by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Dec. 24, 2016) — Since those lamentable early days which marked the emergence of one Barack Hussein Obama, the world has seen for the very first time in the history of American presidential politics the rise to power of a man who owns a deep seated loathing for his country, its history and its people.

Painful as that unfortunate fact is, what remains now is the question of just who this man really is and what he represents.  The strange and provocative statement he recently made, condescendingly informing the people of this country that they must accept the “browning of America,” may give some insight into a precipitance of inadequacy relating to his racial genetics.  There seems to be lurking deep within him an all-consuming dread of a Caucasian country. Except for a very small minority of un-brown people, no one would have any problem with a future that will be resultant of a natural blending of people.  Not just here but the world over.   But having a desire to artificially accelerate this process upon a culture says more about the manipulator than it does about the objectified society.

And too, there dwells within him yet another obsession.  The American ethos bothers him greatly.  Witness his peculiar and abnormal efforts at thinning out Judeo-Christianism.  Despite over 80% of the American people being against it, he has injected every corner of our country with Islamic refugees while harboring no concern as to the likelihood that dangerous murdering terrorists are almost certainly to have embedded themselves into those groups. The possibility of one or more of them renting a large truck for a holy drive through un-browned Judeo-Christian shopping mall or visiting a nightclub after having been accessorized with AK47’s appears to carry no anxiety or apprehension for Mr. Obama.

His roots, his inner culture, and his DNA are clearly not spawned of America but are derivatives of some foreign heredities.  For sure he knows full-well that Americans, even many Democrats, would rebel if his true history, his genuine beliefs, and his dangerous intentions were known. Even though his ideology is extremely flawed, the cleverness at which he has deceived most of his followers is not to be underestimated.  In alliance with that deception, in one of his first Executive Orders he sealed his travel and passport records, school and university records, as well as many other histories, thereby obscuring any knowable impression of his eligibility to hold the office of the Presidency or his desires to do, not just in words and rhetoric, but to actually fundamentally change these United States.

The Founding Fathers went out of their way to include language in the Constitution which would have and should have protected this country from the likes of Obama.  They debated and then determined that a President must be more than just a citizen. A President must be a Natural Born Citizen.

Those willing to put our nation in peril by allowing it to come under the control of someone with alien affiliations, encouraged by deeply-rooted feelings of guilt-ridden compassion, have found purchase in the realm of Political Correctness. Hence, they have declared there is no definition of NBC in the Constitution.

However, the known and accepted description of a NBC, prior to the appearance of Obama, had been the requirement of being born in a country of two parents who were citizens at the time of their child’s birth.  This made intellectual sense, as requiring the citizenship of just one parent would leave gaping holes in the intent and security the Constitution endeavored to employ.

For example, would any one of these PC people who suggest that one parent be sufficient to qualify as a NBC be so naïve, so careless, as to leave their home unattended and intentionally fail to lock one of the doors?  It may be a fact that some of these people, those soon to be relieved of their property, could be that injudicious or might it be better stated, stupid?  It’s not very likely, however, that our Founders were thusly challenged.

Since Obama, even to this day, has refused to release the microfilmed birth document he claims is on record in Hawaii but instead made what he claims is a copy of it and then posted it on the White House website, there still remain questions concerning his birth.  Having said that, whether or not the document he posted is legitimate (and it is not), having a foreign father, which is what that birth certificate declares, disqualifies him from being President.  But being a black liberal has immunized him from such rubrics.

That brings us to the Birth Certificate Obama posted and then swore to the world of its legitimacy.  From the very day it was posted people knew there were problems with it.  Concerns grew at the revelations of anachronisms, misused terminology, unexplainable layers of what appeared to be the step-by-step construction of a document.  But since those anomalistic characteristics were proffered by The One, no one in the media or the establishment leadership from either of the two major political parties would attempt see past their blinders or dare to notice the King had no clothes.

Obama’s sycophants, in their efforts to disguise those irregularities, offered up various lame theories. These perversions included the attempt to claim software applications or special copiers created those layers and other complications.  While each of those offerings were discredited, they succeeded in planting enough doubt so as to create a great Alinsky wall around Obama and his forgery.  So much so, that after Arpaio and Zullo, several years ago, presented solid forgery evidence, the media had no trouble ridiculing that presentation and anyone associated with it.

Obama and his wife were comfortable enough with the cover the media would give them that they chose to make jokes about people who doubted the authenticity of that poorly-manufactured document.  Nitwit reporters and cable news analysts had many happy moments cajoling and mocking those who actually spent some time looking into the facts.

