When it’s All Over, What are We Left With? (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2016

Genghis Khan effected the conquest of the vast Northeast Asia region by mass slaughter to eventually form the largest empire in the world, as accomplished by his descendants

(Aug. 5, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see (pan back to me now, if you would, please, cameraman), it’s raining cats and dogs, so we’re filming inside this burger joint down the street from our usual corner. Hello, I’m Chief New Leaf and I’ll be your host for tonight’s ‘Pulse of the Nation.’

“Hey, look over there. Hello! Hi, Reverend! It’s the preacher from the church on Hawthorn Street. Care to join us?”

“Don’t mind that I do. Just had breakfast and finishing up on next Sunday’s sermon.”

“Hey, great. Notice the camera and the sound-boom girl? Well, they’re working and you’re on ‘Pulse.'”

“Howdy, folks, out there in television land.”

“I got an idea: how about reading your sermon to us; how does that sound?”

“Well, I suppose we can do that, but this is just the first draft, understand? Okay, I’ll do it. Now? All right: here goes:

Just as people have their own path, so too, do nations.

And, just like people, the road of nations is littered with episodes of poor judgment and monumental defeats for, just like people, the belief in a nation’s invincibility is cherished but seldom achieved.

Two millennia ago there walked a man who taught the Golden Rule, but the difference between him and those who preceded him is that he lived it: not only did he talk the talk, but he also walked the walk, right up to the end when he walked to where he was crucified and died.

And yet this one man’s belief that humans have the inherent capacity to live a righteous life; a life without scorn and hate; a life without bitterness and revenge, is a real-on-earth possibility that we each have it within ourselves to achieve.

The forces of bad intent are legion and cannot be ignored. There have always been bullies, people who have been shortchanged in their reasoning abilities and live in a world of jealous rage. That they just cannot see the beauty of a sunset or the mysterious expression in the Mona Lisa is indeed sad. These people cannot grasp the desperation of Anna Karenina or the determination of Frodo in completing his task.

Life is hard work, and it takes a lot of effort to go off to war (with the distinct possibility that one may return home injured or not at all). Armies are born of excesses, although some armies, such as Genghis Kahn’s, lived off the land as they swathed their way through conquered territory.

The switch from hunter-gatherers to sedate farmers took many thousand of years, yet the time it took from being a farmer to an oil baron was but a fraction of that time. The astronomical leaps and bounds that humans have achieved during the last century are breathtaking: from a 120’ flight to going to the moon is just one example of the surprising possibilities of our species.

Yet inside each of us time does not continue. Mothers still retain a lifelong bond with offspring while fathers are the protectors of the family. Circumstances may change, but the human condition that Shakespeare wrote about is just as relevant today as it was hundreds and, arguably, thousands of years ago, and also just as pertinent.

And just as in people’s lives, there comes a tipping point: a point of no return. When the husband realizes that the wife has been committing adultery, that husband can no longer trust or respect the wife. When a people can no longer trust and respect the government, then the people have no choice than to reject their government and replace it with one they can trust.

We the People’ – each of us – are ‘The People’ of our government, yet our government has done a poor job of protecting us; is doing us harm now; and plans to do us additional harm in the future. We’re not alone in the fight for survival: Europe is soon to be littered with discarded countries along the road to the future, and the United States is not far behind.

The forces aligned against Western Civilization are only as strong as Western Civilization’s dependence on oil purchased from Muslim-controlled territory. Defining the difference between ‘The West’ and the ‘Middle East’ would be to state the difference between the followers of the Golden Rule against those who would kill any believer of the Golden Rule.

That there is no ‘middle ground’ is a given. That there are no possible ‘negotiations’ and avenues of ‘appeasement’ is also a given. There is only one possible outcome in this fight for World Domination: either we prevail or we are killed. The longevity of a sex-slave or a laborer is measured in years, not decades.

Four short years ago there was a man who ran for president of the United States who stated that, if he were elected, he would use the military to deport each and every Muslim. Furthermore, he stated, he’d then go into Canada (YES: he would’ve invaded) and accomplish the same for them, free of charge. And again, furthermore, he stated that he would go to Norway and Sweden, the United Kingdom, Europe, and every other country in the world: Australia; New Zealand; Japan; Vietnam and everywhere else and deport each and every Muslim back to the hellhole from which they crawled out from.

NO EXCEPTIONS. People, we, our nation, is on the precipice; the keen edge of survivability. We have it within us to live by the Golden Rule. The reverse would be to have the savages in control, where the statue of David must be pulverized with a sledgehammer, as were the Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and the ancient city of Palmyra. Welcoming Muslims will result in that smile being wiped off Mona Lisa, forever.

This election – Hillary vs. Trump – are the forces of Darkness against the forces of Light. People who would speak of the truth about the onslaught of death and destruction are being murdered; the pathway has already been littered with the dead.

Hillary is welcoming Muslims.

Trump doesn’t want any Muslims.

The choice is between Freedom or Slavery and Death.

The choice, the only choice, is between living and dying.

“And then I introduce the choir to sing ‘Oh, Happy Day.’ Well, do you like it?”

“Loved it, Reverend; one darn good sermon. Look, rather than show this tonight why don’t we join you Sunday and record it there?”

“That’s a great idea, Chief. And after the services, out back, we’ll have dogs and burgers: my treat.”

Semper Fi


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