Let’s Try and Make Sense, for Once (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

The Magna Carta is a “charter of liberties” issued in Great Britain in 1215

(Mar. 23, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ I’m Mr. Roving Reporter who will be your host. And now for our first interview. And you are?”

“Slow down, Roving; stop and smell the roses. It’s a beautiful spring day across from the railroad station and we’re lucky to be Americans; what more could one ask for?”

“How about asking our politicians to protect us by upholding their oath to the Constitution, to start. Let’s take a look at the complete and utter downfall of Europe. One upon a time Europe was made up of autonomous countries, many of which had their own currency and language, dress and customs, and respected borders.

“And then came the European Union and the borders disappeared, the currency became one throughout Europe and then the flood of millions of Muslims ‘immigrants’ took over and now look at the mess they’re in: Germanystan; Londonstan; and all the rest of the newly (pun intended) Christened newly-formed countries that soon will be governed by Sharia Law.

“Do you know what Sharia Law is? It’s ‘Goodbye, freedom and democracy;’ it’s independent thought gone forever; it’s the freedom to express yourself as one would wish to express yourself silenced; it’s the complete opposite of Bruce Lee’s philosophy. Now for those who may not be familiar with the philosophy of Bruce Lee, in a nutshell you could say it’s the freedom to express yourself to achieve the honesty of your expression. The easiest example to explain it all would be that of a painter, not necessarily a house painter (although it’s possible), but rather a landscape painter in painting the honest feeling of what the painter is seeingVan Gogh comes to mind, but then so do all of the other great ones.

“The – face it: there’s no other word for it – invasion of Muslims into the soft belly’ of Europe was a well-thought-out event that took the complicity of many easily-led and gullible people in places of authority. And we’ve seen Europe pay the price, but the murders and rapes aren’t out of the ordinary in any other Muslim community no matter where they are to be found. One more time: the psychotic behavior of Muslims does not change no matter where the Muslim communities may be found. The solution to be safe from such undesirables can only be found in the complete expulsion and the total denial of any Muslim from any country into ours at any time.”     

“You mind if I have a chance to say something? Like, are you finally vented? Look, Roving, we know you know what’s (pun intended) rotten in Denmark and we totally agree with you that we don’t want any Muslims in our country. We’re all in agreement: we want the travel ban on ALL Muslims from wherever, okay? And we want ALL the Muslims who are here deported, and we don’t care if they’re US citizens or not, and if anyone doesn’t like it then move to Saudi Arabia and I’ll certainly contribute to their move.”

“And so will I and the crew.”

ALL Americans share our sentiments, so what’s wrong with our politicians? Afraid to upset the ‘honor killers’; the ‘beheaders’; the ‘statue and painting destroyers’? Those who torture for fun? Who kill Jews and Christians? You know that there were Christian communities in the Middle East for thousands of years until Obama came on the scene? How many hints will it take before we figure out that Islam spells D-E-A-T-H? How many Ft. Hoods and trains blowing up in Madrid is it going to take? Bali bombings? Did you know that in the attempted Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt they were planning on blowing up the Sphinx and the pyramids? People being run over everywhere, from Nice to London, and next week it’ll happen again, won’t it? How many 9-11‘s is it going to take until we get wise to the program that Muslims equals death? Can anyone answer me that?”

“Good question, especially since it hasn’t sunk in yet, when will it ever? ‘Sanctuary cities’: collective insanity is what it is. Look, don’t you have a train to catch? Any place to go? Work? And there he goes. Bye.

“Look, the whole idea of the European Union was to remove the borders and any other impediment to Muslims spreading across Europe like mold spreads across a petri dish. And it worked for the Muslims, didn’t it? I ask you, what are the chances of England ever being England again? Slim at best; Sharia at worst. And while I write this there are 56 ‘Sharia Courts’ in England already. I ask, what chance does a woman have when even the birthplace of the Magna Carta turns against them?”

“Is that a rhetorical question?”

“And who would you be?”

“Here’s the deal: you need some time off, we all can see that. I mean, these Muslims killing everyone, targeting Jews and Christians like never before, is getting to you. So here’s the deal: take some time off and write yourself a play. Anyway, that’s my advice from a longtime viewer.”

“It seems as if our time has expired for this episode so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight, for a while, it seems: Goodnight.

“That’s it, guys. I was going to say something about illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities but it’s all been said before, hasn’t it? As far as those who haven’t gotten the message by now, the train has left the station and we’re all waving goodbye. And those college kids who supported Hillary, all I’ve got to say is good luck on trying to find a job: ‘Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.’ Vacation time, and not a moment too soon, but, first, let’s all go grab a burger: my treat.”




One Response to "Let’s Try and Make Sense, for Once (RR)"

  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Friday, March 24, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    What’s in YOUR brain anywhere you go on this planet:

    U.S. Constitution or collectivism or sharia mind slavery?

    Nazism, fascism, totalitarianism, communism, monarchism et al will eventually be DE-THRONED and THROWN-OFF by changing governments on your own soil.

    islamism and its sharia law, however, must be THROWN-OUT, as in deported, back to the desert horror haunts from which this harmful thinking came from, bred from and practiced from with their herds of fenced-in sexual livestock called “women”.

    islamism is the rotten apple in apple pie America! It uses our freedoms to remove our freedoms AND OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWS THIS TO CONTINUE!

    This deportation happened in Spain and Sicily et al in the past and it must happen in USA for those whose invisible thinking is consumed with invisible thoughts of women-raping, men be-heading and subjugation of the host nation population.

    Since today’s American govern-mental structure has failed its citizens by subordinating public safety by allowing 340 PC-sanctuary-cities, allowing muslims to prey on America’s public ways, allowing the US-Mexico border to be faithfully neglected, allowing America’s first caliphate candidate and Muslim Brotherhood president (aka “Obama”); etc., EVERY INDIVIDUAL TOWN AND CITY MUST DEFEND HIS OWN PUBLIC SAFETY BY SWIFTLY PUSHING BACK ON MUSLIM BULLY-DEMANDS AND PUSHING BACK THE RESISTANCE FROM OUR OWN WEAK TAX-PAID-FOR GOVERNMENT!

    U.S. Government “PC-gang-think” is the leading enemy to our individual freedoms, so INDIVIDUALS must go it alone to protect their family’s public safety and freedoms, from locally prohibiting sharia law, locally prohibiting muslim “street-preying”, locally prohibiting special muslim “preying rooms” in schools and offices, locally prohibiting “no-go” zones, locally prohibiting foreign “refugee” settlement/invasion “programs”, etc.

    We are where we are because our government brought us here!

    Reject brainWashington, DeCeit and think on your own and make U.S. Constitution-thinking the only mind-government for 320,000,000 citizens! That’s who we were, that’s who we are legally today AND THIS IS WHO WE WISH TO REMAIN!

    DC = PC= islamic Obama’s forged BC = BS

    What’s in YOUR brain?

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