by Harry Accornero, ©2017

(Mar. 29, 2017) — President Trump, you said you want to drain the swamp in Congress? Well, a good start would be to have every member of Congress who protects these illegal invaders and are guilty of harboring criminals who are guilty of murdering and raping Americans citizens arrested. I can tell you we are sick of seeing our elected officials not only in Congress but also governors and mayors in American cities support these illegal aliens.

Please stand your ground and stop the funding to these states and cities. They have proven to be anti-American and do not deserve a dime of our tax money.

We elected you because we believe you would do what has to be done when our cowardly members in Congress do nothing…We need your help and action NOW!


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  1. Without a doubt LB has a point here. Knowing that Hillary was next and that she “viewed” Islam as “a religion of peace”, as well, it was obvious that the idea was to lull Americans into a/her/usurper’s fantasy world. And taking into account that she was moving toward legalizing marijuana, one can ascertain that she was going to “give the masses what they (think) want”, move them toward apathy, fill the government even more with Muslims and communists and passively join us with the one-world tyrants…after of course chopping the heads off of a few million of us who wouldn’t submit to Sharia law. And I don’t know…but she doesn’t seem to me to be a person who would have any problem doing that to anyone.

  2. In my humble opinion the election of Trump pulled America back from the precipice of an armed revolution but it is apparent that Obama and his enablers are continuing their efforts to undermine America and bring about a civil war to destroy America as we know it. The corruption at the highest levels of government seeps downward into local levels with non elected Judges breaking up families by interference into lives thru the education system. Truancy has been criminalized so that when a child misses a certain number of days they are classified as ” a Truant-unruly child” and are then put into the “system”. Sometimes this is happening to students who have maintained good grades. It is a money making scheme resulting from Federally mandated attendance levels.
    My point is that if President Trump is not allowed to pull America back from the precipice of armed revolution, Americans are still fed up with the harassment and those who harass us and that we will fight if necessary to get our country back both on the national level and local level.