by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 24, 2017) — In an undated article titled “25 Things You Still Don’t Know About Barack Obama,” CBS News listed 26 items in pictorial format which it said are “Obama factoids that may have escaped your attention.”

The article begins:

After witnessing his two terms in the White House, we’re all trivia buffs of sorts when it comes to President Barack Obama. We know he likes to play golf, shoot hoops and wear dad jeans.

Still, for fun, we’ve dug up 25 Obama factoids that may have escaped your attention — until now.

One of those items is that he is allegedly “a Christian who was born in the United States.”

A link within the fame leads to a July 2012 article by Stephanie Condon discussing the reported percentage of Americans who at the time believed Obama was “a Muslim.”

Slide 22 of the series links back to a CBS article declaring the White House’s posting of an image purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011 which has been declared fraudulent by a number of experts and a criminal investigation.

The “born in the United States” mantra has been repeated frequently by mainstream media outlets in an apparent attempt to push back against the reported forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, bringing into question his “born in Hawaii” claim.

In August 2011, a criminal investigation was launched into the birth certificate image by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio which declared in March 2012 that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.” Investigators also revealed that they had found Obama’s Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent.

The media failed to take the investigation seriously and launch its own investigations, instead choosing to run political cover for the Obama White House.

Ironically, the most vocal and public individual who called for the White House to release Obama’s detailed birth certificate early in 2011 was the current president, Donald J. Trump.

After the long-form image was posted at whitehouse.gov, Trump said he would have individuals with whom he was acquainted examine it for authenticity. He did not provide an update on what anyone within his circle of influence might have found.

The five-year investigation conducted by the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse concluded last month with Arpaio pledging to turn over all findings to federal authorities and Congress.  At the December 15, 2016 press conference, lead investigator Mike Zullo explained how two forensics analysts from different disciplines found that nine points of forgery revealed that the Obama birth certificate could not possibly be authentic.

Over Obama’s eight-year occupation of the White House, many Americans came to believe that he is a Muslim based on what they saw as his deference to Islamic communities both within the United States and abroad. Late on Monday, news reports surfaced that on Friday morning in the hours before Trump’s inauguration and despite a congressional hold, the Obama regime gave $221 million to the Palestinian Authority, which does not recognize the right of Israel to exist.

Conversely, Obama’s relationship with Israel over his eight years in office was contentious at best.

Obama’s life narrative, though shifting, contains considerably more Muslim influence than anyone who previously served in the White House. His reported father was a Muslim-turned-atheist, while his reported stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a practicing Muslim. During the 2008 campaign, controversy had arisen over whether or not Obama attended a “madrassa” while living in Indonesia for approximately 4 1/2 years as a child.

Early in the 2008 campaign cycle, a New York Times columnist reported that Obama could recite the “Arabic call to prayer” in a “first-rate accent.”  Once in office, Obama often issued special greetings to Islamic groups in Arabic in observance of their holidays.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen.” With numerous credible reports published before Obama sought the presidency stating that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia, many Americans harbored doubts that Obama met that requirement. However, Congress refused to investigate in either 2008 or 2012, when Obama sought and won reelection, nor did any member of Congress raise an objection during the certifying of the Electoral College votes in January 2009 or January 2013.

In recent months, the media has tended to use “born in United States” rather than “born in Hawaii” when speaking of Obama. Zullo has said publicly that an individual at the Kapiolani medical facility where Obama claims he was born has stated unequivocally that Obama’s birth did not take place there.

While Trump and the millions of other Americans seeking original documentation from Obama that he was, in fact, a “natural born Citizen” eligible to the office of president were ridiculed as “birthers,” the White House continued what Zullo said early on was “an intent to deceive” in the posting of the long-form birth certificate image.

The media continues to falsely assert that questions about Obama’s origins prompted by the birth certificate investigation have been “debunked.”

During Obama’s final days in office his press secretary, Josh Earnest, said that the posting of the long-form birth certificate image was proof “that the charges against the president — that were lobbed against the president — were false” without acknowledging the results of the Arizona investigation.

Zullo described the commission of the forgery as a “federal felony,” but no one has yet been prosecuted.


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  1. Gail,

    The USA has been controlled by Rothschild zionists and by israeli zionists for decades. When I use the term zio-american, it is intended to reflect that ownership and control of America by zionist powers. And, no, I am not an anti-Semite, but I sure as hell am against zionist ideology and its followers.

    This document does help explain much of the problem.



  2. It would appear to the most casual and honest observer that BHO is not a natural born American citizen and that he is, in fact, our second usurper (Chester Arthur, a lawyer, being number one). The burden of NBC status is always on the candidate, and with BHO, also a lawyer, destroying and/or hiding his personal records (as did Chester Arthur), there was little ability for anyone to determine his real father or his birth citizenship status. Also note that the DNC cooperated in the usurpation by filing vague and/or false certifications statements with the states in 2008 and probably also in 2012.

    This fit in well with the zio-american congress and shadow government whose intent has been to destroy the United States for decades by inserting non-American candidates into government whenever and wherever possible.

    Now that usurper BHO is out of office, we must clean up his mess, and whether or not the present NBC president Trump will try to do so remains to be seen. Americans are in trouble, largely because their ruling government is not an American government, and because of the blatant evidence that the real ruling oligarchy, aka shadow government, is determined to milk the country of its wealth and then cast it aside as it has done with other countries.

    It is time for the people in the states to retake control of their own sovereign states and to shun or nullify the organized DC crime syndicate, thus destroying its controls over the American people.

    As the Chinese curse goes, we are living in interesting times, and the question of our own survival as a people is right in front of us awaiting our response and reaction to the persistent attacks being made on our people, our culture, our economy, and our system of laws.