by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Dec. 14, 2016) — Protests have always taken center stage in America. Many times our eyes roll back in our heads as we are forced to see the absurdity of gays marching in the streets for their endless list of rights, the fake news worshipers screaming about the brutal cops and evil Hitler like Trump. It is the end of democracy, you know, the one we never had. Then there are Black Lives Matter crowds marching in racist arrogance as cops are murdered and whites are attacked at their events.

The award of absurdity, treachery and insanity this year has been cut into little pieces of award pie so all that scream of pain and misery while burning down America won’t cry ‘unfair, unfair’ — they got a bigger award! The cherry on top of this list of brainless activists must go to those crying out at Ohio State University who scream that bullets don’t stop terrorists. It was wrong of the hero cop to quickly shoot and kill the Islamic terrorist. You know, the one who had driven his car as a Jihad weapon into a crowd of students, then jumped out with his butcher knife and was trying to kill as many as he could. Wrong, I tell you!

The reason the protestors thought it was wrong is that we couldn’t possibly know if the people the cop was saving from the knife and car attacks weren’t murderers themselves, abusers or racist scum. Maybe they deserved to be attacked and were as bad as the Islamic terrorist. It was thought to be overreach, abuse of power and terroristic for the cop to shoot the 18-year-old student dead before he could finish murdering anyone.

This is the insane and idiotic mindset of the anti-Trumpers, those who are ashamed of America and think our chickens have come home to roost. How many times have we heard President Obama speak to the world of our shame and apologize for us? How many times has he called us names, bashing whites, conservatives and Christians? My favorite T-shirt has a photo of my gun and Holy Bible on it and the name Obama called those of us who valued guns and Bibles: ‘I’m a Bitter Clinger.’ Hillary was carrying on the name-calling tradition, calling Trump supporters every freaky name she could think of. We are ‘deplorables,’ ‘racists,’ and on and on.

Back to Ohio State Protesters

The way some of these brain-dead students and other protesters think, if the bullet and cop were bad for stopping the murders and knife attacks, then what would they have him do when he comes upon a guy in the process of murdering as many as possible? Would they have the cops stop to notice those being attacked and then help the murderer by shooting some of the knifed victims instead of the attacker? That way, if any of them were bad people or had done a very naughty thing they would have gotten what was coming to them.

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