by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 26, 2017) — As The Post & Email reported, on Wednesday evening Buzzfeed Editor Ben Smith was Tucker Carlson’s first guest at 9:00 PM EST in a discussion about decisions made by news desks as to whether or not to publish unsubstantiated information and unverified documents placed in their hands.

[Editor’s Note: Buzzfeed publishes profanity which many will find offensive.]

Buzzfeed has been the beneficiary of a $200 million investment by Comcast’s NBCUniversal, the parent company of NBC News, CNBC, and MSNBC.  At the same time, the new media initiative launched by former writers at The Washington Post, Vox, also received an infusion of financial support from NBCU.  All are left-leaning outlets.

The interview began cordially, with Smith thanking Carlson for inviting him on the show to “make his case” to Carlson’s viewers.

Smith told Carlson that “there are reasonable arguments” to release “unverified” documents to allow members of the public to make up their own minds about their veracity.

Carlson proffered that allegations made by Larry Sinclair, who at first he did not name, in 2008 of “creepy and illegal things” committed by Sinclair and then-presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama were not disseminated by Fox News because they were unsubstantiated.  Carlson acknowledged, however, that Sinclair had reportedly completed a “sworn statement” for law enforcement about the alleged incidents.

In the case of Sinclair, Smith recalled reporting the allegations but said he had warned his audience that they were likely “totally insane.”

The Post & Email was unable to find a posting by Buzzfeed on the subject.

Smith then compared the Sinclair allegations to what he referred to as the “Muslim” and “Obama birth certificate” issues without clarifying further, although Carlson appeared to understand the references without the need for an explanation.

Mainstream media have pushed back against many Americans’ perception that Obama is a Muslim and not a Christian, as he claims.

In another example, Smith said Buzzfeed did not “clip” it out when Trump “started talking about the birth certificate,” which he suggested other media believed was “nonsense.”

Buzzfeed characterized Trump’s questioning of Obama’s lack of documentation as having morphed into “lies” and a “conspiracy theory,” not unlike the mainstream press.

Early in 2011, Trump had called upon the White House to release Obama’s detailed birth certificate to presumably show that he was born in Hawaii and therefore qualified for the presidency as a “natural born Citizen” Amidst reports that he was born in a foreign country such as Kenya or Indonesia. At that time, the only “proof” released to the public that Obama was born anywhere in the United States was a “short-form” Certification of Life Birth supplied by an unnamed party and denounced as a forgery almost immediately.

Trump had appeared on a number of news outlets repeating his demand for Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate, which the White House eventually released on April 27, 2011 to much fanfare.

Despite a number of experts declaring the image fraudulent, the mainstream media has labored intensively to convince the public that the “conspiracy theories” surrounding Obama’s birthplace, background and birth certificate are “debunked.”

Like every other media outlet, neither Buzzfeed, NBC, or Fox News has reported on the revelations made during a December 15, 2016 press conference held by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), then led by Joseph Arpaio, and his lead investigator, Mike Zullo, who conducted a five-year probe into the birth certificate image.

In that third and final press conference, in conjunction with a video produced for the event, Zullo explained that two well-respected forensics analysts in different parts of the world working independently arrived at the same conclusion based on nine identified points of forgery: that the long-form birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov bearing Obama’s name cannot possibly be authentic.

One of the analysts, Reed Hayes, resides in Hawaii and voted for Obama twice.

On January 2, Fox News’s Bret Baier referenced (22:26) the birth certificate investigation by first erroneously referring to Arpaio as the “Metro Phoenix” rather than “Maricopa County” sheriff. He said that Arpaio was “off the job tonight” and “left his job after 24 years” before eventually clarifying at the end of his report that Arpaio had lost re-election on November 8.

Without mentioning the December 15 press conference, Baier acknowledged Arpaio’s “five-year investigation” into Obama’s birth certificate “which Arpaio’s investigative team still insists is not real.”

Baier then claimed that the White House and Obama had responded to the claims of forgery by stating that the findings are “ridiculous,” although there is no record of any such response by the previous administration.  Rather, During Obama’s final week in office, Press Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that the birth certificate image proved “that the charges against the president — that were lobbed against the president — were false.”

Arpaio promised to provide federal authorities and Congress with the totality of evidence from the investigation before he left office on December 31.

