by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 12, 2017) — Although the petition asking the White House to pardon former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has gained several hundred signatures today, would-be signers continue to report that after multiple attempts both early on and over this weekend, they have not received a confirmation email so that their signatures can be registered.

On Sunday evening, a long-time reader of The Post & Email reported:

Three of us have tried to sign the petition.  One of the three did so successfully, and the confirming email came back immediately.  Both the second person and I have made repeated attempts and with no response whatsoever.

The reader has previously attempted to sign the petition five times and never received a confirmation link.

As of this writing, the petition shows 4,661 signatures, an increase of more than 400 over Saturday morning’s count.

On February 9, Terry Lakin Action Fund Trustee Marco Ciavolino circulated an email stating that after clicking the confirmation link, “It may take a few days for the counts to update.”

In a January 29 interview, Ciavolino told The Post & Email that he had discovered “invalid and revoked” SSL certificates at which presumably would affect all petitions on the website.   At the time, many readers of this publication familiar with Lakin’s story had reported having signed the petition but either did not receive the confirmation link or noted that the counter did not reflect their signatures after they responded to the confirmation link.

A 17-year Army medical doctor with previous tours in Afghanistan. Bosnia, Central America and Iraq, Lakin was imprisoned and dishonorably discharged in 2011 after asking for proof that Barack Hussein Obama met the eligibility criteria to serve as president and commander-in-chief, specifically the “natural born Citizen” requirement.

Neither the White House nor the military responded to Lakin’s request for proof of Obama’s eligibility, and Lakin consequently refused to deploy to Afghanistan for a second time.

During his court-martial, he was not permitted to present a defense and pleaded guilty to “missing movement.”  Col. Denise Lind sentenced him to six months in Ft. Leavenworth prison, forfeiture of all pay and benefits, and dishonorable discharge upon completion of his confinement.

In 2012, Lakin published his autobiography, “Officer’s Oath,” detailing why he made the decision to sacrifice his military career over the eligibility issue.

On Thursday night, Lakin was a guest on the WOBC radio show, where he discussed his reason for attempting to verify Obama’s eligibility.

Given that the only documentation proffered by the Obama White House has been deemed fraudulent, Ciavolino wrote in his email, in part, “The officer’s oath is to defend the constitution. Terry’s question was valid and when he first pursued the proof he sought he was repeatedly told to ignore the issue. After he chose to challenge Obama’s claims, the White House provided two documents, both of which have been proven to be fraudulent. Therefore, we are right where we started: No legally verifiable proof of Constitutional eligibility. Terry’s claim is valid, and proof is still absent.”

Whether or not the Trump administration will take up the matter of Obama’s fraudulent documentation, which includes a “long-form” birth certificate image posted at more than five years ago and a “hard-copy” forgery of a Selective Service registration form as declared by a criminal investigation, remains to be seen.

Timely Selective Service registration is a requirement for males employed in the federal government.

Shortly after Lakin was imprisoned, Trump began vocalizing his questions about Obama’s eligibility with complete disregard of the ridicule he received from the media.

A number of alternative media outlets have followed Lakin’s story, which has experienced a revival after citizen Gary Wilmott posted the petition to the Trump administration on January 21, just after Inauguration Day.


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  1. There is also the various versions of the forged short-form CERTIFICATION of Live Birth that was proffered to the public in the June through July 2008 time period. At the time Terry stood up for the Constitution and his oath to it, all we had was the forged short-form, forged draft registration card, use of stolen SSNs by Obama, and Obama’s ever changing early life narrative and the scrubbing of everything on the internet that Obama’s operatives could get to first or later that would dispute his forged life narrative, gas-lighting and lies. We must not forget that forged short-form CERTIFICATION of Live Birth put out in the early summer of 2008. That too was a felony crime. CDR Kerchner (Ret)