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(Dec. 22, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for tuning in. I’m not sure of the proper introduction for tonight’s subject, so let me just say it: this afternoon we received the following communiqué via a messenger service and our producer said to ‘Run with it,’ so here goes:

“To Roving Reporter and his Infidel viewers;

“I am death and unimaginable destruction. I have been exercising my bloodlust unabated for the last 1,400 years. There have been setbacks yet I am ever expanding, even more this century than last; more this decade than last and more today than yesterday.

“As Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, we also have written in manifestos and on posters that our soldiers carry for all to see: ‘DOWN WITH FREE SPEECH’; ‘DEATH TO INFIDELS’; ‘BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM’. We have told you step-by-step how we’ll overthrow you: we’ll out-birth you and we’ll use your very laws with which to do you in.

“And yet you STILL blindly allow us to come into your countries where we rape and murder your women. We publicly declare war on you and back up our boasting by blowing-up trains, planes, buses: run you over via stolen trucks and shoot and knife you at whim.

“You spend many millions for sophisticated jet fighters and billions on submarines and carriers, yet we are winning the war, are we not? We are killing at our discretion. We kill at your weakest: nightclubs and travel; shopping and praying. We worship torture; screams are music to our ears.

“The whole world is our battlefield, from a nightclub in Bali, to a train station in Madrid, to a sidewalk in Boston. Yet you count your individual attacks and ‘counter’ selfishly. You see Germany’s total abject immigration failure but fail to see that all the countries of the world are sorely unable to protect themselves, and STILL you allow us to invade you and then walk freely among you.

“There has not been a day gone by in the past thousand-plus years when we have not killed one of you. We share our political blueprint yet you call us a religion because it somehow makes us easier to digest as we subject more and more of you into the Totalitarian philosophy of governing we call Islam. We tax you for being an unbeliever until you become non-productive for us, at which time we kill you.

“Your future is no mystery to us: you have no future, and this we tell you and you STILL welcome – and even solicit us — us into your neighborhoods. You carry banners greeting us as ‘immigrants’ and ‘migrants,’ failing to recognize that we are exactly who we say we are: an invading army.

“We are truly psychopaths. We have no compassion and harbor no empathy. Our cup runneth over with a hate that is so pure as to make us cry in ecstasy, which makes you try to ‘understand us.’ It is a joke, yes? There is no ‘understanding’; there is only us trampling Western Civilization’s trappings: free speech and equal protection under the law.

“You give women equality; we don’t. You allow unmarried women to leave the house without a male escort, and then we attack, torture and if not murder today than someday, after yet another beating and rape. You allow your women to drive; to shop; to dress with skin exposed – a wrist or an ankle — and, even though we don’t require an excuse for rape, a woman without a full burqa certainly deserves whatever happens to her, including murder. We accept it as normal, as it is and has been for over a thousand years.

“And knowing all of this — our ancient history, customs and ways of thinking — you STILL import us into your countries, and when we act as regular common normal everyday Muslims, you get all flustered and wring your hands just like a bunch of little old ladies. It is not we who are out of kilter, it is you for not handling the truth: we kill and worship death; we blow ourselves up knowing that we’re but a stepping stone in advancing Islam around the world.

“Every day we proclaim our desire to kill; every day we post on the internet videos of tortures, from drownings to beheadings;  from hangings to just about every imaginable way of torture and murdering another human being can do to another, and STILL you allow us to cross your borders with open arms: you give us apartments, money, food and build us mosques.

“Each and every one of your countries possesses the means to deport us as fast as you imported us, yet you lack the foresight and the will to protect yourselves. You whine and wail about those of you who we murdered at the Christmas market in Berlin but you haven’t deported one of us from any of your countries. You continuously think of us as a religion, as if being a ‘religion’ somehow excuses your deaths to be (somehow) more palatable, just as you subject us to your deportation laws as if we are afforded ‘rights’  under your laws. Big mistake on your part, which we spell out for you, just as we are doing now: you have ‘religion’ on the brain, as if that has anything to do with anything; as if ‘religion’ is an excuse to treat child molesters, rapists and murderers any differently from your very own child molesters, rapists and murderers.

“We allow for old men to marry young girls as you look the other way. We ‘honor-kill’ (premeditated murder) our wives and daughters. We say so-and-so moved back to ‘the old country’ or ‘moved back home,’ when all along she’s buried in the back yard, in the mosque’s basement or at one of our many military training camps that we call ‘Islamovilles’ which we have in every country, more than 22 in the United States alone. Each one of these camps is private, and Infidels and law enforcement, including the FBI, are not allowed entrance, which you honor: thank you.

“In 1930’s Germany the writing was on the wall for the future of the Jewish people, yet most Jews refused to acknowledge the social collapse. Some believed that because they served in World War I and were ‘Good Germans’ they would be exempt from being singled out and sent to a concentration camp. This same dangerously flawed thought process is being utilized by you people for accepting us into your midst: you’re welcoming the fox into the chicken coop. We tell you it is so, and you STILL tell us that we are a ‘peaceful and misunderstood religion.’ Well, go right ahead: just makes our task to cleanse you off the face of the earth that much easier and, to tell the truth, enjoyable.

“We are coming for you; if not today, than tomorrow; if not soon, than later, but we are coming for you. We are your worse nightmare: we are real.”

“And it was signed, ‘Just Your Everyday Moderate Muslim.’

“With me is Professor Zorkophsky of the university to see if it’s possible to make some sense of this letter. Welcome to our show. Well, what do you think of it?”

“Precise and clear is my take. They mean exactly what they say and we should pay attention to it. To ignore it would be very foolish, I think. We should use our military to start deportation proceedings.”

“But that seems like a daunting task.”

“So be it, but you got to start sometime, and I’d say about now is a darn good time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a class to teach.”

“Okay, and thanks. Next is the janitor of this-here institution, Pat Walker. Tell us what you think of it all, Pat.”

“I think that the American voter saw Hillary as a cookie-cutter image of Angela Merkel with the same regard for the citizens of their respective countries, starting with open borders and this crazy idea of welcoming Muslims.”

“They even look alike. If I ever ran a campaign, I’d outlaw pantsuits.”

“You got it. Remember this: WITHOUT MUSLIMS THERE’S NO JIHADISTS. You see, the whole EU was just a scam to get the countries to agree on open borders: no checkpoints; unlimited flow, and now look at it. England at least had the common sense to get out of the EU so they’re not subject to the EU’s immigration policies; all they have to do now is start the deportation process; maybe stick all of their Muslims on an island somewhere. Oh, my, look at the time! I’ve got to get to work. Bye.”

“Okay, off she goes. And we’ve also run out of time. On behalf of the crew I’d like to thank you for watching and to wish each of you a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

“Let Me In”






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