What Have You Done to My Land? (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

(Mar. 8, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the ever popular ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ As you can see, we’re off location at the State Park for an exclusive interview with Chief New Leaf. Howdy, Chief, so what’s up?”

“You follow me and you shall see. This here is the campgrounds and this is what I call my tent.”

“It’s your expensive RV.”

“That is so but, nonetheless, it is still my tent. Horses used to drag teepee poles and buffalo skins; now Detroit V-8 does the job. Come on in and have a seat over there. Now, I’ve prepared a native concoction for your ingestion. Call it a treat.”

“Looks like a cookie; is this cookie a native concoction?”

“Yes, from my Cherokee grandmother’s recipe. Water? Tea?”

“Water, please. Thank you. Mmm, this is one good cookie.”

“You are about to take a little trip through time, so just relax and go with the flow. Close your eyes. The year is 1700 and you’re in a pristine valley with a beautiful river flowing through. Listen to the music, please (Shenandoah). The water from the creeks flowing into the streams that flows into the rivers is clean and crystal clear.

“You board an imaginary train and are escorted to a private stateroom. You consider this accommodation your ancestral home.

“The train heads west and soon you are going across the mighty Mississippi River. Here’s another song (Bob Dylan’s Watching the River Flow’) for you. Pardon me? Care for another glass of water? Sure thing; here you are.

“Look out the window; we’re paralleling a famous highway. Listen to this song (Nelson Riddle, ‘Route 66 Theme). We’re approaching the Rockies and here’s another song (Lakota Lullaby’).

“And now we’ve crossed our whole country in the imaginary train with this last song:Hawaiian Wedding Song.

“Open your eyes. Here’s some more water for you. Have fun? Good; now tell me what you’ve learned.”

“I learned that the native Indians gave us a wonderful land and that now it is we who are the stewards. I learned that our government has failed the people from sea to shining sea. I learned that the swamp people have destroyed much of our waterways and polluted everywhere. I learned that politicians can be bought for trinkets; that land can be stolen under the moniker of ‘eminent domain.

“I learned that President Trump is the key to keeping the Constitution the law of the land. ALL of the treaties signed between the American Indian tribes and the United States were based on the Constitution, as a reminder. I learned that stupidity and ignorance might very well be the death of us all; that unlimited welcoming of people who want to behead us is insane and don’t we shoot rabid dogs?

“I learned that we’re now in the fight of our lives; that if they can get to Trump Western Civilization will be dead, perhaps forever. I learned that we must fight every day in every way to support our president, for if he goes down, so do we all. This is what I have learned from my trek across our wonderful country. I learned that there are powerful forces against us Patriots. We must arm ourselves and have a supply of water and food on hand; we must be eternally vigilant.

‘I learned not to trust our government (Pentagon Papers), but to put our trust in our president for two very good reasons: 1) he’s our president and, 2) he’s the only hope we have.

“Hey, Chief, thanks for the trip. I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’d like to thank you for watching.  I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Great show, everyone. The Chief invited us for burgers: his treat.”

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