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by Sharon Rondeau

Juan Williams is a regular co-host of “The Five” on the Fox News Channel

(Aug. 26, 2016) — On Friday’s edition of “The Five” which airs at 5 PM ET on weekdays, during a general discussion of politics and the 2016 presidential race, co-host Juan Williams voiced the fact that many Americans have questioned where the current White House occupant, Barack Hussein Obama, was born.

Williams couched doubts about Obama’s claims U.S. birthplace as an outgrowth of his status as “the first black president.”  While his comments were passing in nature, Williams did not explain why he believed that Obama’s race led to questions about his background.

Obama is reportedly the son of a white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and a black father, Barack Hussein Obama.  However, he clearly identifies as a black man.

On December 18, 2007, MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews stated in an on-air discussion with the guest whether or not then-Democrat primary contender Hillary Clinton would raise the matter of Obama’s “birth in Indonesia,” “Indonesian roots,” and “Islamic background.”

In July 2009, Matthews inexplicably reversed himself and excoriated a congressman for allegedly implying that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

Clinton’s 2008 campaign manager, Mark Penn, himself considered promoting the idea that Obama lacked “American roots.”

A number of versions of Obama’s pre-White House biography stated that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia, including those published by NPR, the Associated Press for the Sunday Standard (Kenya), his former literary agent in 1991, and The Honolulu Advertiser in 2006.

Obama claims to have been born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. As has been reported by many sources, the number appearing on what he alleges to be both his short-form and long-form birth certificate is out of order as compared to a set of twins born the following day, August 5, 1961, whose birth certificate numbers are lower.

The short-form Certification of Life Birth (COLB), released on June 12, 2008 at The Daily KOS and other websites, was said to be at the time Obama’s only “birth certificate.” Nearly three years later, however, the White House released what it said was scan of a certified “long-form” birth certificate obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) by special request.

Within 24 hours of its posting, the long-form image was declared an amateurish forgery by several experts, including one who revealed his analysis on a local Colorado television station shortly after the image was posted at whitehouse.gov.

In August 2011, a group of approximately 250 Tea Party members residing in Maricopa County, AZ petitioned Sheriff Joseph Arpaio to investigate the claims of forgery of the long-form birth certificate image.  Arpaio, although doubtful that an analysis would yield anything other than an authentic representation of a paper document, agreed, assigning his Cold Case Posse, one of many under his jurisdiction, to conduct an investigation.

The criminal probe, now completing its fifth year, yielded two 2012 press conferences revealing that the posse, led by Michael Zullo, determined within six months that the long-form birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Obama’s Selective Service registration form was also found to be fraudulent, although in that case, described as a “hard-copy forgery.”

Congress has been unwilling to investigate. The media has ignored the evidence presented and in some instances, demonized the messengers.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen,” a term about which much discussion, research, and writing have been conducted, particularly over the last nine years.

It is generally understood, however, that a “natural born Citizen” indicates a person born in the United States. When Sen. Ted Cruz launched his presidential bid in March of last year, many Americans questioned whether or not he was eligible given that he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Certain constitutional scholars, attorneys and researchers believe that the Founders’ intent when stipulating that only a “natural born Citizen” could serve as the nation’s chief executive was to preclude any chance of foreign allegiance. Therefore, the citizenship of the parents is frequently taken into consideration in many discussion circles.

Cruz’s father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, was a Cuban citizen who took Canadian citizenship in 1973, then U.S. citizenship in 2005.  Obama’s claimed father was never a U.S. citizen, but rather, came to the U.S. in 1959 on a British passport.  His citizenship later converted to that of Kenya when that nation announced its independence of Great Britain in December 1963.

Curious variations in Obama’s life story include a 1990 Associated Press report stating that Obama’s father attended Oxford University in the UK rather than the University of Hawaii, as is commonly reported. In the same article, the AP wrote that the young Obama was taken to Indonesia to live at age 2, not at age 6, which has been reported by other mainstream media outlets.

