by Cody Robert Judy, ©2017

(Mar. 7, 2017) — Facebook Post

A ferocious attack on President Trump was unfurled Reviving Birtherism as the Entree of Choice Rib-eye for the Media, but not one Story directs the Public’s attention to the TRUE Revival in Federal District Court (Utah Division) Case Judy v. Obama 14-00093 where Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse evidence has been submitted as Evidence for a Motion for Reconsideration of Identification fraud!

Everyone must ask “Why?” And remember that when supporting evidence has indeed come forward (i.e., in the instance of Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse proving Obama’s long-form birth certificate was a fabrication), the MainStreamMedia (MSM) generally ignores it anyway if it doesn’t fit their slanted agenda.

Imagine for just one minute, President Trump simply stating Obama was a “sick guy” because he had bugged Trump Towers during the campaign. Is Obama capable of such?  Obama’s paranoid panic-trips are infamous and he has shown himself very capable of such given it took him three years to release a simple ten-dollar long form birth certificate, as well as the cover up of lies he pushed over the 9/11/12 Benghazi motive being the {video tape} just three weeks before the 2012 election.

When Hillary Clinton lost the election, panic set in again; because of all the scandals, cover-ups, and lies being uncovered the Obama/Clinton Democrats began thrashing about because they know their legacies will be shattered forever when the evidence is brought to light? So, they target Russia as their bogeyman without a shred of evidence?

Is it evidence the MSM really wants with Trump’s assertions Obama bugged him during the campaign, or is it simply the false narrative they want spinning and gaining speed as it twist and contorts into something that will cast a more favorable light in what they refuse to admit is a tarnished record that amounts to an erosion of trust with the general public?

Let us consider everyone of the following reports as casting a false report based on forensic evidence Obama’s long- form birth certificate is not a copy of an original, and was fabricated with the use of someone else’s identification which is ID theft.  Let us also consider that not a single one of these reports mention in the slightest an official Court Record and Case that has the EVIDENCE they supposedly thing so much of. They want Trump to show evidence Obama bugged the Trump Tower during the Campaign. They completely ignore EVIDENCE of Obama’s fabrication and current MOTIONS in Court considering the evidence?

How is it, I ask, that we read these “Newspaper Reports” and NOT call them “slanted- biased – ridiculous embarrassing journalistic media? The evidence of their ‘cover-up’  makes them much worse than tabloid news or fake news. They refuse to report FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT Case and Evidence! The evidence shows you they refuse to include relative, current developments actually be considered in Federal District Court. By their own Standards they self admit to deceptive reporting.

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