On Thursday, Zullo told The Post & Email, “Strikingly, in every news report, they do not address the newly-released findings verified by two forensic disciplines.  In doing so, they avoid bringing attention and credibility to the issue. They can’t refute the findings, but they still want to put the propaganda out there as if it were some kind of conspiracy theory.  But the press conferences have not been debunked.

“Even in a manufactured crisis such as what they did with the release of the Russian ‘dossier,’ they are still spewing propaganda to put in the public’s mind that there’s no merit to the birth certificate claim. They’re using that as a vehicle again to place in your mind that it’s a crazy idea. They’re using this crisis to further another cause.  They are pronouncing that birth certificate good without doing any research.”

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  1. [Today’s e-mail to L. Spencer Roach:]

    Spencer ,

    We met at the ROW Restaurant Inauguration Party last week (I was the guy with the Trump mask).

    I understand you are an aide for my Naples, FL U.S. Rep. Francis Rooney.


    If you and U.S. Rep. Rooney can respond to the following two questions before next Friday FEB 3, 2017, that would be helpful for all American citizens:

    A. On 08-28-08, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi forged Barack Obama’s eligibility to be a presidential candidate:


    B. During 2010 LTC Terrence Lakin, MD was imprisoned and evicted from the Army for questioning said forged eligibility and Obama’s forged “short form” birth certificate:


    C. Since 08-28-08 some 300 citizen court cases attempted, 100% unsuccessfully, to ensure equal protection under the law by disclosing the full identity of Barack Obama to all American citizens


    D. On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama posted his forged “long form” birth certificate to all America’s citizens on whitehouse.gov:


    E. On March 31, 2012 LT Michael Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, held a public conference to indicate said posted birth certificate is a computer-fabricated forgery, along with Obama’s stolen [CT] social security number and Obama’s forged Selective Service Form:


    F. On December 15, 2016 LT Michael Zullo again added more evidence to conclude said posted birth certificate is a computer-fabricated forgery:



    Every one of America’s 320,000,000 citizens has an inalienable right-to-know, a practical need-to-know and a patriotic duty-to-know the full identity and full life history of any presidential candidate and any incumbent president AND ANY EX-PRESIDENT at any time.


    JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS, PE (MA, ME, NH, NY), MBA, Fellow and Life Member- American Society of Civil Engineers, LT (Ret.)- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Naples, FL TEL 239-260-5652 CEL 978-771-8338 jmooers49@gmail.com

    “Death is a fact of life; while facts cannot lie and die, people can lie and die.” – JD Mooers 2017

    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams 1770

  2. Bob68, We can only hope that President Trump will honor his oath to defend all of the Constitution which naturally includes the Article II natural born citizen clause.

    If I were President Trump I would fly to Honolulu and take my motorcade to the Honolulu Dept. of Health where Mike Zullo, commander of Sheriff Joe’s volunteer Cold Case Posse, was escorted off the property under threat of arrest for simply requesting to inspect the birth registration log book from which both of the birth announcements were gleaned by the two Honolulu newspapers which ran announcements on little Barry’s birth.

    Then I would send in the National Guard to Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law School to secure the buildings in which the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa’s records are kept–records which I strongly suspect for good reason will show that the Empty Chair Osama…, I mean Obama…, applied to attend those institutions of higher learning as a Foreign Student.

    Barack Hussein’s federal financial aid applications will too, if they haven’t been ‘Fuddied’ yet, show whether or not the enemy agent of Islam who is practicing taqqiya, Mr. Barack Hussein Osama…, I mean Obama…, applied for financial aid as an American citizen or as a foreign national.

    I don’t think President Trump would have nominated Atty. Gen. Sessions if Sessions was not on board with eventually addressing Obungo’s two criminal usurpations of the presidency and the ongoing conspiracy to cover-up those most serious crimes that involves the amateurishly manufactured multi-layered electronic file and forged Selective Service Registration Card.

