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by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot from a video aired at the third and final press conference given by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo showing that items from an authentic Hawaii birth certificate were digitally reproduced onto Obama’s long-form birth certificate image posted at whitehouse.gov

(Dec. 31, 2016) — In an interview with Fox Channel 10’s John Hook and Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on December 30, Hook expressed incredulity at Arpaio’s claim that he attempted to “clear the president” in his five-year investigation of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II.”

In August 2011, at the request of 242 constituents, Arpaio commissioned his “Cold Case Posse” to study the image released to the public in April of that year said by several experts to be a forgery.

Obama has claimed a birth on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HI but has produced no authentic paper document supporting it.  In March 2012, Arpaio and Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo declared that probable cause existed to believe that the image at whitehouse.gov is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Investigators also found Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent.

Hook, who co-anchors a nightly news program with Kari Lake, asked Arpaio the “motive” for the creation of a forged government document, in this case, belonging to Barack Hussein Obama.

Hook is shown facing away from the camera during the interview.

“Why spend time on it and even your posse money on it if the end result is it doesn’t change anything; he’s going to be the president?” Hook asked at the 1:00 mark.

“It has nothing to do with the president,” Arpaio responded.

“What would have been the point of a fraudulent document?” Hook persisted.  “They did this why?”

“Good question,” Arpaio replied.  “We proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media will not cover it, AGAIN. Probably the biggest cover-up in history, and the media’s involved in it.”

Arpaio referenced “a little sensitive information” collected by investigators that has not yet been released to the public as well as ForLab in Italy, which performed a forensic investigation on the image and whose findings were made public at a third and final press conference on December 15.

Hook again asked, “What would have been the motive, though, of doing this?  If the document is forged or doctored in some way, is it to prevent President Obama from some declaration on that document that he is Muslim…?”

“The motive would have been he doesn’t have a birth certificate,” Arpaio responded, explaining that he asked to see the microfiche on which Obama’s original birth certificate would have been stored and which has never been produced.

“I started this to clear the president,” Arpaio told Hook, who said, “I don’t know that anybody’s going to believe it.  You and Obama have been a loggerheads from the beginning.”

In a post which did not appear on Channel 10’s Facebook page, The Post & Email left a message asking why Channel 10 did not conduct its own investigation to answer Hook’s questions rather than asking Arpaio.

A link to the interview itself is posted on the page, to which this writer posted the following comment:

“Why is it that no politician would even touch this?” Arpaio asked Hook, who responded, “I think because most people thought that in the end, it won’t matter.”

In a brief article featuring the interview on Channel 10’s website, Hook is referred to in the third person and the birth certificate investigation as Arpaio’s “obsession.”  The video clip embedded in the article includes one statement from Arpaio about Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but Hook said in his television report that the entire hour-long interview has been posted on the station’s YouTube channel.

Arpaio served as Maricopa County sheriff for six terms, or 24 years, after having worked as a federal agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), including as head agent for Arizona.

Arpaio, 84, told Hook that after leaving office, he plans to “be a voice in stopping the ‘War on Cops.'”

“I’ll tell you one thing:  I’m not disappearing.  I’ll be around, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER,” Arpaio told Hook, suggesting that if President-Elect Donald Trump, who Arpaio supported in the primaries, were to call upon him, he would respond.


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    Full presIDential-knowledge is power within the minds of We the People; ignorance is power in the hands of presIDential-forgers!

    On 1-20-17 President Donald Trump must issue his very first Executive Order revoking all of U.S. Government-protected islamic insurgent ID Thief-in-Chief Barry Soetoro’s (Obama II, AMERICA’S FIRST CALIPHATE CANDIDATE HIDING BEHIND A U.S. GOVERNMENT-FORGED CALIPHATE CERTIFICATE) Executive Orders of the CONSTITUTIONALLY NULL AND VOID period 08-28-08- 1-20-17 and, simultaneously, issue Trump’s second Executive Order to order the release of all of Barry Soetoro’s heretofore government-hidden ID documents of ITEM 207 A thru Q herein: http://www.carlgallups.com/zullo-affidavit.pdf

    If President Donald John Trump fails to revoke Barry Soetoro’s Executive Orders of a legacy of lunacy, lies and lawlessness, and, additionally, fails to order the release all of Barry Soetoro’s ID documents, as should have been done in 2008, then President Trump, for any reason or for any strategy, will be needlessly converting the LEGAL NOTHINGNESS of 08-28-08- 1-20-17 into his own LEGAL CONCRETE BARRIER to his own MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.


    We the Sheeple 08-28-08- 1-20-17: are you now going to be a responsible FACT FINDER in 2017 or are you going to remain an obligingly duped FACT FIGHTER in 2017?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! HAPPY CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC 1789-2008 ___ 2017-2100!

  2. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Sheriff Arpaio and we need to recall Trump does not like being offended or derided which Obama has made sport of frequently like some rebuffed stupid teenager.

    I think Trump and Arpaio, who are friends, have operations on hand for Obama and his fake cast and crew. Gallups said as much recently as well a day or two ago.

    Carl said, “The best is yet to come.” Let’s have faith.

    About Israel—– Isaiah 60:12 ESV /
    For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those nations shall be utterly laid waste.

  3. Thank you for the article Ms. Rondeau. Just want to point out that Arpaio has given Trump the ability to bring down the entire Obama Regime, to decimate the residuals of the Democrat Party, and marginalized half the Repuplican Party, to impeach the entire Supreme Court, to make the media totally superfluous, and finally demolish the Clinton Cabal, simply by exposing the Obama Forgeries! All those complicit in this heinous coverup need to be held accountable. If Trump is the “Law and Order Candidate” then he must start by restoring equality under the law. He must hold the elites in our country accountable for their crimes just as we “commoners ” are held accountable. What the aforementioned groups have done is treat us as imbeciles and spit on the sacrifices of our veterans and our war dead. How can Trump and all of us allow this to crime to go unexposed and accounted for? We as a country have survived 8 years of Obamas’ intentional efforts to destroy our Republic. Arpaio has given us the means to repair, rebuild and restore it. We owe him our respect, our thanks, and our gratitude ; he is a True American Hero! Let’s pressure President Trump to not let the good Sheriff and our Country down; let’s not stop now, we are so close…
    Lou Cruz