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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2017

(Mar. 27, 2017) — As usual,  Senator John McCain went abroad, saying all the wrong things, speaking his mind against President Trump and the America-first agenda.  In his talk this time to the EU and NATO folks he said the world is crying out for American and European leadership, while stating that he had the opposite view of Trump saying he ‘trusted’ the EU.’  Now, we get it!  I guess because the EU is doing so great with their failing economies and violent Islamic Jihadists murdering all over Europe.  Or should we trust them because of their ever-increasing high taxation and social controls, smashing free speech.  Perhaps our McCain-assigned EU trust should lie in the growing rage and identity struggles European countries are having caught in the ‘sameness’ EU glue trap.

McCain’s telltale worldview is vividly clear revealing the sustainability and new world order cult in his own soul.  He warned at this latest EU and NATO event “the new world order is under enormous strain.”

The few words he said from his transcripts that seemed balanced and right were like a few ‘Dollar Store’ bandaids stuck on the Trump and American patient he had just ripped open and left bleeding from top to bottom.

The Bottom Line of Trusting Everyone

The bottom line is that in the New Age-Sustainability world, everyone has the same worldview as John McCain and other sellouts.  America cannot lead and be first.  The God of the Holy Bible must be one among all others and on equal footing with Islam and Satanism.  American achievement and exceptionalism must only be allowed if it can be controlled, taxed and will pay for the agenda of the Trump and America haters.

Freedom of speech, including religious speech, can only be allowed on the liberal and Trump hater side.  All who dare to share real opinions, experiences and points of view regarding Islamic radicalism, gay and illegal alien rights must be threatened, fined, arrested or simply attacked.

Real Americans, like President Trump and all those who voted him in, know that to give and help the world we must have a healthy and large military again.  We must have a growing and soaring economy to have the money to help ourselves and the struggling world. We must secure relationships and positions with our allies from a position of strength, moral fabric and protected state and federal sovereignty.  We must negotiate as Trump continues to,  from a real American vision and fair ball.

Trusting all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons is what got America into her near-death knell.  We have been ordered and manipulated far too long to look the other way on Islam and its ongoing and violent behavior – We are to play ‘pretend’ or be fined, arrested, fired or die.  We are ordered to shut up about UN-Constitutional overreach of forced gay marriage, forced abortion rights and unvetted Islamic aliens sent peppered throughout our country.  If you even think an opinion about all this, you hate women, poor people and are simply a vile racist.

Trusting all the Wrong People

Trusting all the wrong people allowed our military to be compromised, misused and shrunk in all the wrong places. This has been most dangerous for America and has exposed her.  It forced the lying, UN-Constitutional and unaffordable Obamacare to trap all Americans in incompetent, Communist-type health care and controls.  Then, we trusted all the wrong people in the education world to slam another huge government control of ‘Common Core’ on our children.  This is the most  Islam-funded and pushing, ‘history-rewriting’ ‘anti-Christian and anti-Patriot’ school curriculum ever conceived.  It is designed to raise up universalist manufacturing robots, who believe in all Gods – especially Allah. There is no real moral code and Christianity is mocked over and over again.

America will survive and recover in a big way thanks to Trump and the prayers of millions of Americans. We will do this by trusting the real God and the Lord Jesus of the Holy Bible, keeping our priorities right, and not trusting the Europeans, outsiders, new-agers and McCain types with ongoing agendas against Americans, real freedom and God.

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