by Ron Ewart, ©2016, President, NARLO

(Aug. 14, 2016) — In a recent article we wrote:

“It is a well-known fact that nothing happens in Washington DC by accident.  There are no coincidences.  It was not a coincidence that former president Bill Clinton suddenly appeared on the tarmac when U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane landed in Phoenix.  It was no coincidence that he entered her plane and talked with her for 39 minutes without witnesses.  It was no coincidence that the attending FBI agents wanted no pictures taken of the “chance” encounter.  It was no coincidence that the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton the following day.  It was no coincidence that a few days later that FBI Director James Comey gave a fifteen minute statement absolving Hillary Clinton of any crime, because he said, there was no “criminal intent” even though she was carelessly negligent and the statutes didn’t require criminal intent.  It was no coincidence that U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would accept the FBI’s recommendation, without her own review of the investigation.”  (Full article HERE.)

All those who believe that Hillary is innocent are corrupt or 10 cards short of a full deck.  But there are way more “coincidences” than Hillary’s dubious and scandalous escape from jail time.

Of course it was just a coincidence that Obama and the State Department sent $400,000,000 in cash (not U. S. dollars) on an unmarked cargo plane to Iran on the very same day that four American hostages were released.  Obama says it is just a coincidence.  Iran says it was cash for hostages, a blatant violation of federal law.  Iran just seized two more Americans.  How much will the U. S. pay to get those two released, now that a precedent has been set ….. ransom for hostages?

It was no coincidence that a Muslim Gold Star Family, Khizr Muazzam Khan, a Pakistani-American who lost his son in Iraq in 2004, spoke at the Democrat National Convention.  His son may be a war hero, but Khan the elder is hardly a model American.  He’s a lawyer, which is one strike against him. He specializes in international trade law in Saudi Arabia.  What is he doing in America?  He studied in Saudi Arabia and is a scholar and promoter of fundamentalist Sharia Law here in the U. S., which is a second strike.   Finally, the third strike is that he appears to be an open advocate and associate of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Khan acknowledges the contribution to one of his Sharia articles as Said Ramadan, head of the Islamic Center in Geneva and a major icon of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Ramadan also has connections to Huma Abedin and Abedin’s parents (all Muslims), a Hillary Clinton confidante and aide.  Abedin, raised in Saudi Arabia, is, or was, married to ex-congressman and sexual pervert, Anthony (take my naked picture) Weiner.


So why are Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party attaching themselves to all kinds of Muslims as well as members of the Muslim Brotherhood?  It is not a coincidence.   This has a “Muslim Trojan Horse” written all over it.

Do you think it is a coincidence that our borders are wide open and the Border Patrol’s website tells illegal aliens how to avoid being caught?  That is a directive from higher up.  Higher up leads all the way to the White House and Barack Obama.

Of course it is just a coincidence that Department of Home Land Security and ICE release tens of thousands of criminal aliens onto the streets of America to offend again ….. or kill.  Allegedly it is cheaper to let them go than to deport them …. cheaper for whom?  Don’t take our word for it.  Check it out at the following links: and

It’s no coincidence that the Democrats have done everything in their power to stop congressional sanctions on sanctuary cities and have blocked “Kate’s Law” providing mandatory prison sentences for aggravated illegal felons returning to America after being deported.  What they are doing makes sense to Democrats.  After all, illegal aliens, whether from Central, South America, or the Middle East, are future Democrat voters, especially if the Democrats are successful in granting them amnesty.  So what if a few of the illegal aliens are violent criminals or terrorists?

It was just a coincidence that the ever-neutral DNC plotted against Bernie Sanders, in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Sure it was!

But let’s not forget good ‘ole U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder, a Democrat, who was saved from a Contempt-of-Congress charge by Obama declaring executive privilege, over the gun-running scandal called “Fast and Furious.”  This wasn’t a coincidence; it was a blatant cover-up of government-sponsored criminal activity by Obama.

Do we dare call into question the fake investigation of the IRS by James Comey’s FBI over the illegal targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status?  No one was fired, no one went to jail and Lois Lerner got a nice fat pension.  Couldn’t be a coincidence there ….. could it?  The IRS is still doing it!  But that’s OK.  We developed ways to beat the IRS and other federal agencies.  Check it out HERE.

And it’s no coincidence that the environmentalists and the Federal Government have colluded with the American Indian to rob urban and rural landowners of their land and water rights.  We have been tracking this issue since the Judge Boldt decision (1974) gave the Pacific Northwest Indians 50% of the Salmon harvest.  Then came the Puyallup Indians (1990), who won a $162,000,000 settlement (taxpayer dollars) by clouding the title of thousands of acres in Pierce County, WA.  The Puyallup Indian population at that time was about 1,200.  Divide 1,200 into $162,000,000 and see how rich they became on the taxpayer.   They opened a hugely successful casino with the money on the very land they clouded title.  The Boldt decision and Puyallup Indian and the Alaska Native Corporation settlements set huge precedents for all other tribes to emulate or imitate.

The Coeur d’Alene Indians tried to take title to Coeur d’Alene Lake (1997) based on an old treaty, but thankfully, they lost.  Today, with huge legal precedents and settlements on their side, the Flathead Indians in Montana have taken over the water rights in Western Montana with the help of the State and Federal Government.

