Sharia’s First Casualty: Music (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2016

(Sep. 10, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our very popular show that’s seen worldwide, thanks to our satellite television contract. What you’re reading is a synopsis of a show, and while this is a good substitute, it’s not the ‘Real McCoy.’ If you ever get a chance to watch us on the tube or, better yet, meet us some morning under the awning when you ever visit our fair city, please feel welcomed and join us.

“We’ve a special surprise for you today: we’re going live, via satellite and cell phone, to one of our troops on guard duty in, well, I better not say the country because it might get somebody in trouble. Let’s just make it ‘overseas’ and let it go at that.

“Hello? How do you read me? This is Chief New Leaf for ‘Pulse.’ Hello?”

“Howdy, Chief: read you 5 by 5.”

“I take it you’re on guard duty, is that right?”

“Right as rain, Chief.”

“Oh, I get it. So what are you guarding?”

“I’m not at liberty to tell you anything except that I’m guarding my fellow troops. Like if I would say I’m guarding a dock you might conclude I’m in the Navy so I won’t say anything about it. And so we don’t waste any time, let me say my partner and I support Trump and do not support Hillary by any stretch of the imagination.

“Matter of fact, every person in my squad supports Trump, and when I say ‘support,’ I mean that we’ll vote for him. I’m not going to waste time telling you the overall ‘why’ because it’s so blatantly obvious. I’ll go as far as to say everyone in the company, and in the battalion, are Trumpsters.”

“Let me ask you this: do you get to discuss politics openly? I mean, aren’t you afraid of the ‘Top Brass’ interfering with your First Amendment rights?”

“Ha! That’s pretty funny, Chief. Look, I know you were in the military so you just asked the question for your viewers. Look, while one is in the military you don’t have any ‘rights.’ No, whenever someone comes by who we’re not sure of, we clam up.

“Let me give you an example how bad it’s getting. First, you can’t say the words ‘raghead’ or ‘sandpit.’ Matter of fact, you better not even say ‘misunderstood’ and ‘peaceful;’ that’s how bad it’s gone downhill in the last year.

“I have a guy in my squad who likes to play the harp, the mouth organ; harmonica, and this Muslim from headquarters was walking by and, get this: says – kind of under his breath, but loud enough for us to hear – ‘That’s the first to go.’

“And that’s an example of their Sharia Law: no music. No musical instruments. Think of pianos smashed and trumpets crushed by tanks and you get the idea. No singing, humming or whistling. No yodeling. No music. No laughter: just pain and murder on a colossal scale that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

“Look, I’m in the military and I know what the level of incompetence had to be to get Ambassador Stevens killed: it was off the charts, is what it was. Command knew what was going on, I’m telling you: all the way up and all the way down, understand?”

“Well, yes, actually I do understand, but the public hasn’t a clue.”

“So let me clue them in. As soon as the message went out that our ambassador in Libya was in danger, bells were ringing all over the place, even in our embassy in Hong Kong. Everyone in the chain of command knew what was going down. That’s when the contingency plans took over, but somebody put out a ‘STAND-DOWN’ order, which wasn’t to keep the ambassador out in the cold; no, it was to test the response. As far as this administration is concerned, they gave themselves an ‘A+’ for the ‘non-response.’  As a member of the military, the whole episode shames me. Really. And I’m not buying this false narrative that those four guys couldn’t have been saved, not by a long shot. No way; no way. I’m just not buying it; none of us are. But what makes it even worse is that no one even tried to save them. I’m saying not one person in the United States military even tried to save our ambassador: makes me ashamed of my country, and that really ticks me off.

“Just, for one minute of your life, contemplate the ramifications of the United States government not even lifting a finger to save one of its ambassadors and, if that’s the case, as it truly is, what do you think they would consider your life to be worth?

“They — Obama’s administration — also gave themselves an ‘A+’ when the troops were intimidated into keeping their mouths shut when LTC Terry Lakin was railroaded in a kangaroo court-martial for asking to see the proof that Obama was Constitutionally qualified to be the Commander-in-Chief.

“Looks as if something’s happening over to the east so I better sign off. Thanks for calling, Chief. Once was fun, but there’ll be no more of these calls. Say ‘Hi’ to the folks. Over-and-out.”

“And take care, boys. Music the first casualty, they say, once Hillary has her way in placating the Muslim horde that’s been invading our country. Crazy, is it not, that we have to have this conversation, right in our own country? That we are forced to contemplate the end, the death of our Constitution? But that’s the reality of the day, believe it or not.

“You can’t run away from it: it’s the rabid dog in the neighborhood; it’s the serial killer passing through; it’s the Grim Reaper paying a visit, and like the relative that will just ‘stay for a few days,’ Death and Torture; Pain and Suffering just moved in and moved us out.

“It’s the ‘End Game,’ and weren’t we surprised when our chess pieces turned the color of our enemy; when our government employees started to support Sharia; when there were no dogs left to adopt because they were all killed by children at the Islamovilles throughout the country in teaching them how it feels to behead us Christians and Jews; practicing ‘Halal’: extend the fear, the pain and the suffering to ALL of God’s creatures.

“It’s Muslims harvesting murder as a farmer would harvest his crop. It’s the ‘Coming of the Age of Sharia,’ soon to visit; that is, if Hillary gets ‘elected.’ It’s the silence of common sense; it’s the death of a country; it very well may be ‘The Beginning of the End.’

“It’ll be the end of not only ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ but also The Post and Email News as well. I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, that was kind-of fun, talking to that soldier on guard duty. I’m glad we disguised his voice because he sure would get into trouble if he were found out. Good show, guys. I say it’s time for a burger: my treat.”

The Sound of Music




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