap’ where they just wear us down and wear us out. I guess the Muslims saying that they want to abolish the Constitution and kill us all just isn’t enough: they have rights (well, they think they do). Well, I have rights, too, and one of the rights I have is to use my brain and the common sense that the Good Lord gave me: deport the Muslims. Is that okay with my fellow citizens? Look, I’ve a class to teach. Bye.”

“And would you just look at the time? Let me say, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, guys. And as Roving would say, ‘Burger time: my treat.’”

[*Occupier: with the government’s (Obama/Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder’s) blessing, you’ll recall.]



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