Obama was reported by The New York Times to have been fluent in both Indonesian and Arabic.

Prior to the 2008 election, Eli Saslow of The Washington Post reported that Obama “grew up in the Kansas heartland” rather than in Hawaii and Indonesia, as is commonly believed, a difference which has never been explained.

Documents released in July 2010 by the U.S. State Department in response to two FOIA requesters reveal two different dates for Obama’s claimed mother’s second marriage to Lolo Soetoro as stated on her passport applications.

Michelle Obama claimed at a 2008 fundraiser that her husband’s mother was “very young and very single” when he was born, yet Obama claims that his parents were married on February 2, 1961, although without witnesses.

No marriage certificate between Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama (Sr.) has ever been produced in paper form to the public’s knowledge, but an open records request filed last summer by The Post & Email to the HDOH yielded a redacted receipt allegedly issued to someone in May 2007 requesting both a birth certificate and a marriage certificate.

The HDOH has a standard form used for mail-in requests as well as an online records request portal.

No hospital in Hawaii or anywhere in the world has claimed Obama’s birth.

The new Kenyan constitution, ratified in 2011 by referendum and strongly supported by the Obama regime, allows for anyone with a Kenyan-citizen parent to claim Kenyan citizenship, which would include Obama if his father is who he claims him to be.  Obama stated on his 2008 campaign website that he was born with dual U.S. and Kenyan citizenship.

Whether or not a dual citizen is a “natural born Citizen” has not been reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Multiple challenges to Obama’s constitutional eligibility have been rejected by the high court since 2008.  Other lawsuits and ballot challenges questioning the eligibility of Cruz, Sen. John McCain, former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Marco Rubio have either been rejected or ruled in favor of the candidate’s presumed eligibility, sometimes on a technicality.

Research for this article revealed that Williams was born in Colon, Panama; McCain was also born in Panama on August 29, 1936.

The Cold Case Posse and Arpaio had planned to provide a third press conference in March 2014 which was delayed indefinitely due to a new direction taken by investigators focusing on reported bank data, telephone and email breaches.

Update, 10:08 p.m. EDT:  As a guest on “Hannity,” Williams criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for being the first “birther,” meaning that he questioned Obama’s birthplace and by extension, his eligibility.

Update, August 28, 2016, 8:00 a.m. EDT:  A reader pointed out that evidence points to McCain’s having been born not in Colon, Panama, where Williams was and as this post first reported, but at the Coco Solo Submarine Base in the Panama Canal Zone as reported by The Washington Post.  On May 2, 2008 in a separate article, The Post’s Michael Dobbs reported that “McCain’s birth on August 29, 1936, in what was then the Panama Canal Zone was announced in the English language Panamanian American, available here. The McCain campaign has declined to publicly release his birth certificate, but a senior campaign official showed me a copy. Contrary to some Internet rumors that McCain was born outside the Canal Zone, in Colon, the document records his birth in the Coco Solo ‘family hospital.'”

Dobbs then added, “Exclusive tidbit for conspiracy theorists: There is no record of McCain’s birth in the bound birth registers of the Panama Canal Zone Health Department, which are available for public inspection at the National Archives in College Park, Md. Here is a sample page from the August 1936 birth register,” below which appears an image listing births in late August 1936 without an entry for John McCain.

Some disagree that the evidence cited by Dobbs and others in insufficient to conclude that McCain was born at the Coco Solo Submarine Base.

McCain’s birth physically outside the U.S. prompted many in the mainstream media to question his eligibility for president in 2008, while anyone questioning Obama’s was ridiculed, ostracized, and even threatened.

After Canadian-born Sen. Ted Cruz declared himself a presidential candidate in March of last year, many “legal experts” declared that his eligibility was “not a problem,” according to The New York Times, despite the questions that had existed about McCain’s eligibliity.

