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by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret), ©2016

Tom Davis just before his marriage in 1946

(Nov. 1, 2016) — It is just one week before the quadrennial Presidential Election and I am a 91-year-old voting for a president for my Beloved America and “God’s Chosen Republic” for the 17th and likely final time. My first time was at a critical juncture, but this is worse. That grand old crusty, honest, god-fearing, patriot, Harry Truman, had to decide whether or not to drop a nuclear bomb on war-ravaged little Japan whose leadership had warned the citizenry that the United States Formidable War Machine was readying a huge invasion force.

The leaders of Japan, Prime Minister Hideki Tojo and the Emperor, were determined to fight to the last Japanese citizen, literally! It was the code of Bushido at its ultimate. President Truman took very little time to make his most difficult decision: to kill thousands, even millions of Japanese to save many thousands of American servicemen and women who were doomed to die if an invasion was the necessary alternative. He and he alone made that dreadful decision:  to drop the world’s first and then the second atomic bomb. His heartfelt decision was the decision-maker. World War II was over.

Much has happened since that first fateful day, August 6, 1945, when American airmen dropped “Little Boy” on Hiroshima. Three days later our weary but loyal American air crews dropped “Fat Man” on Nagasaki. A day or so later, Japan capitulated, and the deadliest war in history was over.

Harry Truman was the most praised leader this nation had ever enjoyed since George Washington. Franklin Roosevelt was and has been rated far higher than Harry Truman, although history tells a different story. In any event, the 1948 election came around and one of these detestable creatures, otherwise known as politicians, Thomas Dewey, the nominee of the Republican Party, was the odds-on favorite to oust the Democrats’ new favorite son from the White House.  That catastrophe was not to be. Truman spent the next four years in monumental accomplishments and is now ranked among the Top Ten of our 44 chief executives.

We have today a much more serious situation. The Democrats have nominated a classic liberal, socialist journeywoman politician as their candidate. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the antithesis of Harry Truman. She is, for the most part, the crude, rude, filthy, nasty and unaccomplished harlot but certainly not as desirable and desired as the ladies at the following link:
http://www.cracked.com/article_17126_5-whores-who-changed-course-history.html  and Ron Kessler’s great book, “The First Family Detail.”

On the other hand, we are most fortunate to have as HRC’s conservative opponent precisely what this fabulous Republic needs to get us back on our Founding Fathers’ plotted course to exceptionalism. I suppose by now all of you know some things regarding “The Donald.” Clinton’s worst opponent is HRC; she even has the gall, the temerity to LIE to herself. We have our champion in Donald John Trump, a man of many talents, abilities, desires and accomplishments. For the first time in our relatively short history, we have the good fortune to have a NON-POLITICIAN, but outspoken, sometimes brash but refreshing gentleman putting up his vast wealth to assume the leadership of the United States of America. He puts up more to help America than the idiots who badmouth him every day.

Mr., Mrs. and Miss America, your future is your choice. Donald Trump is a reliable, patriotic American just like YOU! HRC has already set the wheels in motion to get us into a war with Russia, but hopefully Vladimir Putin is having none of that. A Clinton presidency is a rehash of the past eight years of Obama’s endless, no-win warfare with over 5,000 deaths, crooked government, lies, crimes, treason and murder. Remember Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Obamacare?

Mr. Trump has no more secrets or titillating episodes for the hateful and oh-so-jealous Socialist-Communist office seekers to tut-tut about as if locker-room talk between men were a crime. He scares the heck out of the run-of-the-mill politicians such as John Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, Schumer, Obama, Biden and the CLINTONS, most of whom have never had an original, unselfish thought in their lives. For them, It is ALWAYS “What’s in it for me?”

Finally; remember one thing; Hillary Clinton has never done a thing for anyone but Bill, Hillary, or Chelsea. On the other hand, Donald Trump has created jobs for millions of people. Check the facts, not the fabrications of the left-wing media.  I leave you now hoping to see November 8 come and go and an honest, patriotic American awaiting inauguration on January 20, 2017, my 92nd birthday.

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