    I spoke with my congressman Steve Scalise in person at a Veteran’s Job Fair where, to my surprise, he showed up at the school I was then attending. Later he became the Majority Whip. I spoke with Rep. Louie Gohmert and you can listen to the conversation as I wrote a small article which Mike Shoesmith of the PNN network, formerly ppsimmons.blogspot.com, kindly published. I spoke with Mike Huckabee when I called in on a show he was hosting and explained to him that Mr. Obama publicized himself through his personal literary agent/publicist for a period of 16 years before first illegally assuming the position of president as having been born in what is now called Kenya and I corrected most respectfully Huckabee on the fact that literary agents and publicists are not private investigators–they don’t investigate their clients…; clients just fill out biographical data forms and from the information they provide the publicist will glean what they choose to publicize their clients.
    At any rate, I also put a petition on the official White House website some years ago: It was a petition to retroactively abrogate the illegal election of the constitutionally ineligible to be president Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.
    You may be right that “The implications of undoing Obama’s putative presidency are tremendous, and those involved who did nothing to expose the truth for 8 plus years are not going to take on that job….,” but President Trump stood firm against immense criticism during those same 8 years standing his ground against the Liberal Press’ efforts at mocking him as a ‘Birther.’

    Keep in mind Pastor Carl Gallups’ famous video, a mini-documentary, on the multiple attempts at contravening the Constitution’s Article II natural born citizen clause now as I copy and paste the link here at over one million-600 thousand ‘likes’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3aCfR8rmrw&index=57&list=FLr0MtK9f8cvjTuL-XyJ0tcA&t=173s Pastor Carl opened up a Trump/Pense rally in Florida with a benediction seeking God’s blessing.

    Mike Zullo said on Mike Volin’s internet talk-show a couple of weeks ago that ALL of the findings of Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse had not been released.

    Pray for Mike Zullo’s safety and all the members of Sheriff Joe’s CCP. Pastor Carl Gallups’ safety and all the people at PNN. Sharon Rondeau’s safety and all those who associate with her. Mara Zebest’s safety–she’s the one who started with Adobe software when the company had only 11 employees, or she was one of the 11–I forget, at any rate she has authored many books on Adobe software and is quite literally in a class of her own, head and shoulders above any other living person as relates to the analysis of electronic files and/or documents manufactured with Adobe software.

    Pray that the Lord will protect President Trump and his family and staff.

    Pray in Jesus’ powerful name that God will bless America with justice being served unto all those complicit in the most sinister crime ever committed against the American Experiment; against the American people; against the Constitution; and against the honor of the office of the president of the United States of America: The criminal usurpation of the presidency by an enemy agent of Islam who is practicing taqqiya, Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Osama…, I mean Obama…, or as his mother listed his name in one of her United States passports as ‘Soebarkah.’

  3. While it is true there should be no crime that is, “too big to prosecute”, with Obama’s usurpation of America’s presidency that is exactly what has happened. The moment Obama was sworn in, with no objection from anyone in Congress, the number 1 job of Congress became to insure Obama remained officially a legitimate president for as long as he was in office….and beyond. Every member of Congress ignored Obama’s sealed records and connections with Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayes, Reverend Wright, etc……and others who obviously hated America and attempted to weaken and destroy the nation that gave them the freedom to speak out against her government and the majority of her people.

    Once Obama was sworn in there was, literally, no evidence which was going to find Obama to be illegally occupying the White House, no matter how solid and verifiable the evidence proved to be. For the most part they simply pretend the evidence does not exist, and the also complicit media, including Fox News, backs them up. That is because those complicit in the Obama fraud are protecting Obama to protect themselves from prosecution for their involvement in the Obama hoax of legitimacy. The crimes committed range all the way up to high level treason and involve hundreds, even thousands of rich and powerful people. They have no intention of going to prison, or worse for the criminal act of installing an imposter as America’s putative president. This includes the “new” Congress, which is largely the same as the old Congress. The implications of undoing Obama’s putative presidency are tremendous, and those involved who did nothing to expose the truth for 8 plus years are not going to take on that job….because they are still protecting Obama to protect themselves and the others involved.

    Absolute proof of Obama’s claimed birth certificate being a forgery is still ignored, or mocked as it has been so effectively since it was first posted online….and nothing happens.

    Those who hope the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will take action on Obama’s fraud need to remember he was a member of the U.S. Senate for the entire 8 years of Obama’s usurpation and, like the rest of Congress, remained silent and ignored his oath to, “protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic”, as Obama’s violations of the Constitution continued unabated. Does anyone believe he wants to be held accountable for that?

    The last line of defense against “Obama” would have been a security background check prior to him being sworn in, something he was never required to have:


  4. Just allow an official investigation determine the validity of the BC., posted on the White House Website.

    This question will be answered in due time whether we like it or not !!!!