by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2016

(Jul. 28, 2016) — The Republican Convention is now over and the Socialist Democratic Convention is in full swing.  To no one’s surprise it’s mired in lies, misconceptions, phony history and false accusations regarding not just what Trump represents but also the millions of his supporters.

Trump received a huge bump in the polls as a result of the well organized and unfiltered message he was able to get out to the public.  It is inevitable that Crooked Hillary will also get some upticks as the gullible and the antiquity ignorant relish in the vacuous promises they will be making to the me, me, me generation as to just what the takers can expect from the makers.

Then as the two Conventions slip into obscurity there will be a settling of the polls and for the most part voters will be firmly aligned with the candidate of their choice.  There will remain, then, between now and the November election, a struggle for the few undecideds and those who might be wavering to one side or the other.

It is my firm belief that Donald J. Trump, as of this point, cannot be defeated, fairly and legally.  That is not to say that it is a done deal and he will be our next President.  Because there is another aspect of this campaign roiling unseen which has all that is required to put Crooked Hillary and her pervert husband back in the White House.  That something is called “cheating.”

Let’s review some of what should concern the Trump Campaign and of course every citizen in this country.  During the past Presidential Campaign when Obama defeated RINO Romney there were some very critical and actually statistically impossible ballot results.  As you will recall, TPATH did an article listing the actual locations and areas where the vote count was astounding.  I won’t go into each of those here now, but for anyone who wishes to find out more, they are easily found unless you work for the Obama Justice Department.

Here are a few very interesting and problematic pieces of information that should stimulate some interest in the Trump campaign.

During the past election of 2012 the voting locations in many, many districts and states across the country were held open beyond their scheduled closing times as a result of the unprecedented number of people lined up to vote.  Then as the election coverage faded, Obama was once again declared the victor, the American people were told that millions upon millions of people, who generally voted, stayed home and did not vote.  Maybe those long lines were made up of people who like the concept of standing in line and had no plans to actually cast a ballot. Maybe.

There were many districts spread out through some of the battleground states where the vote results were so lopsided that Saddam Hussein or Karl Marx would be too embarrassed to report them, if they were theirs.  We all remember back in the Florida fiasco when Bush and that Global Warming conspirator Algore were locked in a heated recount.  We were dutifully told that thousands upon thousands of people were too stupid to mark their ballots for the candidate they wanted.  Well, there must have been some very intensive instruction given out to stupid Democratic voters since that election, because in those many districts referenced above, the love and adoration of Barack H. Obama was on display for the world to see and cherish. In that, not one single person cast a vote for any candidate, except BO.  Such love and devotion never before seen by mankind.  Astoundingly, 100% of the votes went to Obama and even more bewildering is the fact that not one person made a mistake in the booth and voted for someone in error.   What an amazing job the Democratic Party did training and instructing their previously stupid voters on how to never make a mistake.  Quite a turnaround.

This next statistic encompasses not just the 2012 but the 2008 election as well.  But first, from the party that supports and protects the poor and helpless minorities, we have been told over and over that African-Americans just do not have the same wits, the same smarts or the same ability to get and maintain a formal ID as white people do.  Not that it matters, but these same people do, in fact, drive cars, have bank accounts and hold jobs where they had to supply ID’s.  (As an aside, why would anyone ever vote for a party that preached to the world of his ineptness or inability to conform with the rules of a civil society?)  This statistic which may sound unbelievable can be checked out.  Here it is:  not one state that does not require voter ID to cast a ballot was lost by Obama in both the 08 and 12 elections.  Likewise, Obama did not win any state where voter ID was required.  This could be explained, at least a little, by figuring that liberal states do not have ID requirements and conservative states do, but only a fool would accept that that is the only reason.

As we move closer and closer to the complete takeover of our lives by non-paper digital transactions we have seen the vote casting and tabulation system being overtaken by it as well.  Computer programming is a wonderful thing, but it is also as dangerous as storm-troopers occupying an unarmed village.  Both the troopers and the programmers can do anything they want and do it in such a way as to forever conceal their activities.  Paper ballots are the only way that the people can check and double-check the validity of any election.  As many of you know, the computerized voting machines used in the 2012 election were provided, along with the associated software, by a company that donated heavily to the Democrats.  The same company, by the way, that will be servicing the 2016 elections.  Any doubt why the Democrats want computerized tabulation?

Is there any chance there might be some illegal and unethical goings-on in some of those Democrat-dominated voting precincts?   Well, if you think not, here are a few things which you should ponder.  A number of districts in many locations during the 2012 election actually had greater than the national average of voter participation. Oh, yeah, and even better than that.  Much better in fact.  Not only did many of them reach the 100% voter turnout of registered voters, some surpassed the 100% total.  Some voting districts had as much as 125% voter participation.  It might seem impossible, and I for one have no idea how that can be done, but my lack of understanding of it seems to be matched by the Federal Government’s concern about it.  Oh, if you are wondering, only Democrat-dominated voting districts and precincts reached that 100% and greater pinnacle.

Many of us know, but many more do not, that the Constitution requires the election for the office of the President be held on the same day throughout the country.  Early voting, as opposed to absentee voting, is unconstitutional and should never be allowed.  It is a recipe for corruption and an open door to mischief.  With early voting ballots being boxed and stored, especially in liberal districts, there is no set rule provided by the federal government to protect them from dirty deeds.   The local districts provide the regulations for their security.  In other words, there is no way to keep them from finding a final resting place in the ashes of an incinerator as opposed to the tabulation table.  Early voting is unconstitutional and it must be stopped.

