by Sharon Rondeau

(Jul. 28, 2016) — A letter received on Thursday from an inmate at the Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (BCCX) reports that last Thursday, he “was taken to segregation without being old why” and not provided a standard sleeping mat, which resulted in his “having to sleep on raw metal all day and night and most of the next day.”

BCCX is considered the “intake” facility for the Tennessee state prison system, and the majority of prison reports this publication has received have described conditions at other institutions.  BCCX is operated by the state rather than by a private corporation, as in the case of the facilities in Whiteville and Hartsville, TN.

The inmate, from whom The Post & Email has not heard previously, described the treatment as “cruel and unusual punishment,” which he said is “a violation of my civil rights and is federal law infraction.” [sic]

Cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

Additionally, the prisoner reported that outgoing mail he has prepared has been “taken and opened, which also is a federal law infraction because your [sic] not supposed to open anyones outgoing mail if it is sealed shut with postage on it unless there are special circumstances which there were none…”

The salutation of the letter indicates that it was also sent to Channel 2, WKRN, in Nashville.

The letter reads as follows:

An enlargeable version of the letter follows (click twice).

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