Then there are the Klamath Indians, who have convinced the Feds and the environmentalists that they have to remove four dams on the Klamath River for a two-inch fish …. for the Indians.  A final settlement was reached this year to remove the dams.  Removing four dams on the Klamath River decimates local agriculture and robs farmers and ranchers of irrigation, flood control and hydro-electricity that have been there for 100 years.   Indians 1 .…. Americans 0.   Coincidence?  Hardly!

If you care about the issue, view the video at this link:!

California is in a severe drought.  They need more dams, not fewer.  America used to build dams, but not any more.  The environmentalists have stopped all dam construction.

The story goes on and on, and government and the environmentalists are helping the Indians do it based on ancient Indian Treaty rights.  But we guarantee you, ladies and gentlemen, it is not about treaty rights.  It’s about naked, radical, international environmentalism leveraging old American Indian treaties to further implement their radical agenda.  Didn’t we win that war?   Guess not.

Perhaps the reader thinks that pushing inefficient alternative energy sources (wind and solar) and man-caused global warming by government and the environmentalists are a coincidence?  Hardly!  Once again, it’s about control of the planet’s masses through strict environmental regulations on developed nations.  It’s also about wealth redistribution to third-world countries because the West, including America, is bad and must be punished for its wanton ways.  It is also just another step closer to creating the one-world order.

Now some of you may think that the international trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, the North American Accord among the U. S., Canada and Mexico and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), are a good thing.  Why would shipping American jobs offshore be a good thing?  America started going downhill economically when it started losing its manufacturing base.  It turned Americans into consumers, not producers.   It also put a lot of Americans in the unemployment line.

Manufacturing was the source of our economic wealth and a large percentage of our GDP.  Manufacturing paid off the Second World War debt.  But now the biggest percentage of our GDP comes from people buying products (70%).  What should be readily apparent to everyone is you can’t buy a product if you don’t have a job.

But trade deals benefit mega-corporations, not the American worker.  Mega-corporations lobby Congress to get what they want and they usually get it.  Even more than that, trade deals are just one more cog in the wheel of the one-world order.  Trump is promising to reverse this course.  Hopefully, he will win and pursue that promise with vigor and determination.

Then there is the Black Lives Matter movement, which Hillary Clinton and Obama have endorsed.  It is no coincidence.  This anarchist group couldn’t have risen without money.  The very liberal group known as the Democracy Alliance attracts liberal donors to the Black Lives Matter cause.  The Alliance is described in a Politico article thusly:

“The Democracy Alliance was created in 2005 by a handful of major donors, including billionaire financier George Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay to build a permanent infrastructure to advance liberal ideas and causes. Donors are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups, and their combined donations to those groups now total more than $500 million. Endorsed beneficiaries include the Center for American Progress think tank, the liberal attack dog Media Matters and the Democratic data firm Catalist, though members also give heavily to Democratic politicians and super PACs that are not part of the DA’s core portfolio. The Democracy Alliance last year voted to endorse a handful of groups focused on engaging African-Americans in politics ― some of which have helped facilitate the Black Lives movement.”

Other donors to Black Lives Matter include executives of Google, Netflix and Twitter.  The entertainer Jay-Z donated $1,500,000.  Google executives have donated over $2 Million.  Why would liberals be donating to a movement that advocates violence, but worse, advocates violence against police?  It is no coincidence.  Blacks are huge voters for liberals and liberal causes (over 90%), especially those liberal programs that give handouts to blacks to buy their votes.

Gay marriage and the institution of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals into the military are not a coincidence.  The left is playing directly to the LGBT community for their votes.  In addition, Democrats have bought off the Blacks, the Latinos, the elderly, the women, the poor and everyone else they can think of to maintain a virtual lock on political power.

The pattern here should be abundantly obvious to those with a lick of intellect.  There are no coincidences.  It’s all a well-thought-out plan by the Progressives, and their plan has worked amazingly well.   All of these events we have described are happening for three reasons: 1) the establishment of an Absolute Democrat Monarchy in America; 2) total control of the masses by buying them off for their votes, regulating them to death with socialist and environmentalist policies, taxing the heck out of them and making millions of them dependent on government; and finally, 3) the implementation of the one-world order.

The American people are being played for fools and they are acting like the fools they are, not the self-reliant and fiercely independent individuals who were born on the battlefields of freedom.  If they elect Hillary as their president, they are even greater fools than is possible to imagine.

It is said the meek (fools) shall inherit the earth.  It is also said they will get what they deserve.  It appears that they are.  Strong, stalwart, courageous men never let the bully win.  One might ask, what happened to America’s strong, stalwart, courageous men who conquered a continent and built the strongest, most prosperous and free nation on earth?

Do you want to stop HILLARY?   Send us an e-mail HERE and request a copy of the copyrighted image in this article.  We will email you a JPG image so that you can print it up in color and circulate it all over America.  A picture IS worth a thousand words.  If this image, even by itself, was circulated nationally, it could expose Hillary and Obama as inseparable and two peas in a pod, and it could significantly reduce her chances of becoming president.  She must never set foot in the Oval Office as President, or you can kiss what’s left of a free and prosperous America goodbye.

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NOTE:  The foregoing article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America,” is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  He can be reached for comment at


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  1. Dear Ron:
    Another great article-Thank you.
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    God Bless You and Our Country/Republic!
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