It is not likely or anyway possible to completely stop cheating and corruption.  In close elections even a very small amount of it could turn the results from the will of the people to the will of the criminals.   In the case of a landslide, these mischief-makers would have no effect.  However, no one really knows just how big a percentage of the American electorate have been converted to ignorant stupidity.   For many years that number hovered around 33%.  But with the relentlessness of the progressive educational system in this country, that percentage has surely grown.  We cannot take for granted that Trump will win by enough of an edge to prevent the Democrats from stealing it via any one of or all the methods pointed out above.

So it is of no value to merely offer up the specter of what could happen, will most likely happen and then simply settle back into a handwringing, do-nothing state of que será será.  For certain it will be impossible to change some of the laws concerning early voting and computerized tabulation, at least in the near term, but with proper assignment of campaign funds and resources it will be possible to take a huge bite out of the cheating which is planned for this election.

As we all know because we have heard it so many times, hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly as much as a billion, will be spent by the two candidates for president.  This money will be spent on rallies, political events, signs, etc., etc.  The largest expenditures, especially from the Democratic side, will be TV, radio and print ads.  The Democrats love this method as the laws make it impossible to stop them from lying, twisting the facts and outright fabrication.  This is a powerful tool but takes a distant second to the protection they get from the dishonest mainstream media.

For sure I would not suggest that Trump not engage in the ad market and certainly would not suggest he not do the thing that has set him above the other candidates, that being his grassroots rallies with the people.  He is where he is because the people got to see him for what he is.  Honest, sincere, dedicated and relentlessly hardworking.

Having said that, there are some very important steps that could and should be taken.  Those steps will surely deplete some dollars from the campaign budget, but it is money I believe will be not just well-spent but imperatively so.

Here are a few steps that need to be taken:

Locate and identify every polling district that will be using computer tabulators to receive and count votes where 250,000 or more people are registered to vote and are located in swing states.

Hire experts to run tests on the equipment before the polls open and again after they close.   The methodology or the actual steps to be taken by the experts will not be given to the operators of the polling places prior to the tests.

In the areas where these experts are deployed, they can also operate as poll-watchers.  That is, keep track of the number of people who sign in to vote and then compare those numbers with the total compilations of the voter machines.

Have the poll watchers listen for problems the voters may be having with the machines and keep track of them.

Much dirty work is done by corrupt “polling volunteers” near the closing of the polls.  There is a scramble to fill in voter signatures and pull an equal number of levers for the candidate of choice once the polling place quiets down.  Poll watchers must remain with the process until every machine is shut down and tabulated and sealed.

Each party is allowed to have a poll watcher in place, usually a volunteer, during the election process.  But too often, these fine people leave too soon and are not sufficiently trained for what to look out for. Either online or event symposiums should be set up to properly train poll watchers.

Too often individual poll-watchers are intimidated and/or harassed into not keeping a close eye on the proceedings.  There were several occurrences in 2012 where poll-watchers were thrown out.   It is imperative that that not be allowed to occur and it can be curtailed by having at least two or more watchers assigned for every minute the polls are open.  The poll watchers should have the area police departments on speed dial so they can immediately call for assistance if needed.

In the past poll-watchers have been not much more than Good Samaritan volunteers, hoping to do the right thing.  This program will not preclude unpaid volunteers from poll watching, but they must undertake the training suggested above and they must always have a partner with them in areas where intimidation may become a factor.

The training required will be made not just to help them understand and identify suspected wrongdoing, but also to instruct them as to what they can and cannot do about it.  For instance, no poll-watcher can interfere with someone voting even if they believe the person is voting illegally or for a second or third time.

These steps may seem daunting and undoable but some of the preliminary research TPATH has done shows that the number of districts, located in progressive areas where unusual tabulations have occurred in the past, number less than a thousand in what are commonly called battleground states. There would be no sense to expending resources in states that will surely go one way or the other.  A little cheating there will have no effect on the Electoral College votes.

On the other hand, mischief in contested and battleground states could very easily turn the tide in the overall election results.  It only seems prudent that a fairly reasonable portion of campaign resources should be used to prevent that from happening.

With the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from the coffers, much of which is wasted on advertisements that few people care about or believe, a couple of million dollars spent on protecting the vote count in strategic areas does not seem such a bad idea.

Example:  if there are one thousand polling places in contested states where the registered voter count exceeds 250,000, there may be a few more or a few less, the campaign would have to train approximately 8 people per district or 8 thousand people.  If the cost per trainee was $1,000 and the pay for the day of poll-watching was $250 the cost would be about $10,000.  Imagine how many illegal votes could be prevented with such a small, relatively-speaking, investment.  For sure, there may be a need to pay even higher wages to those in, shall we say, hardship locations, or if the Trump campaign thinks a higher payday is required.

Now comes the bigger cost for this.

The hiring of experts for poll-watching in areas where polling booths are being serviced by those companies with strong ties to one candidate or another.  These people will not be cheap, but if by the research we have done for the past two election cycles and the computer-based tabulators remain about the same, again only in contested areas, the hires could be less than 600.  These people will no doubt require a bit more pay than $250 but it would be well worth it even if their going rate is $1,000.

Prior to the hiring and the training, a quick but extensive research of the localities most important would need to be undertaken. This research could cost upwards of $100,000 but would be crucial to identifying the most important locations.

So for about a million dollars, hundreds of thousands of illegal votes and phony voter machine tabulations could be thwarted in areas that could swing the election.  Something to be considered by the Trump campaign.

Keep in mind that this project will not preclude the hundreds of thousands of volunteer poll=watchers which will be working polling areas across the country on November 8th.



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