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(Dec. 31, 2016) — “What you got there, Williams?”

“My ‘Book of the Month Club’ book.”

“Oh, I bet those guys in postal really like you.”

“It’s just a book a month.”

“Okay, but how many of us get one of those books? What if we all got a ‘Book of the Month Club’ book, what then?”

“Ah, lay off him. Nobody reads books anymore anyway, or do they?”

“I read that to make it on the ‘Bestseller List’ only a thousand books have to be sold, so what they do – the authors – they rush out and buy all their books so as to make the list so people think it’s a really good book and then they go out and buy the book.”

“You’re so full of it. I don’t believe that for a minute: a thousand books? You made that up, didn’t you? But then standing guard with you sure beats some others.”

“Ever stand guard with Miller?”

“Did I? I didn’t know what the meaning of ‘unlucky’ was until the other night. All he talked about was his girl back home. ‘She said this’ and ‘she said that’; and then all the ‘we’re going to do’s’ when he gets back.  I didn’t know whether to put tape over his mouth or let him ramble.”

“So what did you decide?”

“It was a tie, funny man.”

“So Williams, what’s your book about?”

“It’s called ‘The Making of a General.’ I’m only halfway through, but it’s pretty good. Like in the second chapter it tells what really goes on in ‘General Academy.’”

“I didn’t know there was such a thing.”

“Well, there is. Anyway, it says that they’re taught how to be a symphony conductor.”

“You mean with the baton waving around?”

“You got it. They’re taught how to stand addressing the orchestra and proper wrist movement.”

“Let me guess: when they graduate they conduct an orchestra playing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Where do they get the orchestras?”

“Believe it or not, from the Air Force. That’s how the Air Force justifies all their planes and inflated budget; they have to fly whole orchestras all over the place for those ‘refresher’ courses that the Generals are required to take to get re-certified from time to time.”

“This for real?”

“It says by learning how to move around facing the orchestra it gives them the practice they’ll need explaining themselves in front of Congress one day. Or to a board if they really mess up.”

“Like letting Muslims in the military in the first place? Any General ever explain to one of the families why their loved one was killed or maimed in Kuwait or Fort Hood?”

“I don’t know; all that stuff is in back of the book. There’s a chapter about Admirals – Chapter 3 – that says that if they’re on a losing sports team in college they have a better chance at promotion.”

“Now why would that be?”

“It says so they don’t feel bad about, and I quote: ‘Today’s Admiral must lead from behind; no more charging and posturing; we want to show our fantails (it really say this) whenever we can. Today’s Admirals are judged by the wakes they leave, both on the water and in the halls of the Pentagon.’ And look: a foldout of some beautiful wakes our Navy has left on the waters of the world. Here’s one of a light cruiser entering San Diego harbor and, look at this one, one of our ships in the Mediterranean when Ambassador Stevens was being tortured and murdered in Benghazi.”

“Do Admirals ever have to meet the families of their dead sailors, like from the USS Cole?”

“Never. Only Marine and Army Generals do the right thing. Look, here come or replacements.”

“1812 Overture Grand Finale (last 4 minutes)”

[Note to the readers: I’ve addressed the Rules of Engagement numerous times in my editorials simply because that is the most important criteria with which to engage the enemy. First of all, the enemy must be defined; second, an objective must be articulated. That said, the Captain of the USS Cole was, in my opinion, derelict in his duty in protecting his ship in that the sentries were NOT issued ammo for their weapons; in other words, the sentries were just for show and were no deterrent in protecting the ship to a couple of ragheads paddling an inner-tube packed with HE (high explosive) which resulted in death and in continued disregard for our Navy, reference when one of our ships pulled into a port in Turkey where our sailors had to run for their lives. And rather than the USA telling NATO fare-thee-well and the same to Turkey (by at least leaving the harbor immediately, perhaps NATO and the UN), the Navy ship just sat at the pier for a few more days. Today’s Navy is a DISGRACE, just as the Admirals are for allowing these incidents to occur in the first place: totally disgraceful. I hope Trump’s Secretary of the Navy has what it takes to take charge of a once-proud and effective fighting machine.]




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