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by League of New York Citizens, ©2016

The New York State Capitol, where the state legislature meets and has voted itself a 47% pay raise

(Nov. 1, 2016) — Bill in Columbia County first joined to put ads in newspapers. Several other areas in NY have asked for help to do the same. If you want to help Bill to place ads, contact: Bill Simons (bigdaddy@taconic.net) 518-653-4222

EXAMPLE: Some folks in Watertown want to put an ad in the newspaper. Below is the suggested ad.

ALSO: See BigDaddy Bill’s message below the following suggested ad.


NY Government: Highest Cost, Lowest Performance

Comparing State Legislator Pay

NY Legislators Set to Get an Illegal 47% Pay Raise From $79,000.00 to $117,000.00

·       23 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $20,000 per year

·       32 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $32,000 per year

·       43 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $51,000 per year

NOTE: New York’s Working Taxpayers’ Average Pay Is $33,095.00

State Legislator Salary https://ballotpedia.org/Comparison_of_state_legislative_salaries

Alabama $42,830/yr       Indiana $24,671/year    Nebraska $12,000/year        South Carolina $10,400/yr

Alaska $50,400/year       Iowa $25,000/year       Nevada $146.29/day            South Dakota $6,000

Arizona $24,000/year     Kansas $88.66/day        New Hampshire $200          Tennessee $20,884/year

Arkansas $39,400/yr       Kentucky $188.22/day  New Jersey $49,000/yr        Texas $7,200/year

California $100,113/       Louisiana $16,800/yr     New Mexico None               Utah $273/day

Colorado $30,000/yr       Maine $14,074/year       New York $79,500/year     Vermont $693.74/week

Connecticut $28,000/yr   Maryland $46,061/yr     N Carolina $13,951/yr        Virginia $18,000/yr

Delaware $44,541/yr       Mass $60,032/yr             North Dakota $172/day       Washington $45,474/yr

Florida $29,697/year       Michigan $71,685/yr      Ohio $60,584/year                W Virginia $20,000/year

Georgia $17,342/yr         Minnesota $31,141/yr     Oklahoma $38,400/yr         Wisconsin $50,950/yr

Hawaii $60,180/yr          Mississippi $10,000/yr    Oregon $23,568/year            Wyoming $150/day

Idaho $16,684/year         Missouri $35,915/year    Pennsylvania $85,339/yr

Illinois $67,836 yr           Montana 10.33 Hr.         Rhode Island $15,414/yr


New York Last in Government Efficiency

The Problem – Legislator Incompetency 

·        47% pay raise from $79,000 to $117,000 (Illegal pay raise of 2017)

·        Symptoms; Corruption and Passing Insane Laws Such As:

Highest Income Tax                            Highest Sales Tax                               Highest Property Tax

Highest Business Tax                         Highest Gas Tax                                 Highest Road Tax

Highest Utility Tax                               Highest Phone Tax                              Highest Road Tolls Tax

Highest Education Tax                       Highest Recreation Tax                       Highest Death Tax

Highest Cigarette Tax                         Highest Water Tax                               Highest Garbage Tax

Highest Loss of Jobs                          Highest Lower Job Pay                       Highest Regulations

Highest Building Permit Fees             Highest Unfunded Mandates              Highest Welfare Rolls

Highest Food Stamp Issuance           Highest People Imprisoned                 Highest Paid Elected Official

Highest Gov Official Benefits             Highest Convicted Official                   Highest Legislator Indictments

The Medicine for the Problem Is New Blood

Every Incumbent Senator and Assemblyman illegally conspired to receive the illegal $117K pay raise. Every one of them is responsible for corruption, highest cost and lowest performance. NONE deserves to be reelected.

YOUR Civic Duty Demands ACTION AND THEN ***VOTE***

[END of Ad]

Al’s 2 Cents followed by a message directly from BigDaddy Bill

A very special thanks to BigDaddy Bill. STOP the Albany Pay Raise is getting a huge boost from Bill’s efforts. OUR boots on the ground have delivered more than 30,000 flyers resulting in awareness by – I’d guess – as many as 300,000 people that is snowballing OUR message to many more. The message has reached the media and it’s growing. Albany legislators – every one of them – are aware WE won’t quit – WE got ‘em rattled.

Please forward and post BigDaddy’s message – let’s bring everyone into this effort – thanks – Al

Help BigDaddy’s effort to run ads in papers. It has the potential to bring awareness to many millions!!

PS: Please be advised – this effort will not end on Election Day.

Keep Fighting


Hi, I’m Bill Simons (bigdaddy@taconic.net) 518-653-4222 Chatham NY 12037

I am registered republican and am mostly quite conservative in my views but this is not a partisan issue. We need to put a stop to the legislative tricks designed to put our money into the pockets of our legislators. It is time now to end the 3 Men in a Room style of governing which has cost us so much in terms of money, opportunity and happiness.

This immoral and unethical subterfuge foisted on us cannot be allowed to stand. We have lobbied to change the ways of the legislature with little success. So; we have to change the legislature. They will respond to fear and – what they fear most is losing their seats at the public trough.

We can change them only through elections but ‘we the people’ will not vote them out until we realize how bad things have gotten. Many of us have tried to publicize the malfeasance but, now time is too short and resources too limited to reach 11 million voters.

The most effective way to make the public aware is by using the press. At this late date the only way I can see to do that is through buying display ads in local papers. The best bang for the buck, I believe, is 1/4 and 1/2 page display ads in local and/or weekly papers.

It is our intent to organize a campaign to do this. We need a few dollars, a few hours of finding appropriate papers and rates and actually working with the publications.

Any ideas about this entire subject are welcomed. All donations of time and money deeply appreciated. Thank you. Bill Simons (bigdaddy@taconic.net) 518-653-4222 Chatham NY 12037

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