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(Oct. 13, 2016) — Seldom in the annals of human history has the choice become clearer than it is now between Good and Evil.

The last time Evil defeated Good was when the National Socialist Party in 1930’s Germany trampled upon the German people.

Or was the last time when Stalin purged his military; maybe it was when Chairman Mao murdered millions of his countrymen or when Pol Pot  did the same to his people in Cambodia.

And will the United States flounder with the rest of the failed countries of the world as Germany, England and the rest of humanity are doing for allowing the followers of Islam to spew their hatred over deserts, oceans and documents dipped in the blood of honorable people who fought for Freedom?

Even at this late date, after the truck-driving “completely normal and rational Muslim man” murdered 80 in Nice, France, people still fail to make the connection between the followers of Islam and the headless bodies of children discarded throughout the Middle East and soon to be a common sight throughout the world.

The fact of the matter is that bloodshed follows the spread of Islam; ergo: more Muslims equal more torture and killings, hence more bloodshed.

And it will never stop: this killing from Muslims. It’s actually quite fascinating, the thought process of Islamic Sensibilities because, after all, there is nothing sensible about Islam.

Take, for instance, Sharia Law, or better yet, take the quote from the Qur’an: kill Jews and Christians whenever Ye may find them.

Enough is enough, and Western Civilization has had 1,400 years of the “whines and the misunderstoods” up to here. Enough. No more. I’m calling for the deportation of every Muslim from every civilized plot of land on our planet.

The enemy is Islamic Radical Terrorism, true, but the enemy is also just your plain old everyday fly-planes-into-buildings and the indiscriminate, everyday bombings in nightclubs, school buses and grocery stores. The enemy is the “Purveyors of Death;” make no mistake about it. Let them leave the way they came in: straight back to the garbage dump that they crawled out from.

We are not a nation of “can’t.” We are not a nation of just take it. We are warriors and not afraid to smite our enemies no matter where they may be. It’s not a question of “Will we?” but is is a question of “When will we?”

How about now?

The Killing Fields – Etude


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