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(Aug. 24, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our show tonight. I’m Chief New Leaf and I’d like to thank all of you who have sent ‘Well done’ and ‘Good job’ comments to the office. Each one is much appreciated, and even though I would like to respond to each of them, there’s just too many, so take this-here ‘Thank you’ as a heartfelt thanks to all.

“For those of you who aren’t familiar with our format, we’ve staked out a portion of the sidewalk to conduct interviews. For those who are sticklers for the law, we have the necessary permits to block a portion of the public thoroughfare for a specific time, namely from 7-9-am.

“So here we are, under the awning, about to ask folks some questions. What used to be a surprise street interview has turned out to be a ‘happening,’ like people are lined up to either watch the show or to be on camera. I say it’s about time to find another corner. Let’s hop on the train and go to the next stop and set-up there. No, not toward the city, the first stop the other way, where that good coffee shop is across the street from the station.

“And here we are at our new and impromptu location. Excuse me, miss, got a minute?”

“Some disguise, Chief, with your buckskins and rifle, sound-boom girl and cameraman standing out here on the sidewalk. Cat and I watch your show every night. Okay, what’s the question for the day?”

“Did you say ‘cat?’ You mean your cat watches our show, too?”

“Likes when you have dogs on. Really likes that talking dog.”

“That’s nice. Thanks for watching. Here’s the question: What’s your take on the 14th Amendment?”

“It’s the trouble with lawyers, is what it is. Take a normal kid and put them through law school and you end up with a person who lost all the common sense they ever had; that is, of course, they had any in the first place.

“Take laws, the way they’re written. These days it’s all done in their little esoteric secret language that we mere mortals are not smart enough to understand. Imagine, if you will, if the Ten Commandments were written by a bunch of lawyers. ‘Thou Salt Not Steal’ would end up a license to rob your neighbor of everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink.

“Look: just use some common sense, okay? No matter what an illegal immigrant does in our country – even breathe – is illegal. They have no legal rights: they’re illegal. Just because a person is a judge doesn’t guarantee that they are always right or always know more about the Constitution then anyone else.

“So an illegal has a kid in our country; so what? The 14th Amendment was written for people who uphold the law. Heck, why have a Constitution for lawbreakers? I ask you. Why? See, because you can’t have laws for criminals: you can only have laws for people who abide by them.

“A baby born in the United States by a lawbreaker is a product of a lawbreaker. It’s like a person steals your wallet and then someone else steals the wallet that was stolen from you: does that let the second thief off the hook? Is the second theft automatically okay because the first person got away with it (being in the United States illegally)? No, of course not.

“Which is why Trump MUST get elected because if he’s not, then Hillary will stack the courts with judges who have no business being judges in the first place. Some auto mechanics are competent; some body mechanics (doctors) are competent; some florists are competent: likewise some of the above are not competent. Our Congress, as a whole, is incompetent, and if anyone ever wanted any proof just look at Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House. Just because he was elected doesn’t automatically make him competent, okay?

“I’m voting for Trump because he said he would uphold the law. And here’s my train. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye. Okay, I’d say she answered the question, don’t you? Do we have time for one more? Hello, sir.”

“How you doing, Chief. You know you’ve got a lot of viewers who are watching your show just to see that dog ventriloquist again; see how he’s progressing. Boys and me got a bet he’ll bark like a dog. He-he. Hey, heard what that girl said about the 14th Amendment. I have to say I agree with her. Take something so cut-and-dried and add a couple of lawyers in the mix and, before you know it, we end up with a de facto president with the likes of Obama.

“And to think that Hillary is the best candidate that the Democrats could possibly get to represent their platform just shows how corrupt and convoluted their platform is: steal, lie, rob the poor. The Democrat Party has been keeping the blacks on the plantation (ghetto) for generations, for Pete’s sake. Keep them dumb so they can’t figure that they’re being used, just as much as the Nation of Islam is using them.

“You know what? The Constitution was written for all the people, and here’s my train. See you.”

“Thanks for your time. Well, folks, that’s all the time we have for this show. And on behalf of the crew, I’d like to wish you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Hey, good show. So they like the ‘talking dog,’ do they? Burger time at the new place: my treat.”


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