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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

Source:  Wikipedia

(Nov. 25, 2016) — Just moments after the Trump landslide win of the century, Hillary and her hallucinagenic and sellout team were determined to steal a win from Trump by going after the electors. Knowing how Hillary and Bill Clinton work, the threats, the bribes, the lies, the intimidation and the favors…the electors have been in the Hillary team cross-hairs to steal their votes. Never mind what the people wanted in all the ‘worthless more conservative’ states. The fact that Hillary had California and New York meant she had the right to be President – run us, control us, steal from us…and do it by any means possible. She was to become our first female President.

Hillary and her hallucinogenic team started a petition to change the electors’ minds jut moments after Trump leveled her on November 8th. After all, no one would dare to turn Hillary down…even though most of the country did. Though she ‘allegedly’ had slightly more of the popular vote it was only representing two liberal states, California with 55 votes and New York with 29. She got many votes naturally in liberal, Democrat stronghold – gay marriage theme park and illegal alien universe – California.

The fact that Trump got most of America, including many Democrat strongholds and swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan and on and on and most of the rest of the country doesn’t matter. Hillary and her media slaves tell us that she was ahead in the popular vote so she has the license to bribe, petition, and court menace and whine her way back into a win. The Electoral College must submit and bow down to Hillary’s fantasies and dreams, not the American people, their vote, the obvious Trump win and the law.

The notion after such a bold win by Trump that Hillary and her team would even entertain such an idea brings the definition of narcissism, desperation and corruption to a new level. Even if Trump (on the surface) tells Obama, the media and America that he won’t investigate or arrest Hillary…remember Trump has said many times regarding his dealings with national security, military plans and protecting America that he will not reveal in advance his hand and he thinks it is stupid to reveal what you plan to do to the enemy.

Remember how Trump thinks when you ponder his statements on Hillary so far. There are numerous ways to humble Hillary and make her accountable. Some of these include: 1) Her bold loss on Nov. 8th to Trump 2) The FBI investigating Hillary and Bill’s ‘pay for play’ Foundation – No doubt since power queen Hillary is about as powerful now as a little mouse, donations will dramatically dry up and stop. 3) The list of nefarious donors around the world, expecting favors for their billions from Hillary. This will feed their bitterness and anger now that they won’t even get a mint candy and glass of Kool Aid. In retaliation, expect leaks – emails, phone conversations, documents and more to suddenly start appearing to expose and compromise Hillary even more than she has been. 4) Trump intends to drain the swamp, including the IRS, FBI and other government departments which have been stealing and taking from Americans rather than doing their jobs and serving. If under a Trump administration the FBI is raised from the dead, what might Hillary’s fate be then if real investigations build, starting with the illegal Foundation?

Trump is busy working with Pence to vet and appoint Cabinet members who are right for the jobs at hand. He is very aware of what he must do, how he will maneuver and when he must act. America is about to come back in spades and Hillary will never think that she is gone, but she is. Perhaps she can be put in a room of mirrors so she can at least worship herself. There is a growing, fresh smell in the room as the swamp is being drained.

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