All the joviality, giggles and hilarity have just come to an end.  This past December 15th, Arpaio and Zullo presented their years-long findings in a Press Conference.  The information was devastatingly conclusive.  Absolute proof, more sound and convincing than matching fingerprints, that the Birth Certificate Obama posted as proof of where he was born is a 100% proven forgery. The proof is too involved to go into here but please visit this link and view all the information provided there:

The news media, the leftist politicians and no doubt the Obamas themselves have seen this press conference.  They all now know that the evidence is so profound there can be no hope of disputing it.  As a result, the jokes have stopped, the fun and games are over and now the only option left for them is total and absolute silence.

This brings us now to some very important questions:

1. If Obama does have a microfilmed Hawaiian Birth Certificate on file why has he refused to let the media see it?
2. Why would Obama create or cause to be created a forged Birth Certificate?
3. If the microfiche does exist or if it does not, what is he hiding?

Many who read this, no doubt, are mimicking that infamous four-time loser and thinking: What, at this point, difference does it make?  After all, this period of infectious destruction is about to come to an end.  Can’t we just move on?  The answer to that is a resounding “No!”  If this violation of our Constitution and these federal crimes of forgery are not dealt with, could we believe they won’t occur, again and again, until all semblance to our Constitution has softened into a malleable glob awaiting the manipulations of the next naked King?

In that light, can anything be done?  Are there options? The answer is, yes!  Since Obama either encouraged or ordered an illegal fabrication of a government document for the purposes of deceiving the American people and providing false information to state and federal governments, several very serious crimes have been committed.  Whomever created it, whoever ordered it created, whoever posted it, whoever verified it and whoever knowingly presented it to the government as authentic are all guilty of crimes.  Crimes for which a President or any federal official can be impeached for.

Many people do not know that the penalties imposed by our Constitution, as a result of an impeachment guilty adjudication, carry more than just the removal from office.  Anyone convicted in an impeachment hearing will also be forever banned from holding any position with the Federal Government.  That is a lifetime ban.

Keep in mind that Article II, Section 4 does not require that a person being impeached must be in office.  In fact it makes no mention of any status relating to the charges.  And here is why.  It’s plain common sense and why, once again, our Founders displayed unfathomable insight and brilliance.

What if a sitting judge or justice, a US Congressman, a US Senator, or, heaven forbid, a President of the United States, might find themselves embroiled in some illegal activity, for instance falsifying information or creating a forgery, and the impeachment process is moving along towards a certain conviction, but just before the verdict comes in, the charged person, up and resigns?

If someone not in office, as many think, cannot be impeached, then this person will have been able to escape the second and very important penalty impeachment would impose. Technically the prohibition of future government service or employment would not be applicable.  That is why our Founders wrote Article II as they did.

Would it then be feasible or even advisable to begin impeachment proceedings against Obama in the light of the absolute proof he was involved in forging his birth certificate as well as his various other assaults on the Constitution?   The answer is yes, if those considering this option care about the rule of law.  The concept that no man is above the law and the application of all laws being equally applied to all men, cannot be overstated.

Please understand that TPATH is under no illusion that anyone in position of authority will ever have the grit, the courage or the stones to embark on this very much needed task. But it surely does make for some interesting conversations and debates and the information provided herein, maybe, just might, encourage some Congressional Committee Chairman to do the right thing.

This conversation will certainly never be a topic of any MSN commentator nor will it be allowed to be discussed on the various fake news sites. Google and Facebook will be deploying the necessary algorithms filtering out the subject of the forged birth certificates.  Somehow, it’s not so funny to them anymore.

And just one more note which needs to be pointed out here.  The left will, if cornered, remind us that the state of Hawaii verified the birth certificate Obama posted.  This, my friends, is not true.  The statement they made, concerning the Birth Certificate posted on, was very carefully worded to present the assumption that the document (the image) was verified.  It was not.  The state of Hawaii refused to verify the image but only said the information on it is consistent with the information that is on the document they have on record. A slick and slimy deception. But one that will cover their behinds when and if the truth of Obama’s birth is ever verified.

The document they have on record, by the way, is allowed by Hawaiian law to have been created at any time, even decades after the supposed birth, and then be considered as the birth record.  Strange? Yes, but true.

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    Are all the congress guilty of misprison for letting him get away with his charade? This includes past members who served during his time in office.
    Can FOIA be used to obtain the sealed records? Its been used to obtain other records the gov-ernment would not release.
    Of all the people involved in this conspiracy covering for him , not one will honor their oath of
    If and when this comes to pass and he is prosecuted , and all are meted out their sentences
    for allowing it to happen and permitting it to last for eight ( 8 ) years, and all in jail or prison,
    what will happen to our government?
    This will affect the new regime as well , because a lot of these no gooders have been offered
    positions in the new administration? Can anyone enlighten WE THE PEOPLE on this ?