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  1. Juan,
    Per your conversation with Karl…there is a huge difference between perhaps inappropriate and impeachable. The issue here is that you and the Democrats are incapable of distinguishing between the two. You ( a collective you) are so bent on destroying and removing this President that even his anger over being impeached (a FACT this was purely a partisan, political sham) is considered an impeachable offense. NOT!

  2. Juan, as a reporter you should check out poll like this Daily Presidential Tracking Poll by Rasmussen Reports. You should talk to some of us people that don’t live in New York or DC. You would get a totally different look at what people think about you Dems.
    Rasmussen 50% for Trump that is higher than Obama at the same time in his term.

  3. One’s RACE is not a license to be free from criticism or accountability. Besides, Obama claims to be both White and Black (I think he is actually an Indonesian named Sumohadiwidjojo). In any event, Obama’s WHITE parts are as equally treasonous as his Black Parts. Juan Williams is invoking the same ratty Race card that others invoke every time Obama is criticized for some transgression that anyone else would be called on the carpet for. That is just not going to cut that rug anymore. No pun intended. There is so much dirt under that rug that it has become Mt. Obama.

  4. The U.S.Supreme Court HAS established the definition of a “Natural Born Citizen” and it has re-affirmed it several times. I currently have a case proceeding through the NY State Supreme Court system suing the State of NY,Cruz,Rubio and Jindal (Laity v NY, et al, #1561-2016. An NBC IS “one born IN the United States to Parents who are BOTH U.S. Citizens themselves” said the US Supreme Court in 1874 in Minor v Happersett. They also said so in “The Venus” and three other cases. In Laity v NY,USSCt. the court, having opportunity to vacate their past decisions on the subject, declined to do so. Minor, the Venus and other cases remain, as we say in the legal profession, “Good Law”. There is NO ‘President’ Obama: http://www.thepostemail.com/09/17/2010/there-is-no-president-obama/

  5. For a lot of nothing about Obama’s Birth Certificate, it isn’t the American people who questioned Obama. He stated he was foreign-born, and
    many national media as well as over seas media said Obama was from Kenya.

    The second birthers were the Clintons. Numerous investigators and experts also believe Obama is a fraud. Even lots of Democrats have stated Obama is illegal.

    Mr. Williams says it’s about Obama being black. Really? Hasn’t America advanced past this?

  6. Two very interesting Cases in SCOTUS Conference Sept 26,2016

    PRAYING in JESUS Name and THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN Two interesting Cases appear in Conference of U.S. Supreme Court #SCOTUS on the same day this September 26, 2016.
    Navy Chaplain booted over praying ‘in Jesus’ name’ goes to Supremes concerning Free Speech of Religious Sentiment
    Gordon J. Klingenschmitt, Petitioner
    United States
    As well, the Case that was determined by the PA Supreme Court that standing as well as the political question doctrine were satisfied by Elliott in questioning Ted Cruz’s Ineligibility.
    No. 16-13
    Carmon Elliott, Petitioner
    Ted Cruz

  7. Obama is a fraud and we all know this to be the truth. When are we going to take our Country Back? Electing Trump is a start but we must hold these importers accountable for the destruction of our country.

  8. “Obama stated on his 2008 campaign website that he was born with dual U.S. and Kenyan citizenship.”

    In no way, shape or form can someone born a citizen of two countries be a natural born citizen of either country. PERIOD!

    Let’s not forget that between 2004 and mid-2008, some eight different bills were introduced in Congress attempting to either define or eliminate the “natural born Citizen” requirement of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution such that those either born to only one U.S. citizen, not born in the U.S., or simply born in the U.S. (to other than foreign diplomats or military) would be eligible to serve as President. In effect, those bills confirm that Congress knew that “natural born Citizen” meant born in the U.S. to U.S. citizen parents





  10. John Kerry just “thanked” the Kenyan president and a very recent visit for giving Obama to the United States.

    I have other words for the clueless John Kerry.