by James Meletiou, ©2017

(Feb. 13, 2017) — So, liberals are protesting Trump in California, while at the same time, Iranians are protesting Trump on the other side of the world! What does this mean? Are American liberals and Iranian conservatives coming into agreement? Is one side persuading the other? Which side is persuading which? Are the liberals in Southern California persuading the Iranians? Or is it the Iranians persuading the American liberals that Trump is evil?

Remembering that the Iranians do not have freedom of speech as we Americans do; we understand that the leaders of Iran are undoubtedly behind their anti-Trump protesters. Is it possible that the Iranians are planning some kind of union with the American liberal protesters to attack America?

Consider this also: It was the American liberals who released billions of dollars to the Iranians, much of which they are using to support radical revolutions around the world. Reminder: the idea of releasing that money to Iran was backed by the most radical of the liberals: Barack Obama! Are the Iranians planning to use some of those billions of dollars to attack America? God help us!

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